Lin Ruoxi sat at her seat gracefully. When she heard Yang Chen's question and saw the other ladies staring at her, she took a sip of her coffee calmly and put the cup down. 

She spoke after a brief pause. "As I previously stated, I had no idea how it occurred. I only wanted to kill them because I was enraged by their seizure of Lanlan. I didn't know how I did it, but they couldn't resist. All I wanted was to keep them still so I could behead them... That way, everything would come to an end sooner. Also, I'm not sure why my first thought was to request Zhenxiu's blade. It was my subconscious mind's verdict. I'm at a loss for words."

Her tone was earnest, and it did not seem like she was deliberately trying to hide something. In fact, she appeared exhausted, as if she was helpless in the face of being questioned.

Yang Chen gazed at her in silence for a moment before letting out a chuckle. "Don't think anymore if you can't make sense of it. Nothing else matters as long as you and Lanlan are fine."

With that, he rose to his feet and told Yu Lanting. "Sect Master Yu, the hidden clans have shown up and bullied my family. It's time to recompense their gesture. But before I leave, I have a favor to ask."

At the thought of something, Yu Lanting smiled wryly. "Mr. Yang, it's not that we want to go back on our words or that we're heartless. But breaking a rule that has existed for centuries to attack the illusionary dimension… It'll cause a catastrophe to come our way."

Waving his hands, Yang Chen smiled and explained, "You've misunderstood me, Sect Master Yu. I'll be going to the illusionary dimension by myself. It's just that I'm concerned about my family's safety. Although the Gods are around, it'll be safer to have you three here."

After all, Yu Lanting was at the pinnacle of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage. As a seven-tailed divine fox, her combat prowess would certainly outcompete human cultivators of equal strength. Thus, he wished she could be the ladies' bodyguard while he was away. 

In that way, he would not need to worry. 

Besides, he doubted that the Gods would be hostile toward the three women since he had personally requested them to stay. 

The trio thought it was a good idea. There was no harm to stay at the island for some time since they were also hoping to take a stroll in the outside world. Moreover, it was ideal to have Yang Chen owe them a favor. 

At that thought, Yu Lanting agreed to Yang Chen's request readily, saying that she would stay on the island with Yu Wenhong and Yu Qiyun till Yang Chen returned. 

Yang Chen could not, in their opinion, raze the three major clans to dust, but he could cause a bloodbath and escape unscathed.

Hearing that Yang Chen was about to avenge them, the ladies were apprehensive, though they knew they could never dissuade him. 

Furthermore, the feud between them and the hidden clans had progressed to a worse state. Since they were now suffering a major loss in manpower, it would be the best time to strike, lest they gain the opportunity to recover and attempt even more terrifying things. 

Fortunately, they had chosen to come to the island instead of harming their relatives in China. Should they have chosen to go all out, things would have been worse. 

Having made the arrangements, Yang Chen left but did not head to the illusionary dimension directly. 

He made two calls, but no one picked up. 

In a flash, his body vanished into the air and reappeared on a vast peak of the Alps. 

The gust of wind howling across the snow-covered mountain range and the freezing temperature deterred hikers from visiting. 

As it was nighttime, not a single soul could be seen. 

With a face as black as thunder, Yang Chen unlocked his seal and cut the surrounding peaks with the space law. 


The mountains collapsed and shook, and an avalanche occurred. 

Soon, four doors of space were opened. Apollo, Artemis, Poseidon, and Hermes walked out of them. 

At the sight of Yang Chen, they realized Yang Chen unsealed his space law to attract their attention. 

"Hades, it isn't good to breach the Treaty of Gods in the middle of the night when there's no need to fight," Hermes commented, smirking. 

Yang Chen glanced at the four Gods and said meaningfully, "The Treaty of Gods? There's no need for that to exist anymore…"

"Hades, what do you mean by that?" Artemis frowned. 

Yang Chen snorted. "The Treaty of Gods is to prevent the Chinese cultivators and the Gods from fighting to the death, but that was made based on the past situation where both parties had their trump cards to keep themselves safe. With their Gaia's Heart revival, the Gods' strength has improved and is continuously increasing! If this goes on, the Gods' power will surpass the cultivators. Well, I believe that is the case right now. Then is there a need for the so-called Treaty of Gods to exist? Apollo, Artemis, and Poseidon could deal with the elites of the three major clans. Don't think that I'm an oblivious person. Hermes, you live near to the island, and I'm sure you didn't show up because you were certain the three of them could deal with the cultivators, am I right?"

Hermes smirked. "That's right. But is there a problem with that? I'm from the blood race, so I get sleepy during the day."

"Stop teasing me! You're all taking me for a fool, aren't you? The cultivators may be unable to assess your abilities, but I, too, am endowed with divinity. Now that I'm standing so close to you, I can tell you how powerful you are! Based on the battle earlier in the day, the cultivators would not have been able to flee if you four showed up. You could have wiped them all out, but why did you let them go on purpose!?" Yang Chen became enraged.

"Are you blaming us, Hades? Your family, on the other hand, is fine." Apollo shook his head.

Yang Chen's pupils constricted. "Are you still putting on a show? I thought we were friends, but it appears that each of you is keeping something important from me! You've got to be planning something behind my back!"

"Hades, stop making wild guesses. You're our companion." Artemis tried to appease him. 

That made Yang Chen guffaw. "Companions? Fine, if we're companions, tell me why can't I contact Aphrodite and Ares? Where have they gone!?"

The four Gods remained silent, their faces expressionless.

"Poseidon, you live in Hawaii, which is a long way from Ares' location. Nonetheless, you made it to the island. There can only be one reason someone like him did not participate in the battle, and that is because he had to deal with something important. Is my assumption correct?" Yang Chen inquired of Poseidon.

"I'm not familiar with their matters," the tough Poseidon replied, staring into Yang Chen's eyes.

Yang Chen anticipated this by asking directly, "It must be related to Gaia's Heart, isn't it?"

The four Gods remained silent once more.

Yang Chen continued, ignoring their silence, "Before this, I was just speculating, but now I'm almost certain. The drop in global temperature was caused by Gaia's Heart. When Athena discovered Gaia's Heart, Apollo and Artemis exchanged strange glances, implying that you had anticipated this..."

"Hades, we..." Apollo couldn't bear the thought of hurting him, so he frowned and decided to keep his mouth shut.

Yang Chen laughed. "You don't have to be concerned. Even if you don't tell me, I'm guessing it's partly because of Athena. I'm not sure what she's planning, and I'm not sure what you're planning, but you'd better not do anything repulsive. Otherwise, don't hold it against me if I'm cruel."

There, his eyes gleamed with murderous intent, like the personification of everyone's worst nightmare. 

The wind continued to howl, as no one talked for moments. 

Finally, Hermes crossed the sky and arrived next to Yang Chen. He said, "Smiling." "I believe in your words, Hades, but remember what I told you that day. I know you don't believe me, but if my words come true one day, you'll have to remember your words today... That's something I'm looking forward to."