"This is impossible," Yu Lanting said in displeasure. "That occurrence can only happen with women of our clan. Even if you intend to reject me, there's no need to make up such an excuse. I might be too ugly and too old for you, but I don't need your pity."

Her remark amused Yang Chen. This vixen may be more than 2,000 years old, but she still throws a tantrum like a little girl. 

"I'm telling the truth. One of my women's names is An Xin. One time when we were in bed, a suction power appeared in her body. Not only did it absorb some of my True Yuan, but it also produced an extreme surge of pure spiritual energy which then became injected into our bodies. At that time, my cultivation improved a lot. An Xin, too, went into the Soul Forming stage from the Xiantian stage. It was unbelievable! I didn't use any cultivation technique, nor would she know any. It was entirely a coincidence as it didn't happen again."

Realizing that he did not seem to be lying, Yu Lanting pondered before asking, "There's too little information to conclude. Did anything else happen that time?"


Yang Chen recalled that night. Clapping his hands together, he said, "Oh, at that time An Xin's eyes suddenly turned green for a moment, but they returned to normal soon."


Yu Lanting stood up abruptly, shock coloring her features. 

"What's wrong? Is there a special meaning to green?" He was puzzled. 

At that moment, she asked again, "Mr. Yang, are you sure you saw green colour?"

He nodded his head vehemently as a response. "I can't be that dumb to not recognize green. Besides, I'm not color blind."

Taking a deep breath, Yu Lanting paced the area. All of a sudden, she looked into Yang Chen's eyes. 

At first, he did not know what she meant by that, but the scene that happened next had him gape at her. 


Yu Lanting's eyes were flickering with a green glow, the same as what happened to An Xin at that time. 

Once the green glow faded, she uttered seriously, "Mr. Yang, do you know how we differentiate the ranks in our clan?"

"Levels? You have ranks in your clan?"

"That's right," Yu Lanting said. "We're foxes that are divided into different ranks. The lowest-ranked foxes are fire foxes. They have red fur and brown eyes. Most fire foxes do not have human forms. The limit of their cultivation is usually the Soul Forming stage. Higher up the rank is the snow foxes. They have silver-grey fur and blue eyes. Most of them have human forms, but rarely do they have more than five tails. Next, we have the black foxes with black eyes. Most of them are the elites in our clan. In history, most of the black foxes are elites with more than six tails. And the royalty of our clan, the divine foxes, have pure white fur and green eyes. Only the divine foxes can be called the nine-tailed fox because only the royalty have the opportunity to have nine tails!"

Yang Chen could only gawk at her. He had considered himself as a worldly man, yet he could not fathom the possibility of An Xin being a divine fox, a royalty. 

This doesn't seem right. An Xin is obviously a human. Wait, now that I think about it, she does seem to be born with the charms of a vixen. Since our first meeting, I've been inexplicably attracted to her. In the past, I merely thought she had alluring features, but I suppose it's mainly caused by her bloodline of a divine fox. 

Yu Lanting went on, "As you can see, Wenhong, Qiyun, including me, are also divine foxes. Not many of us are left, so every one of us is extremely precious—"

"Wait, do you mean by that my woman is a divine fox?" Yang Chen asked incredulously.

She was uncertain either. "If what you said indeed happened, such a possibility exists. Ms. An Xin does have the bloodline of our royalty. The divine foxes hardly get themselves involved with humans, but it's not impossible. Once they have a child, the bloodline will go on. You never realized it because her bloodline is too weak. If she never cultivates, her bloodline will never be activated. However, once she reaches a certain level in her cultivation and be aided by plenty of spiritual medicine, there's a chance for her bloodline to be activated. After all, divine foxes are powerful."

Yang Chen then asked in concern, "Would it bring harm to her?"

Yu Lanting was surprised. Chuckling, she said, "You truly are a tender person. Even at this moment, you're thinking about your woman's health first. That's rare amongst human cultivators."

"You're making me blush." He touched his chin awkwardly. 

"Don't worry," she consoled him. "If her body does contain our bloodline, once it's activated, it'll grow stronger until the human part of her weakens and disappears. Something like this happened before. When that happens, she'll possess the talent of the divine foxes in cultivation. This should be a glorious event for her. Although she can't grow tails like us, her talent would not be different from us."

Yang Chen let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, he was delighted for An Xin. 

At that moment, Yu Lanting said with a solemn expression, "Mr. Yang, can you bring me to meet her?"

"Huh? What do you want to do?" he asked with a frown, wary of her. 

Smiling, she replied, "Rest assured. I do not harbor any ill intentions. In our clan, marriage with humans isn't banned, nor do we wipe out those who are not of pure blood. Firstly, I just want to confirm if An Xin does possess our noble bloodline. Secondly, if she is a descendant of the royalty, she can choose to enter our clan even if she's not pure blood. We're not an orthodox clan. If she's willing to be part of our clan, we can then teach her our secret technique which would be far easier for her to cultivate. Not only so, but she can also use many powerful tricks."

Yang Chen mulled over it and reckoned she would not dare to lie to him. Since he did not know how demonic beasts are cultivated, it would be best to agree to her request and let An Xin benefit from it. 

"Thank you!" Yu Lanting was elated. If things go well, a member of our royalty would be Yang Chen's lover, and our relationship with him will become much closer!

Yang Chen asked, "When do you want to leave? An Xin is now in overseas."

"Would it be all right for you to stay in our abode for a day? I'm a clan leader, so my departure from Honghuang would not be a small matter. I have to settle some matters and also relay this good news to the elders. Moreover, I need to handpick some companions," she replied. 

Naturally, he had no objections to that. As for whether he could bring the demonic beasts cultivators overseas, he was not concerned, considering his relationship with the Gods.  


The next day, hundreds of cultivators had gathered in the sky south of the Ning residence in the illusionary dimension. 

Even those with the lowest cultivation were in the Ye Fire stage. 

Those from the Luo clan were Luo Qianqiu, Luo Pingchao, Luo Changchun, eight elders in the Ruo Water stage, and Luo Qianli, totaling ten Ruo Water cultivators, two Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation cultivators. 

Although they were not all of the elites of the Luo clan, it was enough to make the other cultivators feel suffocated. 

Moreover, under Xiao Mengyue's lead, the Xiao clan sent Xiao Mengyu, Xiao Mohui, Xiao Mozheng, six Taishang elders, and dozens of Ye Fire and Ming Water cultivators. 

Although they were weaker compared to the Luo clans, they were still a force to be reckoned with. 

A short moment later, the oppression from six Ruo Water cultivators came forth. The newcomers were Ning Zhengfeng, five Taishang elders, and a group of Ming Water cultivators. 

"Haha, pardon me for making you wait for a long time. We were delayed by some things in the clan," Ning Zhengfeng apologized. 

Luo Qianqiu frowned. "I heard that the genius of the Ning clan, Ning Ruozhu, has ascended into the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage. Is she not joining us to kill Yang Chen?"