Trapped in the cage by three Gods, the cultivators finally seethed with rage. It took us centuries to millennia to attain our current cultivation! There's no way we'll perish just like this.

All at once, they used all kinds of methods they had to fight against the Gods, even if they would sustain grievous injuries. 

After all, they had lived for a thousand years if not centuries, so it was impossible not to have any trump cards or tricks up their sleeves. Only at the final moment would they reveal their deck. 

For a moment, the cultivators were embroiled in a fight with the three Gods. Though they could not break through the seawater fortress, they were not defeated by the Gods. 

While Luo Pingchao, Luo Qianqiu, and Ning Zhengfeng were fighting with Apollo and Artemis, the other cultivators were keeping Poseidon in check. 

Of course, they knew that the other Gods must have caught wind in the situation there and had not attacked because they did not see the need to do so for now. However, it was only a matter of time for them to show up. Thus, they had to get out of the sticky situation before the other Gods decided to join the battle. 

While the battle above the sea was going on fiercely, the islanders also felt tense. 

The shocking change in the sky filled them with worry. Most importantly, they felt insecure due to Yang Chen's absence. 

At the same time, Yang Chen's harem had gathered at Wang Ma and Su Xin's place. 

They had thought of hiding in another place but found it dangerous, thinking that cultivators might block their way. Since their cultivation was too low, any cultivator in the Tribulation Passing stage would be too tough of an opponent to them. 

Moreover, they might burden the other islanders, so in the end, they chose to believe in the Gods' power and remain on the island. 

Seeing that the Gods had taken control of the situation, the ladies sighed in relief. 

Those in the Soul Forming stage, such as Rose, Cai Ning, and An Xin could not feel at ease staying indoors, so they chose the fight outside.

As for Jane, she had returned to her lab to see if she could contact Yang Chen using some special communication method. 

At that moment, the ladies remained on alert even though they could not really see the battlefield. 

"Sister Rose, do you think Hubby can return in time? Our opponents are so strong; I don't think the Gods can defeat them so soon," An Xin asked worriedly. 

"That's hard to say. If Jane can't contact him, I don't think he can come back anytime soon."

Zhenxiu was flustered. Her lips paled as she said, "We're so useless. No wonder Brother Yang doesn't let us go to the illusionary dimension." 

Cai Ning sighed. "Don't blame yourself. Considering the time we spent on cultivating, we're progressing rather quickly. Those cultivators are a few decades older than us and are from the hidden clans, so we can't compare to them."

They both had a sour expression on their faces. They only realized how insignificant they were when such a battle erupted. It was also at this point that they realized how powerful Yang Chen was, being able to save Su Xin and Xiao Zhiqing from the illusionary dimension by himself.

At that moment, the door opened, and a small figure came running out of the house. She was even holding a curry chicken drumstick in her hand, while her face was covered with food crumbs. It was none other than Lanlan. 

The chubby girl ran past the ladies and stared at the sky in excitement. 

"Wow! So pretty!" she exclaimed and took a bite of the drumstick. 

"Eh, Lanlan, don't go out. Come eat in the house." Wang Ma came out and beckoned her to go in. 

Lanlan looked over her shoulder and shook her body as she whined, "No, aunties are all outside. I want to watch it too."

Wang Ma approached and wiped the stain off her lips, chiding, "You're only causing trouble here. Go in with me, or your mom will get angry at you."

Lanlan pouted and looked at the bizarre scene in the sky reluctantly. 

Initially, the ladies were chuckling, amused by her reaction. Normal kids would have been frightened to tears at such an odd phenomenon, yet Lanlan was fearless, intrigued even. It seemed like she had indeed inherited her father's carefreeness. 

However, in the next second, their smiles froze. 

A few silhouettes appeared in the woods nearby and came in front of them in the blink of an eye.  

Then, a middle-aged man grabbed Lanlan by the waist and carried her. 

"Ah! Lanlan!" Wang Ma yelled but was immediately grabbed by the throat by another middle-aged cultivator. 

Everything happened so suddenly that the ladies failed to react in time. It was apparent that the other party has far higher cultivation than them. 

"Who are you!?" Rose asked nervously. 

Five opponents had appeared out of nowhere. Other than the two middle-aged men who had held Lanlan and Wang Ma as captives, there was a bearded middle-aged cultivator, a younger gentleman-like cultivator, and an elderly man. 

Those people were Xiao Mohui, Xiao Mozheng, a Xiao clan elder, and two Xiao clan cultivators. 

Despite the grudges between the brothers, they still chose to work together when at the brink of death. 

Since Yang Chen did not show up after a long time, they had reasons to believe that he was not on the island. 

Thus, they decided to bring three elites and landed on the island whilst the battle in the sky was still ongoing. With that, they traced them to this place. 

They know they could turn the tides if they succeeded in abducting Yang Chen's family. 

Moreover, their cultivation level would not attract the Gods' attention. With so many cultivators holding them back, they would not have the time to notice a few missing ones. 

Therefore, once those five people located the house in the center of the island, they teleported before the ladies and captured Wang Ma and Lanlan since they were the nearest. 

"Hah, our identities do not matter. What matters is that we want those related to Yang Chen dead." Xiao Mohui smirked. 

That sent chills down the ladies' spine, and they were at a loss for what to do. 

Lanlan belatedly realized she was seized by someone. The drumstick in her hand had also fallen to the ground. Tears welled up in her eyes from the pain of losing her food. 

"Meanie! Let me go! My drumstick! I lost my drumstick! You guys are bad guys! Daddy will beat you all up!" she cried. 

"Shut up!" Enraged, Xiao Mohui landed a slap across her face. 

Although he did not use True Yuan, the slap was not any less painful. Lanlan's face was swollen, and she wailed even louder. 

"Tch, you already have a rich True Qi at such a young age. You must be Yang Chen, that monster's child. We got the right person." Xiao Mozheng smiled menacingly. 

"Damn it! How dare you hit Lanlan!?"

Seeing that Lanlan was beaten, Cai Yan was the first to lose her cool. A streak of white-colored Heart Fire formed in her palm which transformed into a spear. 

"Yanyan, no! You're not his match!" Cai Ning wanted to stop her sister, but Cai Yan did not intend to back down, thrusting the spear at Xiao Mohui. 

Snorting, he waved his arm, and a green True Yuan encircled the spear and disintegrated it. Not only that, but he also sent Cai Yan flying backward. 

Cai Yan coughed out a mouthful of blood and was received by Cai Ning. Her face turned as white as a sheet as she coughed out two more mouthfuls of blood from the severe internal bleeding. 

"I'm surprised that you know how to use the Heart Fire. Unfortunately, your foreign fire is powerful, but your cultivation is too weak to use it." Xiao Mohui guffawed. "If I knew it would be this easy, I would've caught you all at once to save myself the trouble."

At that moment, Wang Ma stared at the side profile of the person before her. 

"Y-You are Mozheng!?"

The expression on Xiao Mozheng's face was strange. As he turned to look at her with an impassive expression, he must have realized something. "It's been a long time, Yulan."