Due to the force of the swing of Luo Pingchao's sword that tore the spaces, the space laws could not reconjure the immoral scaled dragon instantly. 

Even the frost arrows that attacked Luo Pingchao were utterly shattered. 

The expressions of the Gods changed as they realized an opening had formed in the fortress.

"Run out now! Retreat!" Luo Pingchao roared. 

Under Luo Qianqiu's lead, the cultivators fled out of the God of the Sea's Territory, delighted to cheat death. 

As their cultivation levels were above the Ruo Water stage, they moved like lightning, disappearing in a split second. 

With Luo Pingchao's sword aura blocking the way, the Gods could not catch up to the cultivators in time. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they were too unbothered to do so. 

After all, cultivators could fly back to China in the blink of an eye. 

As the battle ceased, peace returned to the sky above The Forgotten Realms. 

The Gods did not linger for long. After exchanging knowing looks, they glanced downwards and left. 

Having sensed that the battle had ended with the cultivators' defeat, the women were elated. 

In truth, they did not expect such an ending and were impressed by the Gods' combat prowess. With that, it was unsurprising that those from Hongmeng dared not leave China. Since the hidden clans lost around hundred-odd elites, they would have to lay low for a long time. 

Thinking that Gods had bestowed their presence upon them, the clueless islanders prostrated themselves in gratitude. 

For the rest of the day, the atmosphere on the island was serene. 

It was evening when Yang Chen returned belatedly. Coming along with him was Yu Lanting, Yu Wenhong, and Yu Qiyun.

When he sensed the traces of battle on the island, he quickly went to the ladies and enquired about the situation. Upon hearing that a battle occurred after he left, Yang Chen was terrified. 

Fortunately, the Gods had recovered plenty of their power. Otherwise, the consequences could have been disastrous. 

The women were also in a hurry to recount the whole event to him. However, at the sight of the three seductive women, they looked at him dubiously. 

Aware that they had misunderstood him again, he flashed them a wry smile and said, "Let's talk in the castle. It's not what you think it is."

Unbeknownst to him, Yu Lanting and the others were more astonished at the fact that he had so many lovers. 

Initially, they thought an elite like Yang Chen would have spent most of his time and effort on cultivation to attain such prowess. Yet, he still had the time to date so many women. All in all, it was beyond their understanding of human cultivators. 

When they arrived at the castle, Yang Chen introduced the three women to the rest and related the incident at the Honghuang realm. 

At the revelation that the three beauties were demon beasts, they were dumbfounded and astonished to know such a background existed in the Meng clan. 

During their exchange, the three women fastened their gazes on An Xin, which weirded her out. 

Yang Chen noticed it too. Though he did not introduce An Xin to them, they still recognized her. It seemed like their earlier speculation would be verified soon!  

"Ms. An Xin." Yu Lanting finally stood up and approached An Xin. "May I know if you have siblings?"

The others looked at her in bewilderment, wondering what she was up to. 

An Xin was startled for a moment before shaking her head and replying, "I'm the only child."

"Oh… Then are your parents still alive?" 

A hint of sadness fleeted across An Xin's eyes, and she shook her head again. "They've passed away."

"Then do your parents have siblings? Do you know where they're at?"

An Xin frowned and looked towards Yang Chen. "Hubby, why is she asking me these questions all of a sudden?"

Though she was usually friendly, it did not mean that she did not have a temper. After all, no one would be happy with being stared at and questioned. 

Yang Chen made an awkward chuckle. "Calm down, dear. Sect Master Yu came along with me for you..."

"For me?" An Xin looked at Yu Lanting quizzically. 

The latter smiled and explained the story. 

The ladies blushed when the Yin and Yang convergence was mentioned. It was then that they realized An Xin's success was not a fluke, but was due to her physique.

An Xin found it hard to accept it at once. I'm half-human and half fox?

"Ms. An Xin, you might not be able to feel it yourself, but we're purebloods. We can sense the bloodline on you. You must be the noblest descendant of the divine foxes. Your bloodline has been awakened, and soon, cultivation would be easier for you. Congratulations on becoming a noble member of our royal family of Qingqiu!"

Smiling, the three women cast amiable gazes at An Xin. 

Having recovered from the shock, An Xin asked worriedly, "T-Then will I have fox tail and ears? Will I become a fox?"

As she spoke, her voice quivered as if she was about to cry. To her, it was an unacceptable situation. 

Yu Lanting and the others chuckled. Still, they had expected such an outcome, so they immediately explained it to her.

In truth, An Xin need not worry about such an occurrence since she was inherently human, unlike those who were born as foxes. Therefore, it was almost impossible to grow a tail. 

In short, the divine fox bloodline would only benefit her. 

Feeling relieved, An Xin was no longer bothered about the fact that she was now a member of the Qingqiu clan.  

The three women genuinely desired to be nearer to her. If An Xin had been alone, they might not have gone out of their way to meet her because many of their clan members looked down on half-bloods.

However, things were different since she was Yang Chen's woman. Even if An Xin was not keen on being part of the Qingqiu clan, they still had to try to get into her good books. 

Once the matter concerning An Xin was settled, they continued to talk about the hidden clans' attack. When Yang Chen heard Apollo, Artemis, and Poseidon defeated them, he was surprised. 

He, too, felt that Hades's divinity had strengthened, but his comprehension of the space law was still lacking compared to the former Hades. Therefore, he could be on par with cultivators in the pinnacle of the Ruo Water stage at best. 

Yet, Apollo and the others could defeat Luo Qianqiu, which meant that their powers would be equivalent to the middle phase of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation stage. 

As expected, Gaia's Heart's power was profound. 

Gaia's Heart… Gaia's Heart!?

At that thought, Yang Chen suddenly recalled the drop in global temperature. 

Now that I think about it, the revival of Gaia's Heart happened around the same time as the decrease in temperature. Could Gaia's Heart be the cause? Jane said that the solar energy was stolen before it could enter the Earth's atmosphere. Did Gaia's Heart "eat" it?

Although he did not know the use of Gaia's Heart and the Gods had been perfunctory about it, Yang Chen felt that both situations were linked. 

At that, he grew worried. If that's the case… Would Gaia's Heart keep consuming the solar energy?

The ladies were puzzled to see him falling into a daze. 

"Hubby, what's on your mind?" Liu Mingyu tugged at his sleeve. 

Yang Chen regained his senses and met Lin Ruoxi's gaze. She was staring at him with her usual calm and indifferent eyes. 

An unfathomable look flashed across his eyes before he turned to tell the others he was fine. 

After mulling over it for a moment, he raised his head and asked, "Dear, how did you seize and kill Xiao Mozheng and the rest? Could you clarify?"

That question had been bugging the ladies, but they dared not ask her. Instead, they had been feeling that something was weird about Lin Ruoxi. 

Since Yang Chen brought it up, they looked at her instinctively, awaiting her reply in silence.