His words stunned the ladies present at the scene. However, since they knew Xiao Zhiqing's past, the realisation quickly dawned on them. 

He's Xiao Mozheng? Xiao Zhiqing's father and the man who abandoned Wang Ma and brought Xiao Zhiqing away!? Does that mean they're from the Xiao clan!?

Xiao Mohui snorted and mocked, "So your ex-lover is here. Could she be that bitch, Xiao Zhiqing's mother? Tsk, she sure maintained her appearance well."

Distressed, Wang Ma cried, "Mozheng! Mozheng! How dare you show up before me… You heartless bastard!"

"I can spare you today for the sake of our past," Xiao Mozheng lamented. 

Unlike the graceful person she usually was, Wang Ma berated him like a shrewd woman. "You rogue! Coward! I was blind to have been with you! You do not deserve to be my daughter's father! I dare you to kill me now! You disgust me!"

"Yulan, you've disappointed me. I never knew you would be so unreasonable…"

"Tch! Hypocrite!"

Wang Ma spat, but Xiao Mozheng dodged it again. 

Sighing, he decided not to pay her any more attention. With a flick of his finger, he pressed at her acupressure point and knocked her out. 

A second before he did so, the ladies inside the house finally noticed something was amiss, and they ran outside. 

Seeing that her mother had fainted, Xiao Zhiqing was shocked. "Let go of my mother!" she yelled.  

At the sight of her, Xiao Mohui's and Xiao Mozheng's expressions turned grim. 

"My, so you're here too." Xiao Mohui smiled sinisterly as he remarked, "Just right. Since Yang Chen is willing to barge into the Luo clan for you, I'm sure we'll be able to extricate ourselves from this safely by using you as our hostage."

Xiao Zhiqing paled and instinctively took a few steps backwards.

The other ladies also stood before her, determined to buy some time even if they had to die. 

"Ning'er, you move faster than us. Inform this matter to Apollo and the rest," Rose told Cai Ning through telepathy. 

Cai Ning shot her a look of understanding and took a step back discreetly. 

However, Xiao Mohui and the others saw through her plan before she could fly up the sky. 

Grinning, Xiao Mohui taunted, "If you dare to leave or ask for help, I'll kill this monster and this woman."

With that, the ladies dared not move, run or resist. 

"Despicable!" An Xin flushed with rage. 

Xiao Mohui replied in disdain, "As long as it works. When Yang Chen robbed our clan, he was much more despicable than us."

"Stop talking nonsense," Xiao Mozheng snapped. "If you know best, don't resist and let me destroy your cultivation. Then, we can spare your lives."

The ladies paled at his threat. Being alive would be worse than death since he would threaten Yang Chen with their lives. 

At that critical moment, Lin Ruoxi suddenly took a few steps forward. 

Staring at the cultivator who was holding Lanlan, she declared lightly, "Let go of my daughter."

Her tone was commanding, one that brooked no room for rejection. 

Lanlan had been trying her best to struggle free, but her cultivation was nothing compared to those of the Ming Water stage. 

"This is your daughter? If yes, then you must be one of Yang Chen's b*tches?" Xiao Mohui stroked his beard and smirked. "That bastard sure knows how to enjoy himself. All his women are pretty… Unfortunately, you'll all be our slaves, much less than a pet."

Seeing that the cultivator refused to let Lanlan, Lin Ruoxi glared at him coldly, her gaze filled with murderous intent. 


"Huh?" Zhenxiu was startled to hear her name being called. 

Turning around, Lin Ruoxi said flatly, "Lend me your dual blade."

The instant the other ladies glimpsed her eyes, they shuddered from the bone-chilling coldness.  

That look did not seem to belong to Lin Ruoxi. In fact, it reminded them of Yang Chen when he was slaughtering others. 

As if bewitched, Zhenxiu took out Manjushage and passed them to Lin Ruoxi. 

"One would be enough." Lin Ruoxi took one and gripped it in her left hand. Step by step, she strolled toward Xiao Mohui and the rest. 

The atmosphere seemed to have turned cold because of her. 

When the ladies realised she was trying to save Lanlan, they jolted in shock. 

Lin Ruoxi is not even in the Soul Forming stage. She'll only be sending herself to her death!

"Ruoxi, I know you're worried about Lanlan, but you can't die in vain!" Mo Qianni rushed forward to hold her back. 

Yet, just as she was about to touch her, she missed. It turned out Lin Ruoxi had taken another step forward. 

Frowning, Cai Ning, who was speedy, wanted to grab her shoulders, encountered the same situation as Mo Qianni. For some reason, the moment she put her arms down, she missed. 

Lin Ruoxi was like a phantom. Even though she was moving so slowly, it was impossible to seize her. 

Without looking back, she strolled forward and soon arrived before Xiao Mohui and the rest. 

Xiao Mohui narrowed his eyes. Truthfully, he did not see anything special but still decided to be on guard. 

"You'd better not move about. If you dare, your daughter will become crippled at once." He sneered. 

Lin Ruoxi was unfazed, as though she did not hear him. 

Walking straight to the cultivator that held Lanlan, she reached out to hold her. 

The thing everyone else saw next horrified them. 

Lin Ruoxi had easily taken over Lanlan while the cultivator's face contorted with fear and pain. 

He did not move or talk, staring at her as she held the little girl. 

The instant she carried Lanlan, Lin Ruoxi swept her left hand backward in a natural and leisure manner. 

In the next moment, the cultivator's head fell to the ground, blood spurting out of his neck. 

"How… How is that possible!?"

Those on Xiao Mohui's side gawked at her. 

They could not fathom why a woman with negligible cultivation could kill someone more powerful than her in one move. What was even more unbelievable was that the cultivator did not resist at all. 

Why was he killed!? But there's no fluctuations in energy and True Yuan!

Even their ladies were shocked, feeling as if they saw an illusion in which Lin Ruoxi was shrouded with an air of mystery. 

Not even Yang Chen can kill a Ming Water cultivator so easily!

Lin Ruoxi remained nonchalant as though she did not just behead someone moments ago. Hugging her child, she pecked her cheek and was distressed to see the wounds on her. In a gentle voice, she chided, "I told you to listen to me and don't run about. Be good in the future, or you'll be beaten up by bad guys. Do you hear me?"

Lanlan nodded obediently. With one finger pointed at Xiao Mohui, she pouted. "Mommy, he hit me…"

"I know."

Holding Lanlan in one hand and the blade in the other, Lin Ruoxi headed toward Xiao Mohui. 

Xiao Mohui was alarmed by her movement despite being a Ming Water cultivator. He wanted to move backwards instinctively but found it hard to even move. His whole body was trembling. 

The brown sword in his hand was an upper-ranked artifact, but it did not give him any confidence. 

Sweating profusely and breathing heavily, he wanted to speak but found it impossible to do so. 

That was when he realised why the earlier cultivator did not resist. It was because his body, throat, and the True Yuan within his Dantian were oppressed, rendering it impossible for him to resist. 

He could find no words to explain the pressure, but, in short, those parts were sealed. 

Before he even realised, Lin Ruoxi had before him. Yet, other than looking at her in horror and devastation, there was nothing he could do. Without hesitation, she raised her arm. With one swift move across his throat, his head fell to the ground. 

In mere moments, Lin Ruoxi beheaded two Ming Water cultivators without getting a drop of blood on herself or the blade. That was how fast she moved. 

While Lanlan clapped and praised her cheerily, the ladies could not react in the same way. 

"I-Is she really Sister Ruoxi?" Zhenxiu gulped. 

"Yes," Cai Ning answered with a solemn expression, "but there's a chance that she isn't…"

Lin Ruoxi did not mind their conversation, regarding Xiao Mozheng and the other two cultivators. 

In swift steps, she walked past them like a leaf flitting across the breeze. As if specifically designed, the blade arched in a perfect trajectory, cutting across their vulnerable throats.