Yang Chen was stumped for words as lightning crackled around him. Though he could reduce the cultivators to dust easily, he did not wish to hurt Luo Xiaoxiao. 

“Move away! Qing’er and I owe you one, and I’ll make it up to you. However, this is between your dad and me. If I don’t kill him, he’s going to kill me.”

“Nonsense! If you know you’re indebted to me, why would you want to kill my father? Is this how you repay someone?” Luo Xiaoxiao snarled. 

Yang Chen pursed his lips dejectedly. “That’s different…”

“How so?” she retorted tearfully. 

Luo Qianqiu's pupils dilated slightly. As a sharp thinker, he quickly realized Yang Chen genuinely cared about his daughter.

If it were the past, he would have used Luo Xiaoxiao as a hostage to keep himself safe. 

However, ever since the time she refused to leave him in the lurch, he had been treating her as his beloved daughter. Thus, she refused to put her in danger, much less use her. 

Besides, the elders in his clan had died, so he wanted to keep her safe. After all, she was the only child he cared about. 

On that day, Luo Qianqiu finally understood Yang Chen’s character. 

The man was just a heartless devil, not letting anyone go—the hidden clans, Hongmeng, or even the innocent people in the Ning clan. 

Such a dangerous man might change his mind and kill him even if he agreed to let him go for Luo Xiaoxiao’s sake. Hence, Luo Qianqiu could not let her risk herself to save him. 

He had, in fact, overlooked one detail. If Yang Chen truly felt sorry for Luo Xiaoxiao, he would have killed them both and reunited them in the heavens.

Truth be told, he was mulling over Luo Xiaoxiao’s background as too many things would be involved if she were Tang Luyi’s daughter. It would be hard to explain himself to Cai Ning and her master if anything were to happen to Luo Xiaoxiao. 

For a moment, he fell into deep thought, wondering how he should protect Luo Xiaoxiao whilst killing Luo Qianqiu, the biggest threat in his life. 

Seeing him standing there motionlessly, the Luo clan cultivators seized the opening to persuade Luo Qianqiu to leave. 

However, he glared at them and yelled, “Who gave you the permission to let her out!? Didn’t I say to protect her!?”

One of them was dejected. “Sir, we’re all worried about you. News about the battle here has spread across the illusionary dimension. The former clan patriarch is still recuperating. What should we do if we lose you?”

“Dad, leave now! I’ll hold him back. He owes me one, so I won’t let him hurt you!”

Luo Xiaoxiao ignored Luo Qianqiu’s reprimand and pounced at Yang Chen. 

Luo Qianqiu wanted to stop her when a thought occurred to him. If I go and grab her, would I fall for Yang Chen’s trick? Maybe he’s prepared to make me freeze there and strike me dead with the Heavenly Lightning if I ever go close. 

At that possibility, his hand paused midair. 

Truthfully, Yang Chen did not even plan to plot against Luo Qianqiu. The latter was just overthinking and overly suspicious. 

Under normal circumstances, Yang Chen would have dodged or stopped Luo Xiaoxiao since her cultivation was only in the Soul Forming stage. 

However, because her actions were too abrupt and his attention was partially on Luo Qianqiu, he did not dodge in time. 

When Luo Xiaoxiao pressed her body against him, hugging his waist with his arms and wrapping her legs between his, Yang Chen was stunned before he chuckled. 

Even though her cultivation has improved, she still acts like a young girl. This isn’t a fight between ordinary humans. Does she think I’ll be helpless if she wraps herself around me like an octopus?

Luo Qianqiu was feeling anxious, worried that Yang Chen would kill his daughter. Fortunately, it did not seem like he planned to do so. 

“Dad, run!”

Holding tightly onto Yang Chen, Luo Xiaoxiao turned her head and yelled at her father. 

Even someone as unfeeling as Luo Qianqiu was moved by his daughter’s gesture to save him, albeit finding it kind of childish. 

This silly girl. Does she really think Yang Chen won’t be able to kill me if she does that?

As expected, a smirk appeared on Yang Chen’s face. 

Well, since she came to me herself, that makes things easier. 

The True Yuan on him rippled like water. After pushing her off of him without hurting her, he grabbed her waist and held her below his underarm. 

Luo Xiaoxiao could not even resist and was instantly knocked out cold by him. 

Yang Chen’s idea was simple. By bringing her back, he might be able to unravel the mystery of her background and also not have her get in the way of him killing the Luo clan members. 

Luo Qianqiu could not rescue his daughter and chose to flee as he reckoned Yang Chen would not hurt her. 

Needless to say, Yang Chen was unwilling to let him go and shot a few more bolts of Heavenly Lightning at him with one hand. 

However, since he was holding Luo Xiaoxiao in the other arm, he could not strike Luo Qianqiu due to the layers of ice behind him. 

Even Yang Chen had to admit he was impressed by the ability of the Northern Sea Frozen Soul that aided Luo Qianqiu’s escape. 

However, even though the bolts of Heavenly Lightning did not strike Luo Qianqiu, they still wiped out the cultivators who had come to offer assistance. 

With that, Yang Chen chased after Luo Qianqiu in the northeast direction. Truth be told, he was not in a haste. I could always raze the Luo clan to the ground and see if he dares to fight me face to face. 

Yet, at that split second, he had a sense of foreboding. 

It felt like something was crawling around him. 

After checking around, Yang Chen looked downward at his space ring. 

“It’s inside?”

Before he could even mull over it, a black silhouette flew out of the ring and enshrouded him. 

The black item exuded a terrifying dark energy, craziness, death, and a variety of negative qualities.

It's the Meng clan’s treasure!?

Yang Chen was astonished as it was his first time seeing an item flying out of his space ring. 

Moreover, he had not been able to identify that thing since it did not possess any spiritual energy. 

How did it suddenly emanate such a powerful dark energy?

Before he could even think it through, the dark energy formed a vortex around him. 

A strange fluctuation in energy occurred in the surrounding space, tugging at him. 

As if caught in quicksand, Yang Chen could not get out no matter how hard he tried to resist, not even with the Chaos Energy or the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning.

This black vortex is absorbing my True Yuan and the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning!?

With his sharp perception of the spaces, Yang Chen believed the vortex should be a portal, but he did not know where it was bringing him to. 

Perhaps, the treasure itself did not possess any energy but was a trigger to a portal. Once triggered, the actual use of the treasure would be unveiled. 

As he submerged into darkness, Yang Chen was reminded of Luo Xiaoxiao. 

What the heck is all this? Why am I so unlucky! Those guys from the Devil Sect, are they toying with me? Is this treasure a key to teleport into another space!? Ugh, if I had known earlier, I should’ve returned this to them. It might be linked to the secret of the restoration of their sect, but I’m not interested at all!

A wry smile touched his face as he sank into the darkness. 

Luo Qianqiu had been so preoccupied with escaping that he did not realize what was happening behind him.  

Upon sensing Yang Chen’s absence, he grew puzzled and wondered if the latter had another trick up his sleeve.  

Just as he turned back to take a look, he saw a black spot disappearing into the distance. 

That caught him off guard. Yang Chen’s aura is gone? 

It was like Yang Chen had vanished into thin air. 

Furrowing his brows, Luo Qianqiu retraced his steps but could not find Yang Chen and Luo Xiaoxiao anywhere.