“Boom! Boom boom…”

The white whip condensed by the whisk was stagnant in the air and scattered one by one before heading for Luo Qianqiu. 

An invisible shock wave of True Yuan exuded from Luo Qianqiu's body, like a Tai Chi pusher, pushing the red figure away, but it did not hurt her.

The woman in red staggered back a few steps, her face flushed with red tides, and she was enraged. Yan Feiyu was the one who replaced her nun robes into a woman's outfit!

"Hey, Patriarch Luo, aren’t you a little too harsh on your old lover?" Ning Zhengfeng joked.

Yan Feiyu gave him a cold look "What kind of nonsense are you talking about? Zhengfeng Ning! Remember, this is Hongmeng's Xuantian Island, not your Ning Residence!!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot Lady Feiyu is the Yan Family's second young lady, how rude of me..." Ning Zhengfeng chuckled.

Yan Feiyu ignored him, raised his Taiyi whisk, swirled a white rune, and suddenly shot a large number of ice thorns from it, slamming into Luo Qianqiu like a salvo of thousands of sharp arrows!

Despite being promoted to the Ye Fire Stage cultivation base, the difference in strength between her and Luo Qianqiu was still too great. Her attack was thwarted by ice before it could even get close to Luo Qianqiu.

The Xuan Ice Flying Arrow was like a pool of ice water, falling to the ground, carrying a gust of breeze.

Yan Feiyu became even more irritated when she noticed that Luo Qianqiu did not consider her a threat since the start. Her attack was ineffective, and she rushes in like a shrew!

Yan Feiyu, clenching her teeth and moving her claws, dashed over to Luo Qianqiu, scolding in her mouth, "You ungrateful human!" Despicable  and shameless bastard! I'm going to rip you apart!"

Luo Qianqiu frowned upon seeing her lunatic actions. With a light flick of his sleeves, another burst of True Yuan pushed her away!

A dozen cultivators suddenly flew up from the outside, and the man at the head caught Yan Feiyu, it was Yan Feiyun.

"Second sister! Don't make a fool of yourself!"

Yan Feiyu struggled to escape from her brother's hands, "Brother, leave me alone! Why don’t you kill him for me!?”

"I know you hate him, I can't wait to dig his heart out either! But we are not capable of being his opponents..." Yan Feiyun gritted his teeth and glared at Luo Qianqiu.

At this time, Yan Feiling also ran forward, grabbed one arm of Yan Feiyu, and persuaded, "Second sister, don't do this, you’re lucky that he didn't kill you..."

“Hmph! Kill this lady here if he dares!!?" Yan Feiyu's face was flushed and pale at the same time, and she was very angry.

More than a dozen cultivators of the Yan family in the Tribulation Passing Stage had already stood in front of the three brothers and sisters, guarding nervously, but they all knew that if Luo Qianqiu who had been quiet since the beginning made a move, they would be beyond dead.

Luo Qianqiu finally got up slowly, stared at the three brothers and sisters, and said, "I have forgiven you several times, and if you dare to offend again, I will not let it pass easily.”

"Bah! Luo Qianqiu! What are you talking about! If you are that powerful, why do you still need to come to Hongmeng for help?!! I will tell my father, and Hongmeng shall not provide you with assistance and support. We shall let your Luo family die!!" Yan Feiyu cursed.

“Hmph, Elder Yan is not something you juniors can shake. He is not as ignorant as you are!" Luo Qianqiu said disdainfully.

"You don't know what's wrong?! You ruined my life! Do you think that my father will forgive you easily?!" Yan Feiyu yelled.

Luo Qianqiu's expression darkened, "Yan Feiyu, I have had nothing to do with you since a long time ago, what happened back then was your passion, and I have never promised anything. Plus, I have spared you three times today, and I have done my best, otherwise… do you think that I will not be daring enough to kill you despite being in Hongmeng’s territory?”

Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiling were already extremely mad upon hearing those words. 

Although the three siblings had their disputes and temperaments, they were all from the Yan family, after all, they were brothers and sisters.

Yan Feiyu had a bad relationship with Luo Qianqiu that year, and it was true that Yan Feiyu was affectionate first, but Luo Qianqiu, as a man, abandoned Yan Feiyu afterward without saying anything, but also disregarded her, how could the arrogant Yan Family bear this?

If it wasn’t because Luo Qianqiu had greater strength than Yan Wuchen and that this matter was indeed initiated by Yan Feiyu, rather than Luo Qianqiu's initiative, Yan Wuchen would have fought against the Luo family back then.

After all, if Yan Wuchen was actually going to make a move, many other masters of Hongmeng would still follow for the sake of togetherness. Even if the Luo family couldn’t be destroyed, they would still be hurt to a certain extent. At that time, the Ning family and the Xiao family would follow one after another to suppress the Luo family, things would not be so easy to deal with.

"Luo Qianqiu, if anything happens to my second sister, our Yan family will definitely be at odds with you! What you said today will be retributed one day sooner or later!"

Yan Feiyun still kept calm and held his position, he then dragged Yan Feiyu away along with his men and left. 

Despite Yan Feiyu crying, Yan Feiyun still didn't let go and was finally dragged away.

When it was quiet, Ning Zhengfeng smiled and said to Luo Qianqiu, "Patriarch Luo, the matter of joining forces with Hongmeng today will fall through because the elders of the Yan Wuchen elder faction do not agree, we shall put the blame on you then.”

"Please be beyond rest assured," Luo Qianqiu sat down leisurely, and said lightly, "Yan Wuchen is not a child, he knows what is the most rational choice for him, otherwise, he won’t even need to meet us.”

On the other side, on the ground floor on a hanging island.

Yan Feiyu, who was pulled by Yan Feiyun to a quiet lake in the heart of the pavilion and was still sobbing and weeping. She was not at all ruthless and arrogant like how she was as Abbess Yan Yu, she looked more like a poor woman who was abandoned right now.

Yan Feiling lightly patted her second sister's shoulder beside her, her eyes were red, and she didn't know how to comfort her.

It was precise because of being abandoned by Luo Qianqiu that Yan Feiyu hated men deeply and wanted to escape from reality, so she gave herself the name of Abbess Yan Yu.

That’s why, not only did she want to accept Rose as her apprentice, but she was extremely unaccustomed to Yang Chen.

This matter could be said to be an open secret of the top management of Hongmeng, and it was also a great shame for the Yan family, but because Yan Wuchen was in control, no one dared to talk about it.

Originally, Yan Feiyu's heartbreak seemed to be much better, but seeing Luo Qianqiu today, she was hooked on the sad past decades ago!

"Second sister, brother is aware of your dislike for him, but he is so powerful that even father can only pretend that nothing happened back then. You shouldn't be so irritated whenever you see him, "Yan Feiyun exhaled a sigh.

"I know, Brother...but I just can't stand it..." Yan Feiyu wiped away her tears and explained, "I'm sorry for my father, and I'm sorry for the Yan family's ancestors... and I-...   I'm really looking forward to the day I die. I wouldn't have made such a big mistake if I hadn't acted on my own free will... I don't have the honour of seeing my father again..."

"How can you control men's and women's feelings, second elder sister? It's normal to be unable to control your own Dao, especially when your cultivation was still weak. If you want to blame someone, blame Luo Qianqiu for being malicious, for pretending to deceive you, for robbing our Yan family's practise while still denying his actions..."

Many traces of sadness flashed through her eyes and she lowered his head silently. It seemed that after calming down, there were more wasted vicissitudes.

"Third sister, most of us from Hongmeng are going to fight together this time to deal with that Yang Chen, I know you have never completely left the Yang family's relationship within your heart, but this time, don't stand with the wrong team, otherwise... even father can't protect you," Yan Feiyun said to Yan Feiling.

Speaking of this, Yan Feiyu also looked up at her sister worriedly.

Yan Feiling bit her thin lip, showing a hint of it being unbearable, but in the end, she could only nod her head.

"I know, elder brother... Actually... even if I don't want Young Master Yang to be hurt, I can't do anything for him..." Yan Feiling sighed.

Just as the three brothers and sisters were thinking about something in silence, a figure flew from a distance and fell respectfully in front of Yan Feiyun.

"Elder Feiyun, we caught a seriously injured intruder, what should I do..."

Hongmeng's ground forces usually handled daily affairs, and Yan Feiyun, as one of the rulers of the ground forces elders, managed Hongmeng's defense work.

"Intruder?" Yan Feiyun asked suspiciously, "Have you figured out who it was? How did he or she get injured?"

The man replied, "He said he wanted to see his elder brother, and something happened to the family. He is the Second Master of the Ning family. But we see that he has suffered serious internal injuries, and he seems to be unconscious and dare not deal with it."

Yan Feiyun was stunned for a moment, he then thought of something, and said loudly, "Take me to that person immediately!"

Yan Feiyun soon arrived at an open area where two Hongmeng cultivators were watching a wounded man. The man was laying on the ground, his face was dark as though he was at death's door.