Yang Chen was, in fact, correct in his prediction.

When night appears to the Eye of the Sky Demon, their surroundings would turn pitch black. If it were not for their cultivation, they would have had a hard time moving.

Yang Chen released his divine sense, which covered a span of one hundred miles in radius, and soon furrowed his brows. 

Seeing his solemn expression, Luo Xiaoxiao asked worriedly, “Yang Chen, what’s with that look on your face?”

“Stand beside me and do not be further than three feet from me. Understand?” he said seriously. 

Just as she was puzzled by his words, her divine sense, too, picked up something, and she tugged at his sleeve in panic. 

“What are those? There are so many of them, and they are approaching…”

While she exclaimed, streams of black started converging from all directions. 

Upon a closer look, one would realize that they were hideous and ferocious-looking monsters. 

Some were human skeletons surrounded by Yin energy while some were skeletons of unknown beasts. However, all of them did not possess a physical form. 

The chilling cries that came from them seemed to be caused by the gusts, and they sounded like the monsters were expressing their pain. 

For a girl like Luo Xiaoxiao who was frightened by a mere snake, needless to say, she was scared out of her wits by the wicked devil spirits. 

The Chaos Cauldron above Yang Chen started to release a large amount of Chaos Energy that conjured into a barrier around the duo. 

He could sense that the Chaos Beast was extremely excited as though it was interested in the devil spirits. 

Could the devil spirits be a source of nourishment to Chaos?

Although Chaos had been subdued by him, it still had some parts of his conscious mind. 

Chaos was obviously unable to control Yang Chen for the time being, but it also hoped to strengthen itself, which is why it was not opposed to telling him some things.

Before Yang Chen could mull over it, the innumerable devil spirits had approached, hovering dozens of kilometers away. 

All of a sudden, it seemed like an enormous black tornado had trapped them in the middle. However, instead of shrinking, it kept expanding. 

Yang Chen could sense that the devil spirits were not powerful due to the lack of a physical body. No matter how powerful they were when they were alive, their abilities would be far weaker now. 

That was why cultivators had to go through heavenly tribulations. Not only would it let their bodies store a great amount of True Yuan, but it would also be the base for their cultivation.

In other words, their bodies were like the roots of a tree. Without it, they would never live or grow even if they were carefully taken care of. 

The devil spirits with the highest cultivation were only in the Ye Fire and Kui Water stage. No matter how many of them were present, they would not pose a threat to Yang Chen. 

At that moment, he was surprised to see that the devil spirits did not possess any intelligence. Instead, they relied on their instincts and did not approach him recklessly. 

However, he did not think they were afraid of him. Technically, most of the cultivators who entered the Eye of the Sky Demon in the past would be at the pinnacle of the Ruo Water stage. Thus, it would be easy for them to kill those devil spirits, and likewise, the devil spirits would fight them to the death. 

It seemed like they feared the Chaos Cauldron. 

Although Chaos had lost its physical body, the ferociousness it carried could not be concealed. 

Just like in the animal world, the smaller-sized carnivores would not dare to attack those that were larger in size, such as lions and tigers, no matter how big their group was. 

However, their instincts rendered it impossible for them to give up on such delicious food, so they could only besiege their target and look for an opening. 

Knowing that his Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning was their natural enemy, Yang Chen did not fret. Instead, he tried to throw the Chaos Cauldron toward the devil spirits. 

With its blood-red eyes widened, Chaos opened its maw wide and growled. 

Sensing the threat, the devil spirits scurried around in an attempt to flee. 

Alas, the Chaos Cauldron’s suction power was relentless, making the escape impossible. 

Like black streams, the devil spirits were sucked into the Chaos Cauldron, which glowed brightly. 

The roars, too, grew louder as Chaos wolfed them down. 

Yang Chen could feel surges of pure spiritual energy entering his body at a much faster speed than usual. They warmed his meridians, and his dantian kept expanding and shrinking. 

That’s a lot of spiritual energy!

Yang Chen was delighted that his guess was correct. As the devil spirits did not possess a physical form and were formed by ghosts and spiritual energy, Chaos could ingest them effortlessly and convert them at a faster speed. 

With that, Yang Chen was one step closer to the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning stage. 

The Chaos Cauldron crashed around and devoured the devil spirits endlessly. 

The pitiful devil spirits instinctively flew towards Yang Chen to flee but could not escape from the Chaos Cauldron’s grasp. 

Like flies drawn to sweet food and zapped to death by the electric net, they all perished. 

Luo Xiaoxiao, who had been carefully observing the situation, sighed in relief when she realized the monsters could not get near to them. 

Upon seeing how excited Yang Chen looked, she was weirded out. 

Nonetheless, the man could not care less about her opinion, relishing in the endless supply of spiritual energy. Even though they contained a large amount of wicked energy, he was unaffected because of his physique and the Heavenly Lightning. 

The number of devil spirits in the Eye of the Sky Demon might be innumerable, but not all of them would head over. Hence, the numbers were slowly decreasing as Chaos continued to devour them. 

Yang Chen could feel his cultivation improving rapidly. Technically, he was already in the Full Cycle of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage, so those spiritual energies would only act as additional power, just like Luo Qianqiu before he ascended. As Yang Chen’s capabilities had exceeded the pinnacle of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, they were not on par with the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning until he surpassed the tribulation. 

Seeing there were not many devil spirits left, he was prepared to head to another region with Luo Xiaoxiao and see if the Chaos Cauldron could ingest more of them. To him, the Eye of the Sky Demon had become a land of blessing. 

Though he did not know how to get out yet, it would not harm to gain more cultivation. Perhaps he could even undergo tribulation here, and the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning might help create an exit for him. 

Just as he was about to leave with Luo Xiaoxiao, a few dozens of oppression much stronger than before arose from a distance. 

“Who dares to hurt my people!?”

A raspy yet booming voice sounded from afar. 

On the heels of that, dozens of devil spirits much bigger than before appeared in the sky. 

That took Yang Chen by surprise. The devil spirits in this time had human phantom forms. 

The earlier voice should have come from the one in the lead. He was about four meters tall and wore a jewelry headpiece, and a fur coat. His countenance was solemn and dignified as he stared at the duo with eyes made up of ghost fire. 

Beside him were dozens of devil spirits dressed in guard uniforms. It was apparent that they possessed intelligence, as they were all glaring at Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes, shocked that the burly devil spirit had powers equivalent to the pinnacle of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stage. Two of his guards were in the initial phase of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning while the rest were in the mid and final phase of the Ruo Water stage. 

No wonder they possess intelligence. For them to have such a cultivation base after death, they must have been in the Shang Qing or Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning stages when they were alive. 

Recalling that the Eye of the Sky Demon appeared before the establishment of the Honghuang Sect, which was around 50,000 years ago, Yang Chen figured it made sense. After all, there were surely cultivators in the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning stage in that era. 

While Yang Chen remained silent, the giant devil spirit turned his gaze to the Chaos Cauldron, his eyes burning even brighter.

“Huh!? That’s the Chaos Cauldron!? Who are you? Why do you have the Great Ancient artifact!?”

The devil spirit’s tone suddenly changed to one that was filled with reverence.