Yan Feiyun was knowledgeable. Although this cultivator looked beyond recognizable, his clothes were tattered and black, as if it had been grilled on charcoal, but he could still tell from the outline that it was the second master of the Ning family, Ning Zhenggang!

"Ning Zhenggang!? What's the matter with you!?" Yan Feiyun rushed to Ning Zhenggang's side and hurriedly asked. 

"Quick...Quick..." Ning Zhenggang stretched out his hand with difficulty, grabbed Yan Feiyun's arm, and moved his lips slightly, "Notify my big brother... Yang Chen... Yang Chen is slaughtering our Ning... Ning family... "

Yan Feiyun and the other Hongmeng cultivators were taken aback; they were all aware that Yang Chen and the Hidden Clan were already at odds, but they didn't expect this lunatic to slaughter them all by himself!

Seeing that Ning Zhenggang was about to die, he quickly took out a bottle of mid-grade elixir for healing. This thing was very precious, but at that moment, it was impossible to save.

Stuffing the elixir into Ning Zhenggang's mouth, and passing over some True Yuan, finally saved Ning Zhenggang's injured meridian a little, allowing him to recover a bit of vitality and save his life for the time being.

Ning Zhenggang's eyes became clearer, and he gained some strength.

Yan Feiyun helped him up, "Go! I'll take you to Sky Island to see my father and the others!" Then he instructed several other cultivators, "You go and inform the Ning family patriarch and the rest! Quick!!"

For a moment, the nervous atmosphere enveloped everyone, and the Hongmeng cultivators all started to run around to notify.

When Yan Feiyun brought Ning Zhenggang to Sky Island, he simply went to the discussion venue where he was speaking and noticed that Ning Zhengfeng and Luo Qianqiu had followed.

Seeing Ning Zhenggang's situation, Ning Zhengfeng's eyes flashed with anger, and he hurriedly asked what happened.

Ning Zhenggang was just panting heavily, and after a brief narration of the matter, the audience went silent and gasped for breath.

It turned out that just about a quarter of an hour ago, Yang Chen suddenly appeared in the sky above the Ning family's territory.

When the guards discovered Yang Chen, he didn't say anything and went straight up to a frantic slaughter, where multiple colors flashed here and there as though they were fireworks that left a bloody scene caused by all the Ning family cultivator's bodies that were left lifeless without even a blink of an eye.

Ning Zhenggang, who realized that the situation was not good, came to Hongmeng to report at the urging of several elders of the Weak Waters Stage who stayed behind.

If it weren't for the hard support of the four Supreme Elders, and one of the elders had a low-grade immortal weapon in hand, Ning Zhenggang would not have been able to escape from Yang Chen's control.

Even so, Ning Zhenggang was seriously injured as he was affected by some purple fire, and he almost died before he could reach Hongmeng.

"Damn it! How could Yang Chen attack our Ning family first!?" Ning Zhengfeng cursed loudly, not even daring to imagine the current predicament of the family.

Xiao Mengyu frowned abruptly and said, "Ning Zhengfeng, what do you mean, should our Xiao family be destroyed first then!?"

"Shouldn’t you be!? Ning Zhengfang roared.

"You bastard..."

Luo Qianqiu interrupted the two person’s quarrel with a yell, and said coldly, "Enough! This is not the time for us to fight internally! Yang Chen went to the Ning family, the reason is very simple, because he flew from overseas, and the Ning family was the first place that he would arrive, closer than our Luo family and Xiao family..."


Ning Zhengfeng and Xiao Mengyu were stunned, and then they thought it did seem right.

Coming from the southwest, the Ning family, located in the southern part of the Illusion Realm, was the first Hidden Clan to appear.

"Heaven elders!" Luo Qianqiu exclaimed to the avenue of heaven elders. "Are you still on the fence!?"  Yang Chen will attack the Ning family first, rather than looking for trouble with our Luo and Xiao families, because he has already decided to eliminate all three of our families, he doesn't even care about the level of hatred! Do you think he'll let Hongmeng go? Or do you believe you'll be able to defeat Yang Chen after the Hidden Clan falls!? Keep in mind! He's holding a Chaos Cauldron!! Chaos can only be defeated by absolute power and desperate suppression! Consuming more cultivators will only make it more difficult to defeat!"

The heaven elders all looked nervous, and the four elders exchanged glances as if they were going to make up their minds.

Ning Zhengfeng suddenly remembered something, and asked Ning Zhenggang, "Second brother, where is our third sister!? Is she struggling with Yang Chen!?"

"No... The third sister is..." Ning Zhenggang said in a dejected tone, "The third sister is nowhere to be found, and she disappeared..."

"What... what!? At the juncture of the survival of the family, she has disappeared!?" Ning Zhengfeng's face was ashen and mad.

When the atmosphere in the audience was solemn, Yan Wuchen and several other elders nodded their heads.

"Okay, to uphold justice and eradicate evil spirits, I will put aside my prejudice this time, and join the masters of the Hidden Clan to kill the evil thief Yang Chen!" Yan Wuchen said loudly.

Luo Qianqiu's eyes flashed, and he said, "Since this is the case, it is not too late, we will call the masters and go to the Ning family together!"

"Amitabha..." Master Yanyun said, "This time, the old man will not be with you. Going along, the old man will lead the disciples to spread the great formation of King Kong Demons, to protect Hongmeng, so as not to be taken advantage of by some gangsters, forgive me.”

“Don’t worry Master, we all understand.”

Although Master Yanyun didn't go with them which caused them to lose a hand, there were three other elders from the top ten masters, and they brought out the group of heaven elders. 


Meanwhile, the central Arctic.

On the vast ice and snow wasteland, a magnificent and incomparably majestic scene was quietly blooming!

It was a huge and unimaginable golden-yellow towering tree, breaking out of the ice cap and going straight to the sky!

This golden giant tree, the circumference of the main pole alone, had exceeded a thousand feet. The base of the main pole stretched into the bottomless bottom of the Arctic Ocean, and the roots were extended to somewhere unknown.

The canopy, which was nearly 10,000 meters high, was like a golden flame that covered the sky and the sun, and the branches that spread out were all flickering with golden leaves.

Every golden leaf shone with the brilliance of the sun, bigger than an ordinary airliner.

On the top of the giant tree, whether it was the trunk, the branches, or the leaves, there were strange and obscure words flashing.

And around the giant tree for dozens of kilometers, there was a huge pale gold surrounding the protective wall.

This airtight protective wall was able to gather the surrounding steady stream of solar energy, which was continuously absorbed by this giant tree and used for its use.

Located in the center of the canopy, in a dazzling area, two figures of a man and a woman are suspended in the air.

The pair of men and women shone with bright yellow and pale golden light respectively, and if you looked closely, you could find that the light source came from the heads of the two.

After the energy emanating from the golden giant tree was absorbed into the bodies of the pair, another energy was released from the heads of the two men and poured into the central area of ​​the giant tree.

In the central area of ​​the canopy, a mass of light yellow containing vigorous energy was gradually growing.

In this peaceful and tranquil golden area, two figures suddenly entered, also a man and a woman. The man was dressed in black with an evil expression and the woman was dressed in green, looking like a fairy. 

The man and woman who were undergoing energy conversion with the giant tree turned around and looked at each other. After looking at the man and woman who broke in, they both showed a calm demeanor that was not surprising.

"You’ve worked hard, Ares, Aphrodite, that bitch is mean by only letting the two of you help the Mother Tree to recover, isn't it too tiring..."

The woman in the green smiled and said with a somewhat arrogant smile. It was Ning Ruozhu of the Ning family, and the glowing couple were Ares and Christen, who had disappeared before.

Christen frowned lightly, and elegantly combed her blond hair. With a simple action, it was also a picturesque manner, and she sighed softly, "After so long, are you finally willing to show up at this time? We thought that you would always hide your head and show your tail, and let Hermes be your spokesperson...I haven't seen you for more than three thousand years, Hera."

Ning Ruozhu, also known as Hera, the Queen of Heaven, giggled, "I didn't mean to hide, it's just... I'm not interested in coming out. Hmm... But it's different now, I didn't expect that that crazy woman, actually used the heart of Gaia to replant the Mother Tree again…”