The three heads had their eyes opened as they fell to the ground. Even till that moment, none of them could resist or open up their True Yuan barrier. 

Such a shameful death would make the prideful man unable to keep their heads held high in the afterworld. 

Lin Ruoxi had tossed the blade back to Zhenxiu and supported the unconscious Wang Ma. 

When she came before others and saw their fearful gazes, she smiled and asked, "What's wrong? I don't think killing them would cause any problem."

"Ruoxi, your cultivation… What happened?" Rose could not help but ask. 

After handing Wang Ma to Xiao Zhiqing, Lin Ruoxi deliberated over it for a moment and shook her head. "I don't know. I just didn't want Lanlan to be hurt, and I saved her. It was the same when we were kidnapped."

The ladies did not believe it would be that simple since they witnessed the frighteningly bizarre scene with their own eyes. 

Lin Ruoxi, on the other hand, did not appear to be lying, as if she had killed them effortlessly.

At the thought of something, Lin Ruoxi asked Xiao Zhiqing, "Qing'er, would you blame me for killing your father?"

Xiao Zhiqing looked at Xiao Mozheng's head with an enigmatic look before shaking his head. "He brought it upon himself."

Lin Ruoxi nodded and carried Lanlan back home. 

The little girl was naturally excited about finishing her meal since nothing else mattered more than food. On the other hand, the ladies did not share the same sentiment. 

Staring at her blade, Zhenxiu mumbled under her breath, "This blade… I didn't know it could be this powerful."

"It's a good weapon, but the person who wields it is the key," Cai Ning commented with a deep look on her face. 

Those who were fighting above the sea were unaware of the happenings on the island. 

The battle had come to a climax, the air filled with True Yuan and pieces of space. It was like a sea of doom. 

The seawater fortress was still blocking the cultivators' way at every corner while the scaled dragons roared and stirred up waves. The deep blue water soared into the sky and fell back to the sea, chasing after the cultivators and breaking their True Yuan barrier easily. 

Although Luo Pingchao and Luo Qianqiu were holding Poseidon back, Apollo and Artemis had killed more than twenty cultivators with their bow, including a few Ruo Water cultivators. 

Seeing that only fewer than twenty elders above the Ruo Water stage were left, Luo Qianqiu and the others were stricken with anxiety. 

Those elders were the elites of the hidden clans, and most were even part of the direct bloodline. If they perished, not only would they be too ashamed to face the rest of the clan members, but Hongmeng might also seize the chance to oppress them. 

At the same time, they found it hard to accept they might be facing their demise even though they had marched over to obliterate Yang Chen and his family. 

As another dozen of his Crossing Sky Purple Lightning were dodged by Poseidon's space laws, Luo Qianqiu turned grim and spoke to his father through telepathy. "Father, if this goes on, it'll only be a matter of time before we lose. Their space law is superior to our cultivation, so our attack wouldn't have any effect. Besides, our True Yuan is depleting…"

Luo Pingchao was wielding the Blue Sea Sword, using the sword aura to fight Apollo. Blue light extended around him like a blossoming cornflower. 

However, none of the sword aurae could come close to the Gods because the space laws had sent them to another dimension. 

At the realization that his powerful attacks were useless against the Gods, Luo Pingchao became weary. 

"We did not make enough preparations. Qianqiu, I'll break through the fortress, and you guys follow!"

"Father… Are you…" Luo Qianqiu frowned as though he was thinking of the worst situation. 

Luo Pingchao replied, "Don't worry. I'll just have to recover for three months. With you around, the Luo clan will have a leader. If I don't do it, we won't be able to get out of here once the other Gods arrive!"

With that said, he suddenly retracted all of his sword aurae, escaped the dragons, and roared as red mist shrouded him. 

As if his True Yuan exploded, his muscles bulged and strengthened. In no time, they tore through the top of his robe, revealing his veiny bronze-colored muscles!

Poseidon, Apollo, and Artemis, who had the cultivators in check, felt the oddness of Luo Pingchao and reflexively took a few steps back. 

As they retreated, they directed the Heavenly Sun Fire and Moonlight Blades towards him, but those were dispersed by the blood-like mist. 

Not only that, but a far more powerful surge of sword aura was shot out of the mists, aiming as blue and red beams of light at the Gods.

This time, though the space laws blocked most of the attacks, the Gods realized some of them would still come near to their bodies. If they were not careful, it would harm them. 

With that, the Gods' attacks weakened, allowing the cultivators to breathe a sigh of relief. 

"What spell is this?" Poseidon asked as he dodged the attacks while frowning.

"I think it's a secret technique that can boost one's cultivation instantly," Artemis replied, knitting her brows. "His power is increasing continuously!"

"To think they would have such a trick up their sleeves. We've underestimated them. His current cultivation is at least stronger than before by thirty percent," Apollo added. 

The Gods were not the only ones stunned by the turn of events as the cultivators also cast their curious gazes at Luo Pingchao. 

By then, his height had reached over two meters. With the blood-like mist enveloping him, he looked like a red warrior.

What frightened them the most was that his eyes had turned white as though the white fire was blazing within them. 

"Pingchao!" Seeing that his son used that tactic, Luo Changchun yelled in agony. 

"Is that the Luo clan's great technique in the Luotian Sutra, the ‘Brahma God'?" Ning Zhengfeng exclaimed. 

As the patriarch of the Ning clan, he was knowledgeable thus was instantly reminded of the rumored technique. 

It was called a rumored one because it was a trump card that would harm the user. Due to the severe sequelae, he never heard of it being used for nearly a thousand years. 

This method used a special way to route the True Yuan, using the cultivator's energy, such as the blood, as its fuel. 

The rapid combustion of the blood would boost the True Yuan inside their Dantian, amplifying its purity. At the best effect, the cultivator's power would be boosted by fifty to sixty percent.  

A cultivator's blood contained a large amount of spiritual energy. Therefore, the greater their cultivation, the higher the amount of spiritual energy. However, if they lost too much blood, they would be comparatively weak, and could even lose their cultivation in severe cases. 

Therefore, for those below the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage or even the Ruo Water stage, having their cultivation revert to the Kui Water stage would be the best case scenario. 

Only those above the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage could remain unscathed as their bodies were strengthened by the heavenly lightning. 

In the worst case scenario, they would take more than a year to recover. If they had the assistance from spiritual pills, it would still take them at least two months. 

Even saddening was the fact that this method would only last for five minutes. If the user used it longer than that, their blood would be depleted, causing their death. 

That was why Luo Pingchao was not planning to use that trick to defeat the three Gods. 

Instead, he wanted to break free from the predicament and bring everyone else back to the illusionary dimension within five minutes. 

Raising his sword high, he yelled, "Sword Aura of the Tide, Berserk Dragon Tidebreaker! Go!"

Sword aura soared into the air like dragons, coloring the sky blue and red. 

With a downward swing of Luo Pingchao's sword, the dragons swerved down. 

Poseidon's summoned scaled dragons were shattered with a single strike.