The high temperature and sharp sword aura had the spaces in that area tearing and repairing continuously as if nuclear bombs were being ignited. The oppression that leaked out of them caused many cultivators to back off. 

The difference between the Nine Heavenly Lightning and Six Frost Water tribulation caused the displayed True Yuan to be much more massive. 

The cultivators even felt that their presence was superfluous. After all, their cultivation would not be a threat to them at all, and only the Luo father and son would stand a chance. 

Luo Pingchao did not wait after seeing that his strike had failed. Instead, he motioned with his hand, and the Blue Sea Sword obeyed. As it spun in the air, it emitted waves of sword aura that swooped down on Apollo like a tornado.

The Heavenly Sun Fire did not collide with Luo Pingchao, but the terrified cultivators ducked out of the way.

"Sun's Carriage, Horse of the Sun!"

Apollo summoned another fire arrow on Helius and fired it at the blue tornado.


The arrow transformed into a horse, neighing as it charged into the tornado's center!

The flames on its hooves ignited the fragments of space.

The fragmented space energy intertwined with the sword aura, causing huge explosions within the tornado. Yet, they were still in a stalemate. 

At that moment, the cultivators realized that Apollo's ability must be on par with Luo Pingchao. Since Luo Pingchao was at the pinnacle of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage, it was no wonder that Apollo could kill Xiao Mengyue so easily. 

However, unbeknownst to them, the Gods' ability had yet to recover fully. Once Gaia's Heart was restored, their power would return to the level feared by all cultivators. 

Seeing that Apollo could not defeat Luo Pingchao so soon, Artemis lost the mood to watch on. 

"Brother, I'll leave him to you and deal with the rest."

With that, layers of frost surrounded her. 

Blue sparkles shone on her hand like snowflakes and crystals as an ice-blue longbow appeared in her hand abruptly. 

A pair of graceful and mysterious wings spread out from the sides. 

Her silver hair, blue dress, porcelain skin, longbow, magnificent beauty, and dignified bearing had the cultivators' hearts skipped a beat. 

Swirling, Artemis aimed Selene at the cultivators who were watching the battle from afar. 

"Selene, Moon Hue Arrow!"

Similar to Helius, there was not a physical arrow on the bow. Once Artemis put her fingers on it lightly, an arrow in the form of frost energy conjured on it, enshrouding her with a cloud of mist. 

"Be careful!" Ning Zhengfeng yelled as he held a six-foot-long polearm in his hand. It was not a metal weapon, but one made of golden white flames. 

None of them dared to make the first attack, as they were unfamiliar with the Gods' moves, lest they fell for their trap. 

Contrary to their expectations, the arrow was not shot towards them, exploding midway. 

A massive cloud of frost spread out rapidly, blanketing the area with a fuzzy mist. 

Just as the cultivators were perplexed by the unexpected turn of events, Artemis shot three more arrows. 

"Oh no! She's trying to trap us in it!" One of the elders in the Ruo Water stage caught on and yelled in alarm. 

Alas, it was too late. The frost mist released by the Moon Hue Arrow possessed a powerful freezing effect. Many of the cultivators in the Ming Water stage could feel their movements were slowed down, and the flow of their True Yuan was hindered. 

Artemis's giggles drifted into their ears from all directions. 

However, the cultivators could not pinpoint her location, for all they could see was the white mist. 

That region had become Artemis's territory where her divine sense was found everywhere. It acted as her clones, rendering her untraceable. 

Luo Pingchao, who was engaging Apollo, was also shrouded by the mist. Fortunately, his cultivation was profound enough for him to resist the latter. 

Rising and retreating the tide, his sword aura continued to rage. 

On the other hand, Apollo's Heavenly Sun Fire remained relentless. 

However, unlike Apollo who was used to Artemis's attack, Luo Pingchao soon recognized that his defeat was imminent. 

"Everyone, disperse! Don't gather together. Use True Yuan to dispel the mist!" the levelheaded Ning Zhengfeng yelled while the golden white flames on his polearm blazed brightly. Like a torch being lit amidst the darkness, the flames wiped out a big patch of frosty mists around him. 

"It's the lower-ranked divine weapon, the Taiyi Polearm!" someone who recognized his weapon exclaimed. 

"As expected of the patriarch of the Ning clan to have the most artifacts!" 

Many of the cultivators felt motivated. Right, the Gods have their special weapons, but we have ours too!

The Ning clan possessed the most divine weapons. The differences between the clans were apparent. After all, Luo Pingchao could only use an upper-ranked artifact while Ning Zhengfeng could use a lower-ranked divine weapon despite having a lower cultivation level. 

The Taiyi Polearm was forged by the divine beings of the Great Ancient times. Through this weapon, the wielder could use the Taiyi True Fire for battles. Taiyi True Fire was also a type of foreign fire with the characteristic of a metal. Thus, it did not fear ice and water, also possessing a special kind of destructive power. 

Combined with the use of the Ning clan's Taibai True Yuan Force, the divine weapon would only become more mighty. 

However, no sooner had the cultivators rejoiced than the pained shrieks sounded. 

"Chant of Selene… The Moonlight!"

The voice of Artemis came from high above the sky. Then there were the frantic fluctuations in the spaces. The spaces shattered one by one, and the power of the space was conjured into a white pillar of light.

The colossal pillar appeared out of nowhere above the cultivators, connecting the sky and the ground.

Some cultivators in the Ming Water stage failed to dodge in time and were pierced from their heads to their legs by the pillar. Their organs had all been shattered, and they had turned into corpses in mid-air.

Under the moonlight, they froze and broke into smithereens as they fell off the sky. 

Some of the elders in the Ruo Water stage did not see this coming and were injured by it. With a sense of foreboding, they looked up. 

"Let's run! We'll never be her match in this mist!"

The so-called elites were scrambling for their lives. 

Excited, Artemis chuckled. "Naughty boys, do you think you can run away?”

It sounded like she was teasing, but her movements were nowhere merciful. 

One by one, the pillars rained and fell everywhere within the cloud of mist, threatening to crush the cultivators to dust. 

Ning Zhengfeng and the other cultivators in the Ruo Water stage dodged with their best might while burning the mist with their True Yuan or artifacts.

However, the mists regathered rapidly, making it hard for them to get away from it. 

Every time they came close to the edge, the moonlight would strike them back into the cloud of mist. 

"Golden Crow Secrets - Assembly of Ten Thousand Birds!"

Unable to hold it anymore, Luo Qianqiu had the gold Golden Crow True Fire encircle him, paying no heed if this move of his would hurt his men. 

The Golden Crow True Fire took the form of a giant crow, flying past the mist and clearing a path for the cultivators to aid their escape. 

Like Apollo, Luo Qianqiu became the other sun in the sky. 

"Eh? There's someone capable within them too," Artemis grumbled. 

The next second, she aimed Selene at Luo Qianqiu.

"Chant of Selene… Lunar Eclipse!"

A blue energy-filled arrow conjured and was shot out immediately.

Luo Qianqiu's Three-legged Golden Crow approached it in time, wanting to break the arrow. 

However, before the two even made contact, the arrow expanded into a massive dark energy ball about the diameter of dozens of feet, enveloping Luo Qianqiu.