"So many people are here. Seeing that they're blatantly defying the Treaty of Gods, they couldn't have come harboring goodwill." An Xin found the situation threatening too. Standing up, she told Lin Ruoxi, "Sister Ruoxi, is Hubby still in the Honghuang realm?"

Lin Ruoxi calmly picked up the napkin to wipe the corner of her lips. Her movement was so graceful that it put the others on edge. Nodding, she replied, "Yes. You guys know it too. Hannya sent us the message."

"Their True Yuan oppression is so strong. We should contact Hubby now," An Xin voiced anxiously. 

"It's useless," Xiao Zhiqing replied dejectedly. "Hubby can't be reached. I tried calling him to ask when he'll be returning, but I couldn't get through. The Honghuang realm might be different from the illusionary dimension, so they don't have any reception there."

"Then… What should we do?" An Xin exclaimed. "Why did he have to go to that place at such a juncture…"

Xiao Zhiqing smiled wryly. "Sister An Xin, there's no point in being anxious. I don't think Hubby saw this coming. Who would've known that cultivators would come here."

An Xin shook her head. "I don't care; I have to head out with Sister Rose and the rest. Take care of yourselves. Oh right, contact Hui Lin. She might be able to help!"

Having said that, she rushed out with Zhenxiu and Cai Yan.


A cold gust of wind was blowing vigorously in the sky. 

As the current patriarch of the clans, Luo Qianqiu, Xiao Mengyue, and Ning Zhengfeng stood in the front even though their cultivation levels were not the highest. 

"Oh, I was not expecting to see cultivators of the Soul Forming stage on the island," Xiao Mengyue remarked, narrowing his eyes. 

"They should be Yang Chen's people, but Yang Chen isn't here. Otherwise, he would've detected our presence a long time ago."

"It doesn't matter. Kill those who are with him, and he'll show up." Luo Qianqiu's eyes gleamed coldly. 

Feeling the menacing aura exuded from him, the cultivators at the back shuddered. 

The shame of having the whole clan defeated by Yang Chen weighed heavily on Luo Qianqiu's chest. After all, he was a prideful man. 

Therefore, he wanted more than anyone to take down Yang Chen. Naturally, those who were on his side would also be his target. 

"If that's the case, why don't we work together and strike the whole place down? It's a waste of time to step on the ants one by one," Ning Zhengfeng suggested. 

"That's a good idea," Xiao Mengyue concurred with a smirk. 

Among the hundreds of cultivators, dozens of them were in the Ruo Water stage. Therefore, it would not take much time to reduce the whole island to dust. 

At that moment, Rose, Cai Ning, and the rest went up to the sky. 

Shock painted their features when they saw a large group of cultivators. 

Never in their wildest dreams had they ever imagined their first meeting with their foes in the illusionary dimension would be that imposing. 

Although the ladies had improved rapidly in their cultivation, they could not defeat any one of the cultivators. 

"Who are you lots?"

Despite the precarious situation, Rose remained calm. Even though Yang Chen was not around, they could still rely on the Gods, so buying themselves some time would be a good move. 

Gazes filled with contempt, Luo Qianqiu, and the others viewed the ladies beneath them. Their Soul Forming stage cultivation was nowhere near a threat. 

"You must be Yang Chen, that damned thief's harem. You've come at such an opportune time. Perfect, I shall break your bones and dismember you to quell my hatred!" Luo Qianqiu sneered and raised his arm. Instantly, a bolt of dark red lightning appeared. 

"Rose, run!"

The moment Cai Ning sensed the destructive power possessed by the lightning, she knew it was not an attack that they could withstand. Their only option out of this situation was to flee!

However, Rose did not think she could escape. 

Luo Qianqiu had no intention to talk to them, coming after their lives as soon as he showed up. The lightning consisted of an ounce of Taowu's power that it moved so fast that she couldn't dodge. 


Like an arrow, the bolt of dark red lightning shot forward in a bone-chilling trajectory, aiming right at Rose's eyes. 

With her eyes widened, Rose was rooted to the spot by the immense True Yuan oppression. Red was the only color she could see, and it felt as though she could foresee her demise from having her skull blasted into smithereens. 


At that instance, a golden-red flaming arrow flew toward her and knocked into the bolt of lightning. 

What ensued was a shattering explosion. Blinding sparks flew, sending off a high-temperature shockwave. 

Most importantly, it saved Rose's life in time. 

"Who's there!?"

Luo Qianqiu and the other cultivators glared into the distance. 

In the blink of an eye, two portals appeared in mid-air, and two figures stepped out of them. 

The man wore a pristine suit, with a red striped tie and black leather shoes. 

The woman had silver hair, wearing a sapphire blue dress. A seductive smile graced her lips. From afar, she seemed like the princess of a fairytale. 

That was Apollo, the God of the Sun, and Artemis, Goddess of the Moon. Alternatively, they were known as Stern and Alice, respectively.

On Apollo's hand was a white and gold flaming longbow, Helios. The bow itself was taller than him, and the overbearing aura exuded from it made the temperature of the vicinity feel significantly higher. 

Even just from looking at them from afar, the cultivators felt unsettled. 

It was at that split second when Apollo shot the flaming arrow from an unknown distance. After piercing the air, it blocked Luo Qianqiu's attack. 

Cai Ning and Rose sighed, relieved from cheating death. 

"Thank you," Rose voiced her gratitude towards Apollo. 

Touching up his fringe, he replied indifferently, "There's no need for the formalities. You're Hades's family, and they're our enemies, so I was just doing what I'm supposed to do. However, you ladies are inferior to them. It would be best for you to remain on the island. Chinese cultivators have blatantly defied the Treaty of Gods. Therefore… leave it to us."

Rose and the others nodded. Cognisant that they would be a burden to the pair, they headed back to the island immediately. 

"If I'm not mistaken, you two must be the God of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon?" Ning Zhengfeng was able to recognize them at a first glance, thanks to the Ning clan-wide information network. 

Artemis giggled. "How surprising. 20,000 years have passed, and so many cultivators have had the guts to leave China. Someone even recognized us."

"Hah, pretentious and arrogant Gods!" Xiao Mengyue scoffed. "You two came at a perfect time. We are here to wipe out Yang Chen's family. If the pair of you dare to intervene, we'll just have to finish you off together! I'll get rid of that so-called Treaty of Gods and kick you, goddamned Gods, out of this world!" 

Having said that, he waved his arm downwards. "Those from the Xiao clan, heed my orders—follow me and kill them both!"

As Xiao Mengyue was a newly appointed patriarch, he was eager to show himself off so that his clan members would acknowledge his status. 

He was somewhat aware of the Gods' capabilities and knew that their True Yuan was the kryptonite to the space law. That fact fueled his courage and confidence, and thus he was certain of winning the battle.  

The cultivators of the Xiao clan, including the Taishang elders knew they could not back down when their patriarch had taken lead. Flying behind him, they surrounded Apollo and Artemis. 

Xiao Mengyue held an upper-ranked sword. As True Yuan flowed out of it, it glowed in green. 

Flying towards Apollo, he yelled, "Aoki Xuanxin Sutra - Withered Wood Envelopment!"

With the use of his cultivation in the Ruo Water stage, he unleashed entangling green beams of light that encircled Apollo like vines. In the next second, they contracted to capture him and then tear him apart. 

An amused expression appeared on Apollo's face, yet he did not dodge. A blazing ball of fire then showed up around him abruptly. 


Xiao Mengyue, who was plunging downward with his sword, shrieked and made a sudden rotation in the air. Fortunately, he dodged the ball of fire by a hair's breadth.

The temperature of the fire was so high that he could feel his True Yuan barrier evaporating before he even got close to it. 

As for the beams of light, they were shattered to pieces and vanished into nothingness. 

Snorting, Apollo looked at the pale-faced Xiao Mengyue teasingly. "You guys are far weaker than your ancestors…"