Yang Chen was taken aback. He was still debating whether he stood a chance against them, but it appeared that they had no plans to strike.

“Who are you? So what if I have the Chaos Cauldron?” he asked calmly. 

The giant devil spirit cut to the chase, introducing himself. “I’m the lord here. My name is Lord Spectre. I've come over because I sensed that a large number of devil spirits have disappeared. I suppose you've ingested my people with the Chaos Cauldron."

Spectre, Lord? Who would use a name like this? Yang Chen had no idea that Lord Spectre was not the person's real name. Cultivators used aliases that they chose at random tens of thousands of years ago. After all, names were meaningless in that era when a person's cultivation base was everything.

Since many millennia had passed, the high-IQ devil spirits would have forgotten their old names. 

“Why? Do you want to avenge your lackeys?” Yang Chen taunted fearlessly. 

All of a sudden, Lord Spectre burst into peals of booming laughter. Shaking his head, he tried to put on an amiable front but failed due to his skull-like features. No matter how hard he tried, he looked hideous and menacing. 

“You’ve misunderstood me. They were just a bunch of reckless good-for-nothings. There are plenty of devil spirits in here, so why would I go against you for them?”

Yang Chen felt a little nervous when he realized Lord Spectre seemed to fear him. It’s technically unlikely since my cultivation isn’t that much greater than his. Besides, he has a group of lackeys with him, so he shouldn’t fear me unless I release my Qing Heavenly Lightning. 

Suddenly, he found out that the devil spirits’ attention was not on the Chaos Cauldron. They kept sneaking glances at it too. 

Do they think I’m an elite from the Great Ancient era since I have the Chaos Cauldron? After all, the Chaos Cauldron has turned into a legend since it was sealed in that era.

Despite that, Yang Chen merely replied perfunctorily, “I only came into the Eye of the Sky Demon by accident. I do not intend to cross anyone, so you need not worry.”

"May I know what accident did you encounter?" Lord Spectre inquired, sounding wary. According to my knowledge, the Eye of the Sky Demon only opens to the outside world once every hundred years. It's not yet time, so how did you get in?"

Yang Chen was just hoping to have someone fill him in on the situation of this world, so he said, “I can tell you the reason, but you have to answer my questions first.”

Lord Spectre was stunned at first but soon chuckled, “Go ahead.”

The devil spirits were tired of living in the Eye of the Sky Demon. They would have died ages ago if it hadn't been for their reluctance to give up their cultivation.

Hence, he was in the mood to interact with a mysterious elite that came out of nowhere.     

Yang Chen immediately voiced his doubts—the background of the Eye of the Sky Demon, the current situation, and if there was an exit. 

Lord Spectre answered all of his queries, as he had nothing to hide. 

As it turned out, the Eye of the Sky Demon was indeed an independent space curated by the Sky Demok in the Great Ancient era. However, more specifically, it was the talented devil cultivator who did it out of resignation. 

More than 50,000 years ago, the demon and devil cultivators fought with the righteous cultivator, turning the whole illusionary dimension upside down. 

As the Sky Demon was outnumbered, he realized all the devil cultivators might perish if the battle went on. Hence, during one of the fights with the righteous cultivators, he led them to that region and made a startling decision—self-destruction. 

Originally, he could only kill the nearby righteous cultivators with such an act. Yet, the battlefield was where the Eye of the Sky Demon was located. It was a unique sealed space. 

No one knew how it came about. Perhaps, it appeared as one of the parallel spaces, or it was the ruins left by the Great Ancient immortals. 

Nonetheless, that particular devil cultivator had long discovered the specialness of that region. 

Following his self-destruction, that space fell into turmoil. Not only did it engulf the cultivators, but even those far away were implicated, dying in the Eye of the Sky Demon. 

This space seemed to be a battlefield during the Great Ancient era. Countless devil spirits scarfed down the corpses of the cultivators, who then became new devil spirits. 

Because of that event, the Eye of the Sky Demon appeared, and an entrance would form every hundred years. 

In actuality, that was not an entrance but merely a crack in the Eye of the Sky Demon, a sequela after the Sky Demon’s self-destruction. After absorbing enough energy, it would close. 

Yang Chen was more concerned about leaving this place, but Lord Spectre’s reply dismayed him. 

“I have to be frank. After entering this place 50,000 years ago, I’ve never heard of a devil spirit leaving this place. The Eye of the Sky Demon is a very unique independent space. Rather than calling it a boundless space, I’d say it’s like a planet. No matter which direction you head to, you’ll eventually return to the starting point.”

That stunned Yang Chen. So it’s different from the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. No wonder there doesn’t seem to be an end even after I flew for so long. 

“Didn’t you say a crack will form every hundred years? Your cultivation base is higher than the human cultivators who came in for treasure hunting. If they can go out, why can’t you?” he asked. 

A wry smile touched Lord Spectre’s lips. “Every time the crack appears, the Yin energy in the Eye of the Sky Demon will decrease rapidly. When that happens, our capabilities will be greatly weakened. The best we can do is hide in the dark. Unless there’s a great opportunity, we would not attack the human cultivators. As for the crack, that’s where the Yang energy is the strongest. If we go there, we would vanish, so there’s no way we would dare to get close.”

Yang Chen could not help but felt sorry for the devil spirits. No wonder those from the hidden clans could leave this place alive. It’s because the devil spirits were not in their prime state. 

When the topic of them being trapped in the Eye of the Sky Demon was mentioned, a look of despair filled the devil spirits’ gazes. 

Even though they wanted to leave this place and revive, they knew they could exist under the sun even if they succeeded. 

If they were not in this special space, their souls would have perished. After all, they were technically dead. 

Yang Chen didn't believe Lord Spectre needed to be deceived, so he told him how he got in here and even showed him the Meng clan's treasure.

However, the devil spirits could not tell what it was either. Hearing that it could be a treasure the devil cultivator left for his descendants, they were thrilled but could not tell if it was useful. 

“This thing is quite fascinating. It has no spiritual energy or inscriptions. I’ve never seen an item made from such material.” Lord Spectre shook his head helplessly and returned the black ball to Yang Chen. 

Yang Chen knew rushing into things would not help, so he asked, “Since you’ve been around for 50,000 years, surely you’ve met the Sky Demon. Could we get any hints from him?”

With a hint of hatred, Lord Spectre answered, “Although I wasn’t in the Shang Qing realm at that time, as one of the clan leaders, I did not have any grudges with the devil and demon cultivators. On that day, my disciples and I were supposed to be the peacemakers to prevent a widespread tragedy from happening and to bring back some of our clan’s elites. Who would have known that such an accident would happen... I only know that the Sky Demon did come from the Meng clan, but that is all. I’m afraid that I’ll have to let you down.”

Only then did Yang Chen know Lord Spectre was a clan leader and those devil spirits were his disciples and not his guards. 

His cultivation base was in the Shang Qing realm, yet he was bombed to death by the Meng clan’s ancestors. That crazy Sky Demon sure is scary! I’m not a match for him yet! 

At that thought, Yang Chen shuddered. 

Right then, Lord Spectre jolted out of his grief and sighed. “If you truly wish to leave the Eye of the Sky Demon, you might wait for the crack to open next year. After all, you have a physical body and a sufficiently strong cultivation base. If you don’t mind, you can be my guest at my palace.”