Yang Chen hesitated, wondering if there would be an ambush in his place, not to mention that it did not seem likely for a palace to be built in such a desolate area. 

"You don't need to worry," Lord Spectre said, waving his hand as if seeing through his worry. I'm well aware that I'm no match for our natural foe, the Chaos Cauldron. In fact, if you didn't intend to harm us, I'd consider it a blessing." I just want to know more about the outside world... I've been here for far too long."

Before Yang Chen could even reply, Luo Xiaoxiao tugged at his shirt and urged, “Let’s go. It sounds like a fascinating place!”

She’s truly a weird one. Just moments ago, she was scared out of her wits, and now she’s fearless and eager to look around. Well, we have nothing to do anyways. Maybe I’ll be able to come up with an idea to leave this place if we go there. 

At that thought, he nodded in agreement. 

After all, he could not possibly stay in the Eye of the Sky Demon for a year. 

With that, the duo followed Lord Spectre to a valley hundreds of kilometers away. 

Seeing the empty land around them, Yang Chen wondered where the palace was when Lord Spectre shot out two bursts of flames from his glowing eyes. 

Those flames ignited a hidden inscription. Then, the ground trembled, and the hills on both sides shifted with the col as the starting point. A fissure soon formed. 

Yang Chen thought it was fascinating. Yin energy seeped out of it, but he could not see what was inside. 

“Come in.” Lord Spectre gestured with his illusory bony arm before heading in with his disciples. 

Yang Chen was prepared to go in when Luo Xiaoxiao pulled him back. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked. 

“I-It looked scary…” she said timidly. 

That had him chuckling. “Weren’t you the one who wanted to come? Why are you chickening out now?”

“But I didn’t know it would look like this inside. I thought it’d be a great castle.” Luo Xiaoxiao pouted. 

Yang Chen’s lips twitched. Why does it feel like I’m bringing my daughter around? I can’t understand her way of thinking.

“All right. Stop yakking and go in!” Too lazy to entertain her further, Yang Chen pulled her into the fissure. 

Once they were in, the fissure closed and was no longer visible. 

The Yin energy inside the mountain caused Luo Xiaoxiao to shudder. 

As she was not yet in the Tribulation Passing stage, the Yun energy from the devil spirits was tough to endure, not to mention the scary pitch-black surroundings. 

However, she soon felt a surge of warm True Yuan entering her body. An invisible barrier, too, formed around her, and she felt herself warming up. 

Knowing that Yang Chen helped her, she threw him a look of delight. 

As an innocent person, she merely assumed that he liked her and that he refused to admit it. 

In truth, Yang Chen did not think much about it. He did not hate her and even felt sorry for her, so he thought he could help out to the best of his capabilities. 

After flying underground for around a thousand feet, their field of vision broadened. Even a worldly man like Yang Chen was shocked by the view before his eyes. 

It was an underground space with a radius of dozens of kilometers and a height of a few hundred meters. Embedded in the wall were blue glowing stones. 

The light emitted by the stones illuminated the whole space. Though it seemed like a beautiful blue world, it made the area look eerily quiet. 

A massive palace was erected in the middle of the underground world. Although it was carved from an enormous boulder, it still looked majestic. 

Lord Spectre chuckled as he noticed their surprise. "There's no need to be shocked, Brother Yang. As I previously stated, every time the crack opens, the Yang energy in here will increase dramatically, with a significant drop in the Yin energy. We established our base underground for two reasons.. to cultivate in peace and to protect ourselves from the Yang energy. Furthermore, we could avoid encountering powerful intruders."

On their way there, he had known about Yang Chen’s age, so he felt more at ease when conversing with him. 

Afterward, he brought the duo into the castle. Surprisingly, there was a large group of devil spirits residing inside. Like him, they possessed intelligence and were his subordinates. 

According to Lord Spectre, there were around a dozen lords in the Eye of the Sky Demon. They were all devil spirits that used to be powerful cultivators from 50,000 years ago. 

Since their capabilities were on par, and they were stuck in the world, the lords did not bother to fight. With that, they resided in their respective territories in peace. 

Yang Chen and Luo Xiaoxiao did not bump into the other lords because they would slumber during the day. 

As for Lord Spectre’s subordinates that Yang Chen had killed, he did not mind it. 

Although the low-level devil spirits could provide some Yin energy, they were not particularly useful. Every lord had at least hundreds m of thousands of devil spirits, so losing a few ten thousand of them was not a big deal. Besides, they did not possess intelligence. 

Because all devil spirits did not possess physical forms, the castle was more of a solace. 

Since they did not have any food or spirits, Yang Chen and Luo Xiaoxiao could only talk and chat there. 

As Yang Chen wanted to know about the Eye of the Sky Demon and had nowhere else to go, he agreed to stay for a few days and seek a way out. 

Time passed as usual. 

In the stone house located at the center of the Forgotten Realm, the fireplace was burning brightly. Sparks danced like fairies as crackling sounds were heard from the burning timbers. 

The television before the sofa was playing a China news channel searched through the satellite. 

On the screen was a news reporter dressed in a thick down jacket and a heavy wool hat. Her lips were purple from the cold, and she was pointing at the sea near a port city northeast of China. 

Snow was falling in torrents, blanketing the ground in a thick white layer. In fact, the entire port was covered in snow, and the low houses could no longer be seen.

“Everyone, as you can see, the seawater by the port has begun to freeze. This port has never frozen over since ancient times, and yet, at negative 37 degrees, it has started to frost. The ships are unable to operate as usual, and the workers at the port have left ages ago. According to the government, citizens of the bigger cities have begun to migrate to the south, like those of the north of the country…”

Sitting before the television, Wang Ma tightened the blanket and changed the channel. 

However, as before, a white land was all she could see. The channel was playing the news in the southern part of China. 

"According to the police, the supermarket robbery was motivated by the citizens' dissatisfaction with the restrictions on the purchase of rice, oil, flour, and other food... The damaged facilities are being repaired, and thirty-odd people from other cities have been arrested. The injured employees have been transported to the hospital and are no longer in danger... However, based on the current situation, it appears that many supermarkets are in the same boat. Many citizens believe that the government should grant them access to the supplies in order to avoid a repeat of the tragedy—"

The television was shut off. 

Letting out a sigh, Wang Ma put down the remote control and turned to look at Su Xin and Xiao Zhiqing. The duo had equally grim expressions. “I’ve changed about a dozen channels, and the situation back in the country is the same as overseas. The whole world is in turmoil.”

Xiao Zhiqing let out a wry smile. “Mom, stop watching if it frustrates you. Even the temperature in the Mediterranean Sea has dropped to below zero, much less to the rest of the world.”

“This is crazy. It’s already August, but it’s getting colder instead,” Wang Ma said worriedly. “If this goes on, people in the southern part of China will freeze to death.”

Su Xin wanted to say something but froze suddenly. She then rose to her feet and walked to the door. “They’re back.”