Although the Three-legged Golden Crow broke through the energy ball's barrier, it was shot by an arrow before even coming close to Artemis. 

All Luo Qianqiu could see was black and blue. Suddenly, the energy ball started to spin vigorously. 

At the same time, the pressure around him strengthened. That came from the power of spaces which shook his True Yuan barrier. 

From the outside, it seemed like a giant black energy ball swelled, and a vortex formed within it rapidly. 

As the vortex took shape, the energy ball began to shrink. Spaces crumbled and fell into another dimension. 

It suddenly dawned on Luo Qianqiu that this attack was not intended to completely defeat him, but rather to transport him to another dimension. It could have been a crack in space, but that wasn't the main issue. His survival, let alone his return, would be a problem once he was sent away.

No wonder it's called Lunar Eclipse. 

Having had an all-new understanding of the power of the space law, Luo Qianqiu had to admit that Artemis was far more capable than they had imagined.

Nonetheless, he was not going to stand idly by and await his demise. As the Golden Crow True Fire blazed around him, he forcefully dispelled the power of space emitted by the Lunar Eclipse. 

His action made Artemis frown. Luo Qianqiu's cultivation level was lower than Luo Pingchao's, yet the tricks they had were not much different. Though she did not expect to take him out of the picture instantly, she did not think he could crack her move. 

Once again, Artemis's figure became a blur as she appeared in different spots incessantly. Meanwhile, the moonlight started flickering. 

Despite having returned to their senses and retrieved their artifacts to fight her, the cultivators could not catch her. Instead, they had to dodge the moonlight from time to time, much to their dismay. 

The two elders in the Ruo Water stage—from the Luo and Xiao clans respectively—were delighted to get out of the mist when dozens of light blades came in their way. 

"Moonlight Blades!"

Artemis had appeared somewhere near them without warning. With Selene raised, her hands moved quickly, shooting innumerable round-shaped blades out. 

Within those blades were the cut and compressed power of the space. They were thin but terrifyingly sharp.

The elders tried to fight the blades with their swords or artifacts, but there were simply too many of them. In no time, their True Yuan barriers were torn apart. Their heads fell off the sky, and their bodies were slashed into bits.

It was a gruesome sight to behold. 

Realizing that they had lost yet two more elites, the cultivators slowed down their attack. 

Once they became more and more cautious, none of them were killed by Artemis anymore. 

A long time passed before most of the mist was dispelled. Despite sustaining some injuries, the cultivators were still alive. Those who had died were in the Ming Water stage. 

Luo Pingchao, still engaged in the battle with Apollo, was covered in his surging sword aura. He was fighting like a sword himself, yet they remained in a deadlock. 

Seeing that the others had managed to escape from the mist, he yelled, "Qianqiu! Leave with them!"

In truth, he did not fear Apollo and Artemis. However, he was certain that they would not stand a chance against them even if all the cultivators worked together. Besides, there were nine Gods, excluding Yang Chen. If another one or two came to help Apollo and Artemis, fleeing the scene itself would be the biggest problem. 

The rest had also thought of that. After receiving a signal from Luo Qianqiu, Ning Zhengfeng flew towards Artemis and motioned the rest to retreat. 

With Luo Qianqiu's Golden Crow True Fire and Crossing Sky Purple Lightning and his Taiyi Polearm and Taiyi True Fire, they would be able to distract Artemis. 

However, just as the cultivators decided to retreat, a drastic change occurred to the vast sea beneath them. 


Luo Changchun was the first to notice it. 

At about five kilometers away, the seawater began to rise ferociously, taking the form of a wall. 

In no time, the walls rose to a thousand meters tall.

The power of space within those walls amazed the cultivators. 

In just mere ten seconds, a dome-shaped fortress had formed, enveloping the vicinity. 

"Eh, I thought you weren't coming over, Poseidon."

Apollo had moved away from Luo Pingchao and turned to look at the fortress. 

Dressed in a white chef uniform, Poseidon appeared. Although his hair was ruffled, and he was bearded, the man still looked domineering. 

"Hmph, I spent some time making seafood stews." Poseidon squinted at the battlefield and added, "If I hadn't used my ‘God of the Sea's Territory' in time, you two would've let them escape."

"Please. We have yet to use the full of our capabilities," Apollo replied in disdain. 

"We've all recovered less than half of our powers, so I know your limits well." Poseidon was insistent. 

The way they bickered made it seem like they could care less about the human cultivators as if they were already corpses in their eyes. 

However, Luo Pingchao and the others finally realized the seawater cage was the God of the Sea's doing.

Worse yet, it turned out the Gods only had less than half of their capabilities.

H-How is this possible!? And what do they mean by "recover"!? If Apollo and Artemis have less than half of their actual power and could still push Luo Pingchao to the corner, doesn't that mean their realms would be above the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage once they recover?

Since a God is stronger than Apollo and Artemis had appeared, they knew it would be too late if they did not flee now. 

"Retreat! Everyone, retreat!" Luo Pingchao yelled and was the first to leave. 

As his sword aura surrounded him, he dashed towards the northeast. 

The other cultivators followed suit, retreating and doing whatever they could to crush the seawater fortress. 

Naturally, Poseidon would not let them flee so easily. 

With a sneer, he chanted in the Gods' language, "In the name of the God of the Sea, I summon thee, Abyss Sea Dragon…"

As he gestured with his hand, dozens of thick scaled dragons emerged from the sea. 

These scaled dragons conjured with seawater had their blue eyes opened, emitting a bone-chilling aura. As they were formed from the space laws, they were tireless and immortal. 

Hundreds of scaled dragons flew high up in the sky at the same time, making a spectacular picture, but rather than being awestruck, the cultivators were afraid.

They attempted to bomb the dragons tailing them with their artifacts and spells while fleeing.

Only a few of the dragons were shattered, despite their heavenly weapon and great cultivation. However, they could quickly reassemble and continue to attack.

Worse yet, the "God of the Sea's Territory", was more than just forming a fortress with seawater. 

As soon as Luo Pingchao reached the fortress, frozen arrows made of seawater shot out of the walls. 

Innumerable arrows were shot incessantly like falling stars, overpowering Luo Pingchao. 

"Trying to flee?"

Apollo and Artemis had long since come forth, shooting arrows of Heavenly Sun Fire and Lunar Eclipse toward him. 

One after another, the dark energy balls rained down on the cultivators, sending them scurrying all over the place. Not only did they have to be wary of the ferocious dragons, but they also had to dodge the arrows. 

A myriad of colours—red, blue, gold, and white—filled the sky, and the extreme temperatures put the cultivators' True Yuan barriers to the test.