He saw Yin Shouzhi opening his mouth, and a huge scarlet mist of blood was sprayed out like there was no tomorrow!

"I haven't even fought yet, what kind of blood is this guy spitting out?"

Yang Chen was puzzled for a while, but then he thought of something and had a bad feeling. Is this some magic weapon activated with the blood of his life!

Yang Chen had a good idea, because the nine tiny white-silver objects, after being dyed with a layer of blood mist, suddenly exuded an aggressive aura, absorbing the essence and blood of the Yin Shouzhi completely!

Only now did Yang Chen realize what those nine little things were: they were nine terrifying skeleton nails!

He didn’t know what material these nine nails were made of. A skull was carved and hollowed out on the head of the nail. After each skull had consumed the lifeblood of Yin Shouzhi, the hole in the eyes emitted a gloomy blood-red light, which was particularly terrifying. 

Yang Chen didn't give it much thought when he saw the nine skeleton nails flying towards him like electric lights. He wielded chaos power and waved the abyss giant blade, intending to stop them all.

However, the nine skeleton nails did not intend to attack Yang Chen himself but spread out in a range of dozens of feet around Yang Chen.

In a blink of an eye, the nine nails formed a large winding formation in the void, showing a three-dimensional shape. Each skull was the eye of the formation, shooting out blood-red beams!


After the lightning-speed blood-red light beams were linked together, they actually formed a ribbed cage, imprisoning Yang Chen!

The red light radiated through the translucent light wall and sealed it thoroughly.

Yang Chen frowned; he had not expected such a method, but he reasoned that none of these guys were his opponents and that even if there was a magical weapon, he would simply break it.

So he raised the abyss giant blade in his hand, and raising his hand was an assault that condensed dark fire and blue fire!


After a huge muffled sound, Yang Chen cried out in his heart!

The cage's red barrier was not broken, but it remained motionless. The blood flushed from the skull on the nail, reversing the brain's attacking power!

It's like a wall that could reflect everything. Whatever Yang Chen hit, it would give him back.

The abyss giant blade in his hand was being shaken off his hand, and a large number of raging blue fire and dark fire also burned Yang Chen himself!

"What the hell!!"

Yang Chen dispelled the flames in disgrace, fortunately, he was not afraid of the heavenly fire, otherwise, he would kill himself.

Seeing Yang Chen's embarrassing encounter, the cultivators of the Hongmeng and the Hidden Clan laughed wildly, and all of them showed a sigh of relief as if they were bound to win.

"Little Yang Chen, do you really think that no one can fix you? You dare to come to the Illusion Realm to fight me and all the masters of the Hidden Clan and Hongmeng just by yourself. How arrogant of you!?" Xiao Mengyu stood with his hands behind his back and said with a smug face.

Yan Xiuming smiled strangely and said, "You really deserve to be Elder Yin Shouzhi, the true backbone of the Ning family is still you it seems.”


Yin Shouzhi laughed sharply, but he couldn't help coughing continuously. There was blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

His entire face was very pale at first, and he looked even more withered than wood as if he was not far from death, and the pressure of the True Yuan was also much weaker.

But obviously, Yin Shouzhi was still quite complacent, looked at Ning Zhengfeng, and said, "Ning Zhengfeng, this time you asked me to come out, and I have done what you asked me to do. Now the old man is very weak, but you have to take good care of me, lest some villains take advantage of others' danger."

"That's definitely the case, Elder Yin can rest assured, today they are all from the same camp, fellow mates all wanting to kill Yang Chen, Elder Yin is indeed our savior," Ning Zhengfeng said righteously.

Yin Shouzhi laughed, and he said it so that everyone in the room could hear it so that even if some people tried to take advantage of it, they would lose face.

Of course, if anyone wanted to attack him, he still had the power to fight back.

It's just that right now, more people's attention was focused on Yang Chen, and Yin Shouzhi was not particularly worried.

Yang Chen was continuously using the abyss giant blade to slash the surrounding red barriers, heavenly fire and Xuan Water, the power of chaos, smashing up hard, and even sucking with chaos cauldron, and attacking with chaos soul.

However, no matter how Yang Chen fought, this red barrier could bounce back these attacks, but Yang Chen was almost severely injured by himself.

Fortunately, the response to the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was extremely fast, so Yang Chen dared to try it.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, gradually discovered that after being imprisoned inside, some blood-red light spots began to appear around him. When these light spots stained his body, they emitted blue smoke!

Is it corrosion? Or burn?

When Yang Chen checked, he discovered that it was incorrect; these blood-red light spots would actually suck his own blood!?

Although it was a very tiny bit of blood that was absorbed away, as the light spots increased, Yang Chen didn't think that he still had blood to stay in the end!

What shocked Yang Chen, even more, was that his shield of the power of heaven and earth, the power of chaos, could not intercept these light spots, it was simply invisible!

Yin Shouzhi floated to the outside of the prison, and smiled sullenly, "Little guy... don't struggle in vain, I’ll let you die in peace today. This old man's Nine Dragon Nails, although it is a middle-grade magic weapon, the power is comparable to the high-grade magic weapon. It was forged by the ancient great immortal with the keel of the demon dragon that had passed through the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Passing

Stage. This magic weapon needs to be fed with the life essence and blood of the old man, and every time it is used, it will consume a large amount of blood essence, but it is capable of chasing and killing an opponent, and there is no way to avoid it! Those who are trapped will be sucked up by the Nine Dragon Nails and become a motionless body in just half an hour. This magic weapon can trap any opponent who is at least one stage higher than the user, with the strength of the old man in the Weak Waters Stage, which is more than enough to trap you, a cultivator in the Tai Qing Heavenly Tribulation Passing Stage. Your Heavenly Fire and Xuan Water, no matter how fierce the Chaos Cauldron is, they cannot break the trap. The imprisoned dragon nails will only backfire on you."

Hearing these words, Yang Chen couldn't help but feel a little annoyed, this ancient immortal must have encountered some deeply hated opponent, and he had to refine such a magic weapon.

God knows how it fell into Yin Shouzhi's hands. No wonder it was said that the Ning family had the most immortal artifacts, and now he had seen at least three.

In fact, this was not the magical weapon that the Ning family already possessed; rather, Yin Shouzhi obtained it through his own adventure. It had been hundreds of years, and more than 300 years ago, he joined the Ning family and became a foreign surnamed Supreme Elder for the sake of stability.

Under normal circumstances, the Ning family would not let Yin Shouzhi out, because, despite the fact that this old man appeared to be smiling all day, he was a murderer who frequently used live cultivators as sacrifices for the Nine Dragon Nails to suck.

Even he was described as withered and lifeless because he needed to nourish this magical weapon with blood essence all year round, otherwise, he would look like an old man with his cultivation base.

Even so, his strength was too strong, and the successive Ning family patriarchs had flattered him in every possible way, and even specially sealed the territory for him to practice alone.

Just imagine, if you encountered cultivators like Luo Qianqiu and Luo Pingchao who were too pure, if they fought, he might accidentally kill one of them, what kind of deterrent was this!?

After all, with the strength of Yin Shouzhi, he could simply kill any cultivator below the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Passing Stage alone.

It's just that after using the Nine Dragon Nails, his body would be weak, and he had to take good care of it for at least ten years, and it was easy to be taken advantage of by others.

Naturally, Yang Chen wouldn't fully believe what Yin Shouzhi said, and tried to summon Heavenly Fire and Xuanshui from outside the cage. However, this red prison could even cut off his divine sense, so Yang Chen couldn't launch an attack from the outside.

At this time, Yin Shouzhi said to the masters behind him, "What are you waiting for? To prevent further consequences, why don't you send True Yuan to my Nine Dragon Nails and quickly kill this kid!?"

Luo Qianqiu and others took the lead in flying. After coming out and finding one of the Dragon Nails, he transferred the majestic True Yuan force on it.

The other cultivators followed suit, surrounding the blood-red cage, and began to use their True Yuan.

The scarlet eyes on the nine skulls became deeper and more coquettish as if they were all alive, and red flames began to beat!

Yang Chen didn't know what it meant at first, but after a while, he discovered that the red light spots around his body suddenly increased, becoming denser and denser, and they began to speed up to suck his own blood!?

Damn, it turns out that this magic weapon can still be used like this! ? Yang Chen suddenly realized, no wonder they gathered a large group of people!!