Yang Chen was taken aback by the speed with which Yan Wuchen and Liu Shiyuan moved. He hadn't expected such a massive assault to be completed in the blink of an eye!

Seeing the familiar ice dome domain, Yang Chen suddenly thought of what happened in Arnhem Land, Australia!

"This old guy is Yan Wuchen!? Was he the one who attacked him while wearing a mask!?"

Seeing that his hair didn’t look like it, but it's hard to say as well... Yang Chen didn’t have time to think further as Liu Shiyuan's Nebula Sword Formation was already imminent!

This Nebula Divine Sword could control the spirit of the five elements, so when this flying sword fell, it had all sorts of things, with a combination of strength and tenderness, and its power increased. 

Yang Chen didn't dare to take the risk; if he was baptized by such dense sword energy, he would be injured no matter how tyrannical his body was!

The Primal Chaos Soul was almost smashed by sword rain several times, but fortunately, Yang Chen continued to use the power of Chaos to resupply, and finally survived this round of attacks.

There was no doubt about the four elders of Hongmeng's strength. They injected a tranquilizer into a group of cultivators, and they all gained confidence as a result. After all, they reasoned, Yang Chen was not that difficult to defeat.

But Liu Shiyuan, who actually used the ultimate move, was taken aback. He took the lead despite the fact that his Nebula Sword Formation cost a lot of True Yuan to use. He didn't anticipate it having any effect on Yang Chen. The side confirmed that the gap between them was not small; at the very least, he would lose in a few strokes!

However, the arrow was already on the bow and had to be sent.

Liu Shiyuan's hands formed sword fingers and quickly drew a sword rune.

"The sword is boundless, behold hell sword lock!!"

With his order, a sudden change took place in the Xuan Ice Domain!

Just as Yang Chen was about to attack the mysterious ice dome, he noticed that the sword energy lightsabers that had not been shot at him until now were actually moving in all directions!

Those sword energy lightsabers didn't dissipate before, but after they were inserted into the ground, they all shot out a slender but sharp sword energy, rushing straight to Yang Chen's head!

"Bang bang bang!!..."

The golden metallic symphony suddenly erupted, and the colorful sword energy surrounded Yang Chen and formed a solid sword energy cage!

Immediately after, the sword hell began to take away lives, and sword energy came from all directions, forming a completely turbulent sword energy space. Every second, tens of thousands of sword energy bombarded Yang Chen's chaos shield.

Yang Chen felt that Liu Shiyuan's tactics were a bit like those of Shushan Sword Art, similar to those of Abbess Yun Miao and Hui Lin, but much stronger than them.

In fact, Yang Chen didn't guess wrong, Liu Shiyuan was indeed a master of Shushan hundreds of years ago, but Abbess Yun Miao, the descendants of Shushan, thought he was dead at all, just like when Yu Jizi saw Ling Xuzi, the Kunlun Sect senior, it was as if she had seen a ghost.

However, despite this Shushan sword technique being meticulous and domineering, he still couldn't form a real advantage over Yang Chen.

Yang Chen's entire body was engulfed in raging flames, and the power of destroying the dead and rot was mixed with the power of destroying the dead and rot, as if countless poisonous snakes were entangled in the sword energy that was facing the oppression.

The sword energy was continuously smashed in an instant, and after all, it was unable to resist the counterattack of the purple fire, Yang Chen broke free from the sword prison, and he wanted to penetrate this mysterious ice domain.

But Yan Wuchen had already been waiting, and the abyss giant blade raised in her hand was gathering a large amount of black-gray energy from all sides, making the abyss giant blade more and more fierce and gloomy.

This is?!

Yang Chen's pupils shrank for a while, because of his understanding of the dark fire, Yang Chen's perception of living souls had been greatly enhanced.

This abyss giant blade was actually stealing the souls of those deceased Ning family cultivators!

The souls of those cultivators were stronger than those of ordinary people, and because they had just died, their resentment was extremely heavy, which was pure energy in the world.

After being absorbed by this abyss giant blade, the power exerted would naturally rise steadily!

"Haha! You devil! How dare you say that I am in the devil's path! Your magic weapon swept through the souls of life, and even if these cultivators died, they would not be able to survive. Could it be that you are more upright than me!?"

Yang Chen smiled sarcastically, jumped up from the ground with no fear at all, condensed a dark fire around the surrounding area, and collided with Yan Wuchen head-on!

But before he could reach Yan Wuchen within 100 feet, he was blocked by dozens of mysterious ice walls.

"Northern Dark Ice Soul, Magic Ice Star Rain! Hundred Tiles Xuan Ice!!"

Yan Wuchen swung down his sword, and shot countless arrows of mysterious ice from all directions in the field of Xuan Ice, all of them converged on Yang Chen, wanting to shoot Yang Chen into a sieve.

Moreover, Yang Chen's surroundings were surrounded by a large piece of azure Xuan Ice, which narrowed Yang Chen's movement range to a very small range.

In the Xuan Ice Domain, all the ice of the North Darkworld is controlled by Yan Wuchen, the ice arrow could penetrate the ice wall, but Yang Chen couldn’t pass through the ice wall, and could only be forcibly smashed.

Yan Wuchen let out a loud roar and slashed the abyss giant blade that was as big as a building, emitting a deadly black light!!


Yan Wuchen's roar stunned the world; like a black thunderbolt, it slashed through a blue phantom and crashed to where Yang Chen stood!

The dark fire was unwillingly extinguished under the oppression of countless ice arrows and ice walls, and the abyss giant blade was like the last talisman, with the power of ghosts crying and wolves howling, instantly quieting the world.

The cultivators were filled with excitement and joy after being terrified. Under such a panic-like offensive, Yang Chen didn't even have a chance to react. Even if he didn't die, he would be seriously injured!

As expected, Yan Wuchen and Liu Shiyuan, the most powerful of the four elders of Hongmeng, shot together and immediately took the initiative...

However, they were not completely happy, and Luo Qianqiu and others, who were closer to the battle center, were already looking terrifyingly gloomy...

The smoke and dust dissipated, and ice crystals danced.

A scene that made many cultivators feel desperate suddenly appeared!

They only saw that at the location where Yan Wuchen's abyss giant blade was slashed, a huge pit that was dozens of feet wide and more than ten feet deep was sunken in the ground.

In the center of the giant pit, a sturdy figure straightened his waist, his upper body was bare, one left hand was raised high, and the palm of his handheld the blade of the abyss giant blade with dignity!!

The size of this giant blade was already the size of hundreds of people, but it seemed that it was light and nothing to be caught by such a single hand!

Yang Chen's lowered head slowly raised, and his muscles were not exaggerated, but full of explosive power. They emitted bursts of faint golden light when exposed to sunlight.

What made many cultivators terrified was that Yang Chen's eyes were burning with disdain and fanatical flames, as if the god of war who came up from Jiuyou Hell had already sentenced everyone to death!

"How... is it possible..."

Yan Wuchen clenched the handle of the giant blade with both hands, trembling slightly.

If Yang Chen blocked his attack with the powerful powers of heaven and earth such as Heaven Fire and Xuan Water, he would still be able to understand.

But this guy... was so crazy that he used his flesh and blood to resist the thundering blow after the abyss giant blade gathered a large number of wronged souls!?

"You didn’t expect this right? Old guy, even with just my fist, I can beat you all down..."

These words were thought to be boastful. In fact, Yang Chen still relied on the power of chaos to protect his body, which is why he dared to take this blade, but he was also domineering.

Yang Chen opened his mouth with a cruel smile, and suddenly he held the blade in his left hand, using the blade of the abyss giant blade as a hilt, and stabbed it fiercely upwards!


Yan Wuchen was caught off guard, the knife handle in his hand suddenly got released, and the top hit his chest directly!


Even if he was protected by True Yuan, this enormous power also made Yan Wuchen fly dozens of feet upside down, spewing a blood mist.

Yang Chen snorted coldly, turned the abyss giant blade he got, held the handle in his hand, and waved it twice with ease.

"I wanted to find a knife big enough to kill people. This thing is good, so I shall accept it."

The blade appeared to have grown slightly larger after Yang Chen injected his own power of heaven and earth into it. It already resembled a large passenger plane.

But in Yang Chen's hand, a 100,000-pound knife was as casual as a feather, much more flexible than in Yan Wuchen's hand, which was what Yang Chen's abnormal physical quality could do. Even if it was another Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Passing Stage cultivator, he or she would not be able to do the same. 

Yang Chen pointed the giant blade towards the crowd, "What else is there, just take it out to honor me, if you run out of moves, I shall kill you then!”

"How arrogant! Extremely arrogant!!"

Not to mention the magic weapon was being stolen away from Yan Wuchen, and the fact that he suffered internal injuries, the Xuan Ice Domain naturally broke down, and the situation went down in an instant!

After losing such a big event, Yan Wuchen was mad beyond belief, but he didn't dare to go up again. Liu Shiyuan also retreated to the position, not knowing what to do.

Seeing that Yan Wuchen and Liu Shiyuan failed to trap Yang Chen, Ning Zhengfeng no longer hesitated, and loudly said to Yin Shouzhiaside, "Elder Yin, you must go out! Quick!!

Yin Shouzhi under the black robe chuckled a few times, "I knew they couldn't do it, the old man shall meet you then..."

Yin Shouzhi floated towards Yang Chen like a black cloud, and a small object wearing nine charming white lights flew out of his wide sleeves. 

When people with knowledge saw the nine little things, they immediately came to the spirit, and even Luo Qianqiu and others showed joy and confidence.

Yang Chen was a little puzzled. He didn't know what trick this strange old man was going to play. He was about to slash him with a knife, but when he saw a miraculous scene, he was stunned!