Although Xiao Mengyue was flushed with anger, he dared not strike recklessly.

Due to the lack of battle experience with the Gods, he did not know if Apollo's space laws had any special characteristics. Even if they seemed like flames, they came from the space laws—the Heavenly Sun Fire, which contained the power of the parallel spaces.

As long as the density of the spaces reached a certain point, it would not fear the True Yuan. 

"Don't you be obnoxious! That was just your stroke of luck!" Xiao Mengyue roared. "Everyone, attack alongside me! Have a taste of my ‘Roaring Wave of the Vast Forest'!"

At his shout, the dozens of cultivators of the Xiao clan dashed forward. Some shot their swords forward while some cast colorful True Yuan spells at Apollo. 

Xiao Mengyue shot out layers of True Yuan which flowed and strengthened. True to its name, they formed into a raging green wave in the sky. 

As for the other two Taishang elders, they thrust their arms forward, and one after another, two giant palm prints darted out like beasts running out of cages. 

"How ignorant…" Apollo sniggered as the Heavenly Sun Fire that enveloped his body exploded. 

In a split second, he had transformed into a blazing golden sun that lit up the whole world. 

Even the cultivators that were a few hundred kilometers away took a few steps backward. 

The swords that reached the perimeter of Apollo had their True Yuan shed and melted into iron. 

"How is that possible?!" the cultivators exclaimed, for the power Apollo they displayed was far beyond their understanding of the Gods. 

The Heavenly Fire he exuded may not have been as powerful as the Samadhi True Fire, but the temperature was comparable. It was even higher than the Samadhi True Fire!

The spells cast by the cultivators, including the two Taishang elders, had no effect on Apollo. They were slowed by the space barrier, and the Heavenly Sun Fire destroyed them before they could reach him.

Even Xiao Mengyue's True Yuan had no effect. 

At the same time, Apollo did not stop at defense. 

The arrow on Helius was aiming right at Xiao Mengyue, but it was not an ordinary one. Rather, it was one conjured by golden-red fire.

With graceful movements, Apollo pulled the string backward and waited till the flame arrow grew to the thickness of a man's arm before he let go of it abruptly.


By the time the sound drifted into their ears, red light had formed a bright trajectory in the sky. 

Though Apollo's motion seemed effortless, the arrow carried a force that could seem to shatter the sky and burn the spaces. 


The temperature it contained was formed from the friction between parallel spaces and possessed the power to tear the spaces apart. 

The only thing Xiao Mengyue saw was the golden-red glow, and he had no idea what happened next.

The rest of the people stared at him in horror.  



Some elites of the Xiao clan and Xiao Mozheng shouted at him. 

Xiao Mozheng seemed especially emotional, his eyes red and brimming with tears. 

Only then did Xiao Mengyue realize something. Lowering his head, he saw that the middle part of his body was burnt, and there was even a hole in his abdomen. 

If it were not for his True Yuan barrier, he would have been reduced to ashes. 

"No…" he exclaimed in disbelief. 

I'm already… dead?

Not all cultivators had invincible physiques like Yang Chen. Since his True Yuan barrier was destroyed and his body was burnt and pierced, death was inevitable. 

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to be so defenseless before Apollo. After all, he was in the Ruo Water stage and had just become the patriarch of the Xiao clan. 

Watching Xiao Mengyue fall from the sky, many of the cultivators felt a chill run down their spines. 

They doubt Luo Qianqiu could stand a chance against that attack despite being in the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage. 

As expected, Luo Pingchao's and Luo Qianqiu's expressions were grim as they realized the situation seemed bleak. 

However, Apollo could not care less about their astonishment, nor did he plan to give them time to think. 

Raising Helius, he aimed at the sky. 

At the same time, he was muttering some odd words. It was the Gods' actual language. 

"Burn, Helius! The wrath of the God of Sun… Rain of Fire and Stars!"

A fire arrow much longer than before was then shot towards the sky. 

Just as the cultivators were staring at it intently in confusion, Luo Qianqiu yelled, "Put up your Barrier now! Dodge! Run now!!"

Just mere seconds after he shouted, the sky was painted in blood-red. 

On the heels of that, countless fire arrows penetrated the clouds, shooting toward the cultivators. 

Though it looked like a meteor shower, every meteor was actually a deadly Heavenly Sun Fire!

Cultivators above the Ruo Water stage were able to repel the arrows, but those below the Ming Water stage were not so fortunate.

A series of thuds sounded as the arrow burst on the colorful True Yuan barriers of the cultivators. 

Some of those in the Ye Fire and Kui Water stages could not hold up against the arrows. After having their barriers destroyed, their bodies were burnt to ashes. In that instant, they fell to their demise. 

Only thirty-odd cultivators remained in the blink of an eye, and they were all above the Ming Water stage. The majority of them were hurt.

Apollo had obviously controlled the coverage of the arrows because none of them landed on the ground and were absorbed into another parallel space in mid-flight.

"Hey, my dear brother, you went too far. I have yet to strike, and you've already killed so many."

Artemis had been watching from the side. When she saw the large drop in the number of people, she giggled. 

"They're just vermin who deserve to die for having the audacity to intrude into our territory." Apollo turned to look at the remaining cultivators and chuckled. "All right. Now that I've taken care of them, I hope you won't let us down."

Some of the surviving cultivators were dejected. 

Xiao Mengyu was delighted at first to witness Xiao Mengyue's death, thinking that he could reclaim the position as the patriarch. However, as of now, he was more worried about his survival. 

As for Ning Zhengfeng, he narrowed his eyes, thinking if he should find an opportunity to retreat. He reckoned the Xiao clan's Taishang elders could put up a fight so that the elders of his clan would not lose their lives. 

Apollo's power was terrifyingly destructive. Only one in the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage could kill Xiao Mengyue in one move. 

As the person with the highest cultivation level amongst the cultivators, Luo Pingchao had stepped out, holding a blue sword in his hand. It was an upper-ranked artifact. 

"How ostentatious! All you did was kill a bunch of good-for-nothings! I'd like to see how you'll fare against me!"

With that, the sword flew out of his hand, emitting the sound of waves as it moved. 

"It's here! The former patriarch's Blue Sea Sword! That move is the ‘Sound of Waves'!" someone in the Luo clan exclaimed, obviously confident in Luo Pingchao's ability as he was a rare prodigy. 

At that moment, afterimages of the blue sword formed in the sky like a tsunami. They moved so quickly and emitted deafening sound waves that made it hard to tell which was the actual sword. 

Carrying a blue sword aura, the afterimages headed toward the pair of siblings!

The True Yuan contained within it was vastly different from that of Xiao Mengyue. Even the coverage seemed impossible to avoid.


Apollo waved an arm, and the Heavenly Sun Fire struck at the tsunami-like sword aura.

The golden-red Heavenly Fire collided with the blue sword aura. Surprisingly, the power they possessed seemed to be on par, emitting ear-splitting sounds as they crashed against one another repeatedly.