But, at this point, no one had time to notice where the fairy weapon had fallen. What good is a fairy weapon if you don't have a chance to use it?

Luo Qianqiu clenched his teeth, summoned his own inner demon soldier, and his entire body was scorched by the Golden Crow True Fire.

"Everyone, don't run away! It's better to fight with him instead of being blown up by him with a bolt of heavenly lightning! Besides, I don't believe that he can withstand the power of the core self-destruction of so many people like us!" 

"Qianqiu Luo! You are free to die however you want! You clearly dragged me into this!" Yan Xiuming was the one who yelled angrily. This strange man finally realized that he was on the verge of death.

On the contrary, Yan Wuchen, Liu Shiyuan, and others all showed a calm look, silently preparing to die, even though their eyes revealed unwillingness.

A sneer appeared on the corner of Yang Chen's mouth. At this juncture, he could see that among these people, only Luo Qianqiu had a heroic temperament.

In the face of death that couldn’t be stopped, Luo Qianqiu could still show a ruthless struggle.

This might also be the reason why Luo Qianqiu could stand out in the Illusion Realm.

 If this old guy didn't want to be enemies with him, he might still be able to make friends with him. 

But at this moment, a few figures suddenly flew from afar, causing Yang Chen, who was about to make a move, to be slightly taken aback.

"Young Master Yang! Don't kill my father! Don't!!..."

Yang Chen heard a somewhat familiar voice, and soon saw two women and one man flying over. He blinked his eyes, and the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning around his body was also annihilated.

“Grandmother Yan?”

Yang Chen's face showed sincere joy. The people who came were Yan Sanniang, Yan Feiyun, and Yan Feiyu, who had not seen him for a long time.

Although Yan Sanniang's appearance had returned to that of a young woman, at that age, Yang Chen was used to calling her that and didn’t know how to change his words, so he simply continued to call her that.

"Hey," when Yan Sanniang heard Yang Chen still calling her like that, she teared a little and her words were a little choked up, "Young Master Yang, Sanniang really didn't expect that when we meet again, it would be like this. How’s everything back home in Beijing? Old Master, is he in good health?"

“Of course, can it not be good to have me here? I have a lot of good things for the old man, and longevity is not a problem," Yang Chen said cheerfully.

Yan Sanniang smiled knowingly, "Yes, Sanniang almost forgot, the young master can refine elixirs.”

Seeing Yan Sanniang approaching Yang Chen naturally, Yan Feiyun and his sister who went to Yan Wuchen were extremely worried.

"Feiling, come back! He will kill you!!" Yan Feiyu shouted anxiously.

Yan Sanniang turned around and shook her head, then turned to Yang Chen and begged, "Young Master Yang, Sanniang knows that Hongmeng is at fault, but my father doesn't have a choice. He is in his position and shoulders a heavy responsibility. Sanniang knows that this is very shameless to ask, but I shall still ask Young Master Yang to buy me a favor and let my father go... I heard from a few elders on the way here that Young Master Yang already has the supernatural power of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning and from now on, even if Hongmeng has more than just courage, my father and the others won’t dare to go against you, Young Master Yang." 

All of Hongmeng suddenly quieted down when they remembered Yan Sanniang had stayed with the Yang family for decades and had a good friendship with the Yang Family.

They had no idea that when Yang Chen entered Soul Forming, he relied on Yan Sanniang for assistance.

For instance, Liu Shiyuan, Yan Xiuming, and others all showed hope, feeling that there was still hope for staying alive.

Yan Wuchen snorted coldly and with a darkened expression "Failure! Stop talking! Even if my Yan family's sons and daughters die in battle, they will not bow down! They will perish if they do not die. Despite the fact that I, Yan Wuchen, cannot be called a mighty hero, I am not a moron who lives by laughing and begging for mercy from their children!"

As he said that, because of the internal injury, Yan Wuchen coughed up a few mouthfuls of thick blood, which scared Yan Feiyun and his sister to quickly take out the healing elixir for him to consume.

"Grandmother Yan, you don't have to beg me, you want me to let go of your father, I'll let it go, I can't bear your beg," Yang Chen said softly, looking at Yan Sanniang's pleading eyes. If I tell the old man in the family about your begging, he'll definitely snub me."

Everyone present, even Yan Feiyun and other people who had beef with Yang Chen were stunned.

Listening to Yang Chen's tone, it seemed that he decided to let Yan Wuchen go very easily!?

Yan Sanniang felt unbelievably relaxed. Just now, Yan Wuchen and the others wanted to kill Yang Chen, but he was being generous as well!

Yang Chen knew that everyone was puzzled, smiled calmly, and said, "Don't be surprised. Grandmother Yan, you are just like my family, and you have been kind to me more than once, and I haven't had time to repay it. Although your father, Elder Yan, once pursued to kill me, if you speak, Grandmother Yan, of course, I have to let him go, but this will be the last. The next time you provoke me, there is a limit to my patience.

"Bah! The wicked son of the Yang family! You are bluffing! Even if I die, this old man will not allow you to be slandered! When have I, Yan Wuchen, have ever chased and killed you!?" Yan Wuchen was so angry when he heard this.

Yang Chen frowned, testing Yan Wuchen's reaction, and when he saw that he didn't appear to be cheating, he asked, "Oh, really? Wasn't it you, the masked man who tracked me down in Arnhem Land, Australia?"

"What Australia, what masked man, what the hell are you talking about!?" Yan Wuchen said angrily.

Yan Feiyun and the others were also at a loss, "Yang Chen! My father has always been bright and upright, if he ever pursued and killed you, do you think you still have a way to survive!?" 

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes and said, ”I was attacked by a mysterious masked man, asking me for a practice method. That person was using the Xuan Ice Domain of the Northern Ming Ice Soul of your Yan family, Magic Ice Star Rain, and other moves. That person’s cultivation base is very strong, if it wasn't Yan Wuchen, would it be the rest of the Yan Family?!"

As soon as these words came out, Yan Wuchen and the others were all shocked.

It was impossible for Yang Chen to slander anyone, because he could simply kill anyone who was not pleasing to the eye, so why bother looking for reasons?

Immediately following, Yan Wuchen, Yan Feiyun, Yan Feiyu, etc., all showed shame and anger, and swept to Luo Qianqiu!

"Luo Qianqiu... You dare to use my Yan family practice to pretend to be me to do such deeds! You have a vicious heart! Do you want to give me, Hongmeng, and give my Yan family trouble!?"

"What? Luo Qianqiu?" Yang Chen was stunned, and asked Yan Sanniang, "How could he have your Yan family's unique practice?"

Yan Sanniang retorted angrily, "Young Master Yang, you really misunderstood my father; aside from our Yan family, the only person who may know my Yan family's practice in the Illusion Realm is Luo Qianqiu, because he used a trick to deceive my second sister's favor, and then abandoned my second sister after stealing the practice... That's why my second sister despised men until she decided to become a nun."

Luo Qianqiu, whose facial expression was as dark as ink, snorted coldly and said, "It’s too late for you to know now... However, it is also considered that you are lucky, I’ve used this strategy  just to get your Hongmeng into trouble first, but it’s a pity that this stinky boy never went to your Hongmeng, but instead came to trouble our family, guess I also miscalculated…”

Yang Chen thought about it carefully, and said, “So, when I was in the Tang Sect, the one who took control of the Tang Ancestral Fortress people and used fake Wang Shu to deceive me for the practice, was also you?"

Luo Qianqiu knew that it was meaningless to hide, and generously admitted, "Yes! It’s me! Don't forget, it was beyond easy for me to kill you back then, don't you think it's too much for you to kill like this today..."

Yang Chen remained silent and asked, "If that's the case, then you must know where Tang Luyi's real daughter Wang Shu is, say it."

Luo Qianqiu's face changed, and he said with a smile, "Why."

"Okay, it doesn't matter if you don't answer, then I'll ask you again, how did you know that I have the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture in my hands? Does it have anything to do with you who is chasing and killing my mentor Song Tianxing?"

In fact, Yang Chen had always been perplexed by this question because he had never had the chance to ask it directly.

It stood to reason that it was not a particularly big secret that he and Song Tianxing had recited the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. At least Yun Miao and some experts in the ancient martial arts sect knew that. Plus, it was passed down in Shushan for many generations. 

However, he hadn’t seen any Illusion Realm masters come to snatch it before.

Why did it happen that it was their master and apprentice's turn, and Luo Qianqiu came to snatch the practice? It was understandable to say that the Ning family had the information channels of the secular family to snatch it. Logically, the Luo family did not know.

After a hint of hesitation on Luo Qianqiu's face, he asked, "If I said it, would you let me leave?”

"You have no choice but to say something or die; don't think your inner demon can deal with me. Even if you blow up your core, I can destroy you with my heavenly lightning first." Yang Chen asserted himself arrogantly.

Luo Qianqiu's face twitched, and he gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, then I’ll tell you that I...don't know!"