After a moment of contemplation, Luo Qianqiu was puzzled. 

Technically, the cultivation of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage would render Yang Chen undefeatable, so he wouldn’t give up on dealing with me and the Luo clan. Also, what is that blue dot… Wait…

He then looked at the view below. This area looks like…

“Eye of the Sky Demon!?”

That phrase gave him a start. 

This area is between the Luo and Ning clans, which is historically the region where the Eye Sky of the Demon opens! Even though the entrance isn’t always the same, it definitely falls within this region. Could that black dot be the entrance? But there’s still a year to go. Why would it open in advance?

There was no sign of joy on Luo Qianqiu’s countenance as he surveyed the empty surroundings. Instead, worry and sorrow could be seen on his disheveled and weary face


Under the grey sky, it felt as if a permanent fog was enveloping all beings. 

This was a desolate world, filled with agony and ancientness. 

The barren ground carried a hint of pungent and scorched scent, and amidst the dark brown soil were faint tints of red. 

The air was slightly moist, and occasionally, a surge of black Yin energy would traverse past. 

Blood-curdling shrieks, cries, and howls drifted into his ears from all directions, but when one tried to look for the source, the noises died down. 

At that moment, Yang Chen stood in the foreign land while holding the unconscious Luo Xiaoxiao in his left hand. 

He figured this place was not as bad compared to the time he was sucked into the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. 

That was because he could utilize the spiritual energy freely. Although the Yin energy was higher than in the outside world, it did not affect his cultivation. 

However, just to be safe, Yang Chen summoned the Chaos Cauldron and had it hover over his head. 

Sending his divine sense out, he quickly realized it was a vast world. The height of the sky was unknown as the pressure from the space deterred him from going past a certain height. Thus, he concluded it was a sealed space. 

Because the space laws did not apply here, he concluded that it was an independent space created by someone with its own operating principles.

However, the space must still be on Earth, or he could not have been able to use his cultivation as he pleased. 

After flying for a hundred kilometers, Yang Chen made some new discoveries—desert, thick soil, and some barren hills. 

Buried within them were the remains of his men and demonic beasts, and there would also be some low or middle-ranked artifacts. 

However, most of them were too broken to be useful. 

After walking around for a while, Yang Chen had a rough idea.

If he was not mistaken, it should be the Eye of the Sky Demon. 

The portal to the Eye of the Sky Demon would absorb True Yuan, and inside it was a large group of cultivators who died in battle, as well as a large number of artifacts and cultivation methods. That was exactly how this world felt.

As for how he came in here, it would be attributed to the Meng clan’s treasure. 

That blackball had been staying with him since he entered the Eye of the Sky Demon. It had lost all energy and was back to its useless state. 

No matter how Yang Chen touched it, it would not react. Left with no choice, he kept it back into the space ring in case he needed it to get out. 

Nonetheless, he was puzzled to see the lack of devil spirits in the world. Theoretically, there should be a lot of them in the Eye of the Sky Demon, but he had not seen even one after traveling for hundreds of kilometers. 

Speaking of which, the world was too vast, and it was impossible to determine the direction. Yang Chen was clueless as to where the end of this world was. 

Am I going to be stuck here? What if I can never get out of here? What would happen to my women, my family, and Lanlan?

Vexed, Yang Chen cursed out at those in the Devil Sect but eventually had to maintain his composure and formulate a plan. 

At that moment, Luo Xiaoxiao woke up and stared at the foreign world in a daze for a long time. When she saw Yang Chen next to her, she screamed in panic. 

Yang Chen knew she would ramble on the moment she awoke, so he let her talk. 

Only after she was done babbling did he say, “Are you done?”

Luo Xiaoxiao coughed as her throat was hurting from all the shouting. Finding the air pungent, she scrunched up her nose and nodded innocently. At last, she quieted down. 

Yang Chen sighed and thought they could come up with something together, so he recounted the previous events and the current situation to her succinctly. 

Hearing that her father was alive and well, Luo Xiaoxiao was delighted but soon became anxious when she heard they might have entered the Eye of the Sky Demon. Tugging at Yang Chen’s arm, she kept asking him what they should do. 

Frustrated, he grabbed her arm and chided, “Stop yelling! Aren’t you annoyed with yourself? You’re already an adult, yet you keep acting like a child. Keep yelling, and I’ll leave you alone!”

Luo Xiaoxiao was stunned at first before she pouted and looked at him tearfully. “O-Okay… D-Don’t leave me alone…”

“You… Why are you crying? I won’t abandon you. If I wanted, I would’ve done so ages ago. Just don’t cry or yell, speak normally.” Yang Chen was helpless towards women’s tears. 

Her face lit up when he reassured her. She smiled sweetly as she wiped her tears away. "Mmh, b— uh, Yang Chen, I know you actually care about me, hehe…”

Her sudden change in attitude rendered Yang Chen speechless. 

From the first time they met till then, she had not changed much and was innocent as ever. She was like a little girl that needed to be cooed, and if someone raised their voice at her, she would cry. 

After letting out a sigh, Yang Chen said, “I don’t have any ideas now, so we can only explore this world bit by bit. Follow me obediently, and I’ll bring you out if I can. I don’t have any requests; just don’t give me trouble. Okay?”

“Mmh! I’ll be good!” Luo Xiaoxiao nodded fervently. 

Even though she could be thoughtful, at most times, she was quite careless. 

Thinking that she had someone as powerful as Yang Chen at her side and that he would not abandon her, she no longer dwelled on leaving the Eye of the Sky Demon nor did she worry about it. 

She was happy as long as she was not stuck in this place alone. Grinning, she followed him and kept her promise. 

In fact, she couldn't help him because she wasn't interested in cultivating, let alone knowing anything about the Eye of the Sky Demon.

A few hours later, Yang Chen gained a new impression on her—she was a true happy-go-lucky. 

As if she was oblivious to their predicament, she kept asking him “meaningless” questions, such as his age, favorite food, color, love history, relationships, children, and so on. 

Yang Chen wondered if she had forgotten about her father as she did not mention him at all 

Since his attention was more on looking for anything special in this world, he would answer her from time to time. 

However, even after surveying in the rage of thousands of kilometers, he could not obtain any useful information. 

The only thing he got was two upper-ranked artifacts, some scrolls of negligible importance, and a few mid-ranked and lower-ranked artifacts. All in all, his luck was mediocre. 

While he could not care less about them, Luo Xiaoxiao was intrigued by the items and kept playing with them. She was so excited, thinking of their journey as a treasure hunt. 

As time passed, Yang Chen suddenly noticed that the sky was turning dark. 

Only then did he realize daytime and nighttime existed here. As darkness began to spread, the Yin energy in the air thickened, and the howls became clearer and sharper. 

A premonition flashed across his mind. Could it be that the devil spirits only appear at night?