"Pfft!!" The female elder Ning Xueyu, who was cooperating with the delivery of the True Yuan, spewed a blood mist, her face was extremely pale and it seemed that she could no longer support it.

Ning Ziyang exclaimed, "Xueyu!"

But before he could ask any more questions, Yang Chen sent dozens of attacks incessantly, as if ten thousand arrows pierced through the heart, smashing the purple-golden barriers to smithereens!

Originally, there were other Supreme Elders who could help, but after Yang Chen killed them all, only the two of them remained. They couldn't withstand Yang Chen's Chaos Cauldron's offense even if they had a low-level defensive magic weapon.

After all, the gap between their strengths was too big. The Chaos Cauldron alone had recovered to at least the level of a high-grade magic weapon after the precipitation and nourishment over time. If it was completely restored, it would no longer be able to measure its power with normal magic weapons. 

The two of them were already stretched out of their True Yuan. Yang Chen absorbed the power of heaven and earth, which could be described as inexhaustible. As time passed, they immediately saw the true strength. 

This was because Ning Ziyang and Ning Xueyu gave up their offense completely and put all their efforts on defense to last until now.

There were already some cracks on the purple gold exquisite shield. If this magic weapon was used so forcefully, it might be destroyed in Yang Chen's hands.

Ning Ziyang looked at Ning Xueyu, whose breath was dying and could fall at any time, and sighed bitterly in his heart, "It's been tens of thousands of years, is the Ning family destined to fall today?”

As the elder with the highest level of cultivation in the clan, of course, Ning Ziyang knew that it was impossible for the clan to only have so few supreme elders left, but those hidden old guys didn't show up when the clan was slaughtered, and the only possibility was that they didn't want to die.

Everyone knew that they were not Yang Chen's opponents, so they chose to live instead of fighting to the death for the family.

When he thought of this, Ning Ziyang realized that even if the Ning family could still inherit, the will of the family was already dead, and this was the real decline!

It would be easier to say if they were in a peaceful and prosperous world. But once a major disaster occurs, the people would begin to flee like chickens, proving that they were vulnerable to a single blow!

Yang Chen wouldn’t think too much, he already felt that he had wasted too much time to break through this damn defense. If they didn't have that defensive magic weapon, he would have killed every single person in the Ning family earlier, and he wouldn't even have let so many people escape.

Seeing that the two elders of the Ning family were unable to continue, Yang Chen immediately ordered the Chaos Cauldron, and suddenly directed towards the two of them!

As for that magic weapon, Yang Chen would naturally take it away.

Seeing that Chaos Cauldron greeted them, the huge suction made them unable to move, Ning Ziyang grimaced and tried to escape with all his strength.

Ning Xueyu, however, couldn't take it any longer and surrendered, becoming the meal of the chaos, which was sucked into the cauldron and transformed into a spiritual energy that was absorbed cleanly.

Ning Ziyang's eyes were filled with blood and tears. He had just witnessed the death of a long-time friend, but he was speechless.

Dark red lightning bolts shot out from the distance like flying flaming meteors, as well as large pieces of blue ice flying arrows that smashed towards Yang Chen in a densely packed swarm!

Yang Chen frowned, sensing that a large number of cultivators were approaching, and said with a wicked smile, "Are the reinforcements finally here? Well, save me from looking for them."

Turning around and raising his hand, a greyish-white Ruoshui light curtain blocked the massive piece of attack and he didn't come into direct contact with them for even a fraction of a second

Sure enough, Luo Qianqiu, Ning Zhengfeng, Yan Wuchen, etc. arrived one after another, with a large group of Luo family, Xiao family, and Hongmeng cultivators who had been waiting for a long time, and they were aggressive.

Ning Zhengfeng saw that the Ning family was in ruins and was beyond recognition, his eyes were flushed with anger, and he was full of murderous aura.

"It's a fierce flame over here; he's been fascinated by the Chaos Cauldron, and he's completely turned into a murderer!"

Looking at the bloody scene, the stump, and the broken arm, Elder Liu Shiyuan said bitterly, "The strength of this son is unimaginable. He is only in his twenties. It's a pity that he has fallen into the devil's way. If he doesn't get rid of it today, he will definitely be a big problem for me in China!" Xiao Mengyu said solemnly.

The Hongmeng elders who did it also nodded, and this scene shocked them.

At this time, Ning Ziyang finally got the opportunity to fly to the reinforcements and told Ning Zhengfeng about the situation.

Knowing that the family had killed three more supreme elders, Ning Zhengfeng was devastated, and he was so angry that he almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

However, seeing the purple gold exquisite shield that had cracked and obviously could no longer be used forcibly, all of them had a chill on their backs!

Even the magic weapon was broken abruptly, if it were an ordinary cultivator in the Weak Waters Stage, wouldn't it be impossible for him or her to take in any attacks?!

Yang Chen looked at the hundreds of Illusion Realm masters gathering with surging fighting intent and he loudly said with great pride, "You don't need to talk nonsense there, whichever path that one took is not something you people that only fish for fame can judge! God is watching every move you make and every step you take, and today’s battle is due to your greed! I, Yang Chen, have a clear conscience, at least I won’t deny when I killed someone! I just want to kill all of you old thieves and blood wash the Illusion Realm! Come up if you have the ability, otherwise don't blame me for not giving you a chance to resist! I want to see what you can do to me!!

"You kid... is really arrogant, do you really believe you're that powerful to fight hundreds of us all at once!? This old man would have wanted to teach you a lesson if it wasn't for the sake of your ancestors! What you're doing today is excruciating!"

Ancestors? Yang Chen didn't understand what it meant, but he was too lazy to think about it, so he just ignored it, because the other party was about to take action.

Yan Wuchen abruptly took a few steps forward, and his entire body raised layers of surging and majestic blue cold currents dancing around him and a huge long sword appeared in his hand out of a sudden!

The whole body of this long knife was black and blue, with ancient and clumsy lines all over the body. Only the edge of the blade has a hint of light blue. It was more than ten feet long and five feet wide. It was ridiculously large, like a tall building, but it was as fast as black lightning, rolling up waves of cold waves!

"Elder Yan seems to be serious as soon as he goes up, the abyss giant blade has not been shot for more than a hundred years!" Immediately, one of the Hongmeng elders exclaimed.

"It must be the case. The other party is a Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning cultivator with the Chaos Cauldron. Although the abyss giant blade is a fairy weapon, it is still inferior, and it is still incomparable with Chaos Cauldron."

"It's hard to say, there is just a river of blood here, and the casualties are heavy. The abyss giant blade can increase a lot of power."

"But Elder Yan's cultivation base is after all..."

"Hmph! How can you have better expectations for our enemies!?"

Liu Shiyuan shouted and interrupted the whispers of several Hongmeng elders, and flew upfront, releasing a large number of colorful sword spirits all over his body, surrounding them vertically and horizontally, with an invincible prestige!

"Nebula Divine Sword!"

With Liu Shiyuan's call, the colorful sword energy gathered in front of him, becoming a colorful six-foot azure front with waves!

It was Liu Shiyuan's magic weapon, the Nebula Divine Sword. It is also a magic weapon that was between high-grade and immortal and could be regarded as a half-immortal weapon. With Liu Shiyuan's sword art, its power was extraordinary.

One was blue and the other was colorful, and the two figures burst out the pressure of the True Yuan that was far from the peak of the Weak Waters Stage. They rushed out, and the other cultivators were naturally not far behind. They sacrificed their magic weapons and methods to surround Yang Chen!

Luo Qianqiu and Ning Zhengfeng, of course, led their troops to join. With a large number of masters in Hongmeng, they also had a lot of confidence.

It's a pity that Luo Pingchao was unable to participate in the war again because he returned to his clan to recover from his injuries.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, these cultivators must have some special means, if he rashly took action on someone first, he would inevitably be restrained, so he waited for the change, intending to see the tricks and find opportunities to defeat them one by one.

But I don't want to, this group of people had already discussed something before coming, and no one was too close, but Yan Wuchen and Liu Shiyuan took the lead, and restricted Yang Chen first!

"Northern Ming Ice Soul, Xuan Ice Domain!"

"Sword Spirit Void, Nebula Sword Array!!"

Yan Wuchen's abyss giant blade fell from the sky like a bolt of black lightning, piercing the earth to the core. Weaving together True Yuan and Northern Ming Xuan Ice, Yang Chen was quickly enveloped in a skydome that measured several miles across!

And the Nebula Divine Sword just shot to the top of the sky, scattered and spread out, like a galaxy blooming, turning into countless meteor sword showers, each meteor was a sharp sword condensed from the sword energy, moving towards Yang Chen and its surroundings, falling densely and fiercely!