Every sentence Ning Zhengfeng said struck their hearts like a hammer, while also giving a slap on their faces. 

Indeed, they were anxious.  

Even though they had been maintaining their composure, never interfering with the dispute between Yang Chen and the hidden clans, they did not do it because they wanted to. Instead, they were terrified of Yang Chen. 

His rate of growth had surpassed their expectations. An ordinary adolescent could not have wreaked havoc in the illusionary on his own, but he did!

The elders were taken aback by this. Yang Chen had killed their messenger, Xuan Jizi, when they finally saw the need to act.

There was no way the prideful elders could endure such humiliation. 

Yet, none had the guts to avenge themselves. After all, Yang Chen was a psycho who defeated the whole Luo clan on his own. 

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Hongmeng could only put their plan on condemning Yang Chen aside. 

That was how the current awkward situation occurred. 

Yan Xiuming laughed as he shook his fan in response to their silence. "It's impossible to enlist the assistance of the array guardians. They would have done it ages ago if they had been willing. Even if Hongmeng and the three major clans died, I'm afraid they wouldn't care."

"Elder Yan, how could you speculate the array guardians?" Yan Wuchen demanded with a frown. 

Yan Xiuming harrumphed. "Am I wrong? According to the oppressive aura emitted by the array guardians secretly, they are far stronger than Patriarch Luo. Someone as invincible as them would not bother to deal with us."

Luo Qianqiu and the others were shocked to hear that the array of guardians had emitted their True Yuan oppression to give orders to Hongmeng. If they were stronger than Luo Qianqiu, it would mean that they were in the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning stage or even the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning stage. 

However, the existence of the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning had been rumored to be non-existent 20,000 years ago. 

As no one had seen someone operating the array, they did not know how Zeus was trapped in it. Thus, they were unsure if a cultivator in the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning stage would be able to unleash the true power of the array.

"The array guardians have yet to appear, as you have stated, because they are unwilling to assist us. We can't stand by and must fight for a way to live. Elders, we have an opportunity right now. We can kill Yang Chen if he dares to enter the illusionary dimension as long as Hongmeng cooperates with the hidden clans. If Hongmeng hesitates and refuses to assist, it will be too late to be sorry when Yang Chen annihilates us "Ning Zhengfeng stated.

"Oh? Patriarch Ning, are you confident in taking Yang Chen's life? But to the best of our knowledge, Yang Chen escaped unscathed even though the whole Luo clan gang up on him," Liu Shiyuan retorted. 

All of a sudden, Yin Shouzhi, the old man dressed in a black robe, laughed menacingly. 

"It seems like I've been out of circulation for too long… Have you forgotten about my existence?"

Many of the Heaven-ranked elders frowned while some brightened up in delight at the thought of something. 

On the other hand, the Four Great Elders had a look of deliberation on their faces. 

"Yin Shouzhi, are you planning to get yourself involved?" Yan Wuchen asked. 

"Heh, I doubt you guys would let me off if I refuse to help." Yin Shouzhi coughed vigorously, his hunched back shaking. Then, he smiled and said, "Don't worry. With me around, we need not fear him."

Ning Zhengfeng let out a hearty chuckle. "Please be rest assured. Elder Yin has decided to strike, but only against Yang Chen, not all the Gods. It shouldn't be a daunting task for him."

The elders nodded and thought it made sense since they had gauged Yin Shouzhi's abilities. 

"If that's the case, how should we deal with the Gods?" Yan Wuchen questioned. 

Xiao Mengyu, who had been quiet the whole time, chimed in, "Elder Yan, you're overthinking things. In truth, we're not battling the Gods. The only person who would attack the illusionary dimension is Yang Chen. Yang Chen robbed our place and broke into the Luo clan. I believe he'll come over once he finds out we attacked his base. Then, we can seize the opportunity to besiege and kill him. As for the Gods, they're wary of the array guardians and the array. Thus, they couldn't care less about us. Otherwise, all the other Gods would've shown up."

Though his words were callous, he had a point. 

The Great Four Elders exchanged glances for a moment. In the end, Yan Wuchen spoke. "We need to discuss this properly. Yang Chen is merciless and slaughters people as he wishes. If we're not careful, Hongmeng will be obliterated. We'll have to mull over this before coming to a decision. Since you guys are here, why not take a rest at Tranquil Lotus Island? We'll inform you of our decision once our discussion is over."

Naturally, Luo Qianqiu and the rest had no objections. It was a bit out of the norm to have Hongmeng collaborate with the hidden clans suddenly, so they had not expected all the Heaven-ranked elders to accept their suggestion, much less the Great Four Elders. 

With that, the four of them followed an administrator to a floating island below and waited for their reply. 

Tranquil Lotus Island was used to receive distinguished guests, located between the Earth-ranked islands and Sky Island. It was shrouded by mists, its lake clear like an emerald. Hovering in the sky were a few houses built from mahogany, which were used by the guests.

After the four of them entered the hall, the female Hongmeng cultivators served them some maojian tea before leaving. 

Luo Qianqiu and Ning Zhengfeng sat down and enjoyed the tea calmly, while Yin Shouzhi floated in the sky like a ball of black mist. 

The only person pacing around the hall was Xiao Mengyu. "Why are these old fogeys still hesitating? Yang Chen had already killed their messenger, so he had no intention of letting them go. We are all trapped in the illusionary dimension. Do they truly believe Yang Chen will be merciful? If we allowed Yang Chen to continue to grow, Hongmeng would lose its foothold in China! Will they be able to take it?"

"Hey, Brother Mengyu, you can't be so anxious. Shouldn't you be happy when you've just retrieved the position as the patriarch from Xiao Mengyue?" Ning Zhengfeng said as he took a sip of his tea. 

Xiao Mengyu snorted. "He was a fool that deserved to die. I knew he couldn't be the patriarch for long. I deserve to take the spot, so why should I be happy about it?"

"Oh yeah, Brother Mengyu, since Xiao Mengyue died, what are you going to do about this grandson, Xiao Yangxu?" Ning Zhengfeng asked with his eyes narrowed. 

A cold gleam flashed across Xiao Mengyu's eyes. "Ning Zhengfeng, you sure know a lot of things… Hmph, it's up to me to make the decision. As the patriarch, surely I have to look at the bigger picture and make sure my action will benefit our clan."

Yet, the murderous look in his eyes betrayed his words. 

Xiao Mohui, Xiao Mozheng, and Xiao Mengyue perished in the battle, leaving Xiao Yangxu as the only capable heir.  

However, since he was not Xiao Mengyu's descendant, it would be difficult for him to stay alive. 

Unfortunately, at such a juncture, no one would step up to protect Xiao Yangxu and offend Xiao Mengyu. Even if the young man died, they could just choose another descendant to be the heir. 

While they were chatting, a figure dressed in red flew over... 

"Luo Qianqiu! How dare you show up here!? I'll behead you!"

The aloof woman entered the hall and whipped her horsetail whisk. Countless white whips headed for Luo Qianqiu's neck while entangling with one another. 

The man sat sipping his tea calmly as if he did not notice her arrival.  

For some reason, Ning Zhengfeng and the others did not move, their faces cracking into a weird smile. It seemed like they were looking forward to a good show.