Sarkily smiling, Christen said, "Hera, stop pretending. I don't think you're not interested in coming out, but it's hard for you to do things out here.

"Why did you say that, Aphrodite?" Her calm gaze rested on a golden leaf as she bent down to smell it.

"Then why don't you just admit it?" Christen asked. "Hephaestus is the only one who can make a 'Magical Girdle' that is not real! Only he knows how to forge, and only you have the authority to allow him to carry out this task. What made you think we hadn't noticed when you broke up Athena's layout with a fake coin, but didn't show up and let Hermes run errands for you?"

Hera uttered these words with a stunned look on her face, "So this is the subject of your inquiry, then... It's a shame it didn't work, but I can only blame my 'Celestial Spell for not being strong enough and for the timing to be off."

“Celestial Spell?"

Ares turned his head and frowned, "Is that the magical power of the Chinese cultivators similar to Athena's Great Prophecy Spell? The user of that spell was not killed by Athena 20,000 years ago?"

Hera laughed, "Yes, I have thought that long enough to defeat that bitch, I have to deal with her Great Prophecy Spell as much as possible, so it took thousands of years to collect various ancient books and restore that Celestial Spell.”

"You've been hiding out for three thousand years to study the Chinese cultivators' spell?  That's some strong endurance you got there," Ares grinned, "but unfortunately, you are not the appropriate opponent against Athena's absolute strength."

Hera chuckled, albeit uncomfortably "Yes, it came up short... But it's not all bad now, because I can see that the bitch's Great Prophecy Spell is no longer completely accurate. That means that one day in the future, things may be different than she has imagined, which is very intriguing..."

"So, you two are not here to interfere with us?" Christen asked suspiciously.

Hermes showed his hands, "Hey, Aphrodite, Ares, what are you thinking? Even if we don't like Athena, it doesn't mean we don't want the resurrection of the Gods. This is the Mother Tree, we will not be disrespectful in front of the Mother of Earth, Gaia.”

"There are only two of you, it will take a long time to restore the tree of the earth to its peak. Why are Poseidon and Apollo not here to help? ' Hera asked.

Christen breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the two were not looking for faults, but came to take a look in good faith, she then showed a smile, "According to the original estimate, Athena hoped to collect some divinity scattered in some artifacts, and cultivate some of them first. Later on, with the addition of the divinity of the eleven main gods, we can activate the Titan Bloodline of the Mother Tree. But later Athena researched that the earth is different from Mars, and the earth's core has some trace elements that activate the Titan bloodline, as long as the time arrives, the Titan bloodline can be activated smoothly, that’s why the cloned heaven warriors are abandoned. Anyway, their divinity is also very incomplete and difficult to use. Now Ares and I are mainly responsible for taking care of the Mother Tree and helping it to activate the Titan bloodline. Our responsibility ain't too heavy, you don’t have to help us.” 

"Well..." Hera squinted and smiled, "So, Athena has indeed made a wrong calculation, and her Great Prophecy Spell has been inaccurate... Ever since she has problems herself... Hehe..."

"But what she wants to do is finally coming true, isn't it?" Christen asked rhetorically.

Hera nodded and turned to look at the boundless ice and snow in the distance, "I didn't expect the earth to be more suitable for the growth of the Mother Tree, but... From this point of view, if the core of the earth is affected by the Mother Tree, it will not only be a global cooling in the future. It's that simple, human beings... just be careful."

"Hey..." Hermes smiled evilly, "They were originally a group of lowly reptiles, inferior creatures, if we hadn't lost the support of Gaia's heart back then, the Chinese cultivators would never be able to guard the place and humans have already been eradicated by us! This is just a delayed occupation after 20,000 years."

"If the two of you are here to take a look, then you can leave, there is a Gaia barrier, and the Mother Tree is very safe," Christen said with an irritated tone while a trace of sympathy flashed through her eyes.

"Okay, I know you are still angry, but it just so happens that I have nowhere else that I want to go, I should just relax for a while here..." Hera gently stroked the extremely thick tree pole and smiled, "Although ordinary humans can't come here, it would be troublesome if a powerful Chinese cultivator came. Well, with me here, you can serve the Mother Tree with peace of mind."

"That’s unnecessary! It's just to relieve my boredom if an expert comes," Ares said disdainfully.

Hera rolled her eyes at him and ignored it.

Hermes said with a gloomy smile, "At this time, I am afraid Hades has already entered the Illusion Realm, why don't you go and have a look?"

"It doesn’t matter anyway, this battle is already doomed, isn’t it obvious that it's all arranged by that bitch?" Hera said lightly, and then gracefully lay on top of a dense leaf, as if she was going to take a good night's sleep.

Christen and Ares looked at each other complicatedly, then shook their heads.


The Illusion Realm, the Ning family.

The original high-rise buildings, incomparably modern and spectacular buildings, had been broken and dilapidated, and the high-rise buildings had collapsed one by one and were in pieces.

The sea of ​​​​fire burned the dilapidated buildings, and after the large tracts of woodland were affected, it spread to farther places. It wouldn’t be long before this place turned into a ruin.

The Ning family shall soon be turned into history.

The guards and cultivators of the Ning family had also suffered heavy casualties to the extreme and only a small number of them escaped.

Blood was flowing into the river and the corpses were scattered everywhere, and it was impossible to simply describe the tragic situation here.

There were burnt and broken limbs everywhere, and there were scattered flesh and bloody organs, and it was almost impossible to see any complete corpse.

Of course, many cultivators had been completely burned and corroded with no dregs left.

As though the sun was ready to be devoured by a gray-black force, it appeared to be roaring across the sky at this point.

Yang Chen stood between heaven and earth, his eyes were full of the frenzied murderous intent brought about by the mad slaughter, the huge chaotic cauldron faintly affected the sound of wind and thunder, and it was like a chaotic low roar, hovering in the sky.

Just after the slaughter-like battle just now, Yang Chen had already consumed hundreds of Tribulation Passing Stage Cultivators with the Chaos Cauldron!

With Yang Chen's current Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Realm and his cultivation base being complete, he could step into the Shang Qing stage anytime. These Ning family cultivators were not his opponents at all, and they would die as many times as they came.

Most of the cultivators of the Ning family were arrogant and had no idea of ​​running away. When they realized the irreparable gap in strength, it was too late.

Yang Chen's strength had clearly improved after absorbing the pure spiritual energy transformed by these cultivators, even at his current stage of cultivation.

The Chaos Cauldron had also grown a lot, and the vicious totem on it was clearer and more powerful than before.

The shapes of giant flying swords, terrifying battle axes, etc., condensed by the power of chaos, turned into roaring beasts, attacking the opponents recklessly.

In fact, there were now only two lone figures standing firm against Yang Chen's wave after wave of violent attacks!

"You devil! You have created such a wicked fruit that will harm heaven and the law, and you will surely die in the future!!"

Ning Ziyang, the elder of the Ning family who was over 300 years old, with blood on the corners of his mouth, with the peak of Weak Waters cultivation, a purple-gold cone-shaped hollowed-out magic weapon in his hand that was being urged on was a low-grade defensive magic weapon of the Ning family, the purple-gold exquisite hood.

The legend of this magic weapon incorporated a trace of the bloodline of the ancient divine beast Xuanwu, which could stimulate the two spirits of gold and earth, forming a large-scale barrier of tyranny and dominance.

What was even more commendable was that this magic weapon could gather more than one cultivator's cultivation base to urge, and as the total amount of urging True Yuan increases, its power could also increase sharply.

Even an ordinary offensive magic weapon couldn’t break through this barrier, and even if it was broken, it would greatly reduce the attack power.

It was a tens of feet wide purple-gold barrier shield that protected him and Ning Xueyu, another supreme elder who had cultivated in the middle stage of Weak Waters. The two of them were doing everything they could to deliver genuine energy in order to counter Yang Chen's increasingly angry assault.

But the two Supreme Elders were not enough to go against Yang Chen, and it was also a matter of time before they were broken.

When Yang Chen's purple and blue fire, chaos power, and dazzling attack landed on the shield, the two of them couldn't help but churn, feeling extremely uneasy.

But when they thought of the hundreds of Ning family cultivators who had died for the family before, and the two elders of the Weak Waters Stage, they had no idea of ​​escaping at all.

"Hmph, even if I'm not here to kill you, you are also going to kill my wife and daughter. All of this was brought up by your Hidden Clan. Does it make sense if only I get to die alone?”

Yang Chen was not in the mood to listen to their messy justice, the good and evil. He had made up his mind to eliminate the Hidden Clan once and for all. Besides, there were tens of thousands of people who died in his hands, and it didn’t matter how many thousands more!

This was crazy, but it was the most direct and effective method for Yang Chen.

If not me, who?!

Another dozen consecutive bombardments condensed by the power of chaos smashed on the purple-golden barrier, and finally, there were several cracks on the barrier!