In the face of Hera's aggressiveness, Athena seemed to have no interest in talking more. After glancing at her indifferently, she took a few steps and disappeared into the air. 

Seeing Athena leaving without saying anything, Hera turned pale and said with gnashing teeth, "Bitch, I hate her appearance of not taking others seriously..."

Artemis smiled bitterly, "Well, Hera, you have known each other for tens of thousands of years, and Athena's character has always been like that. Who makes her stronger than us? You insist on her explaining everything to you, of course, she is not interested, not to mention your attitude…”

"What's the matter with my demeanor!? I'm not like you cowardly creatures. Isn't it simply the rebirth of Gaia's heart? In any case, it's not a glorious thing. It's just some hurtful thing you shouldn't do, do we really need to be that humble in front of her... Hmph," Hera glared at the former and turned to leave, presumably in search of a place to vent her rage.

Leaving the rest of the gods behind, they all looked at each other in dismay, and all smiled bitterly.

They were also concerned about whether Athena truly didn't know about Hades' ultimate fate.

At the same time, in the Eye of the Sky Demon, in the palace of the Nether Emperor.

Yang Chen sat dazed at the highest point of the palace, staring out at the gloomy underground world in front of him.

After a rough calculation, I know that more than two months have passed.

In Yang Chen's heart, he felt more and more anxious, worried about what happened to his family. Although Yu Lanting and others had promised to protect his wife and daughter, if he didn't return home for a long time, and there was no news, those in the demon clan might have turned back on their words. 

In the past two months, Yang Chen had encountered a lot of things, at least, he had already known all of the more than a dozen lords in the Eye of the Sky Demon.

After all, it was difficult for these lords not to be disturbed when two humans appeared out of nowhere, one of whom was in command of a powerful Chaos Cauldron, absorbing a large number of little devils at every turn.

The one with the lowest cultivation base was also in the middle stage of Tai Qing, but because they were all just demonic spirits, even if many of them were masters of the Shang Qing realm, none of them could maintain their cultivation level. Then again, the foundation of the realm was still there and they were still stronger than the ordinary Tai Qing cultivators. 

In addition to the Nether Emperor, who was the first to know, there were others such as the Old Huangquan Demon, Palace Master Qingcheng, etc. who were closer to Yang Chen.

Like the Nether Emperor, these lords were not malicious.

First and foremost, after Yang Chen 'accidentally' revealed the ultimate move of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, they were so terrified that they almost knelt, knowing that even if they fought together, they might not be able to win.

The Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning was extremely harmful to demonic spirits, and they would be blown away!

Secondly, even if they won, so what? They still couldn’t get out and everything would just be regarded as extra trouble. 

Therefore, they treated Yang Chen and Luo Xiaoxiao as VIP guests instead, and the lords eagerly used all kinds of treasures in the Eye of the Sky Demon, such as the spiritual materials for refining elixirs and magic treasures, powerful spells, scriptures, and some top-grade ones. magic weapons to exchange some information from the outside world with Yang Chen.

For eons, these demons were imprisoned in the Eye of the Sky Demon. To put it bluntly, they were living a half-dead and monotonous existence. Their desire for the outside world outweighed their need for magical weapons and scriptures.

At first, Yang Chen patiently answered their questions, such as the history of dynasties, human history, social development, scientific progress, etc...

Although Yang Chen was not a scholar engaged in research, there were only a few people who could actually compare to him when it came to the database data in his mind.

Almost everything he said was eloquent, and as long as it wasn't too subtle, he could basically explain anything and everything, and even Luo Xiaoxiao, an outsider, could learn new things.

But Yang Chen was also irritated because he was eager to go out, but he was dragged into asking questions all the time as if he were teaching elementary school students, what a waste of time!

The group of ‘Lord students’ became anxious when they saw the ‘Teacher’ being impatient. Indeed, he was stronger than the rest of them, and he was not obliged to tell them so much, so why keep dragging him to talk?

As a result, the lords showed their diligence and gave gifts to please Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was never a graceful gentleman; he would accept any gifts that came his way and would not refuse anyone who came forward. Anyway, this group of dead ghosts wouldn't be able to use these items, so he simply took them and gave them to his women as gifts.

For a long time, Yang Chen had no idea that he was holding as many as seventeen immortal weapons. Yes, they were indeed immortal weapons!!!

This was probably more than the sum of the immortal weapons owned by the three major hidden clans!

Among them, there were even two ‘legendary weapons’ that were famous in the great ancient times, the Pangu Axe and the Kunlun Mirror!

It was the Old Huangquan Demon and the Palace Master Qingcheng who gave these two treasures.

This Old Huangquan Demon was a great demon cultivator 50,000 years ago, who died here in battle, and this Palace Master Qingcheng, a Taoist companion who was originally an infatuated woman, but was betrayed, so she became a neutral cultivator. 

When Yang Chen heard these two guys talking about the Pangu Axe and Kunlun Mirror, he didn't want to believe it, it was too weird! How could the legendary items fall into their own hands so easily!?

The two kept explaining, saying that there was a trace of the imprint of the Great God Pangu on it, and the mirror had the Taiyi Xuan Pattern of the Queen Mother of the West... In short, they said a lot of evidence to prove that these two items were real, for fear that Yang Chen thought they were fooling him!

But Yang Chen was not stupid, just from the level of spiritual energy, he already knew that it was not a simple thing, how could he not believe it.

However, these two ‘legendary weapons’ were not real artifacts, they were top-quality fairy weapons, and they were the same as Yang Chen's Chaos Cauldron - they were not in the most primitive state.

These old men claimed that Pangu, Nuwa, East Emperor Taiyi, Queen Mother of the West, Emperor Xuanyuan, and others existed. More than 400,000 years ago, they were the first group of immemorial immortals.

When those ancient immortals shattered the void and left the earth, their strength was completely in another dimension. They no longer needed these artifacts, so they left them on earth and gave them to those who were destined.

However, without reaching the strength of those ancient immortals, these artifacts couldn't restore their true power, just like a giant beast with a weak trainer that could not unleash its full potential. 

Because time had passed, the information of these ancient immortals had already been divided into various versions by history, and there was nothing recorded in the ancient books of those cultivators. 

They also relied on being born 50,000 years ago, and they were fortunate enough to have seen some scraps to spy on the real background of some ancient immortals.

In any case, 20,000 years ago, during the battle of the gods, immortal artifacts were already very precious, but it did not mean that immortal artifacts were so rare during the war between devils and demons 50,000 years ago.

These demonic spirits lords were all overlords or heroes in their lifetimes, and they were at least in the Shang Qing realm. How could they survive without a few immortal weapons in their hands?

But now, they didn’t need so many immortal weapons anymore. Except for the personal items that had been with them for tens of thousands of years, they were called magic treasures, and almost everything else was useless.

Instead of letting them rust in vain, why not give them to Yang Chen as a gift? Aside from 'paying the tuition fees,' who knows what Yang Chen will bring back with him when he goes out?

After all, it's not a big deal to wait until Yang Chen gets out after the Eye of the Sky Demon was opened. 

As for whether the immortal weapons could be used after it was given to Yang Chen, he didn't have to worry about it. With his strength, even if the immortal weapon recognized the master, he could use the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning to remove the imprint of the soul here.

What's more, these lords had been dealt with in advance, so there was no need to worry about not being able to use them.

Originally, this was something to be happy about. Yang Chen felt that women would be overjoyed when they received the ‘celestial gift’ from him.

It was unfortunate that he found it difficult to overcome the difficulties early on. When the Eye of the Sky Demon hits theatres next year, whether the family will be safe or not will be a major concern!

Therefore, Yang Chen didn't have the heart to fiddle with and study those newly acquired magic weapons.

Yang Chen asked almost everything the lords knew about the Eye of the Sky Demon, but he didn't find any clues to break through this damn place.

And the spiritual treasure of the Meng Family showed no signs of life.

Yang Chen took Luo Xiaoxiao with him and searched the place inch by inch almost everyday. 

This time, because of the kindness of the lords, Yang Chen didn't have the courage to feed the Chaos Cauldron with the demonic spirits, he didn't have the intention anyways.

Day after day, until now, he was still clueless. 

Just as Yang Chen was sitting there debating what to do, whether to keep looking or give up, etc. "Yang Chen, Uncle Nether invites you to come over, he has something to talk to you about," Luo Xiaoxiao said as he flew up from below.

Uncle Nether was the name Luo Xiaoxiao gave the Nether Emperor herself. 

Yang Chen had had enough of this girl. She was no longer young, but she was rough and innocent, and after a day or two with these demonic spirits, she was not afraid!

Later on, Grandpa Huangquan, Sister Qingcheng, Uncle Bloody Hand, Sister Yaoda... all came out of her mouth!

It was worth mentioning that the ‘Sister Yaoda’ was just a little girl because she was exquisite and small. She looked like a little girl of thirteen or fourteen years old, but she was called a younger sister by Luo Xiaoxiao at the age of 50,000…

Then again, the old woman was enjoying it herself, so Yang Chen didn't say anything.

"Is it me again?" Isn't it two hours since I told them about Xiang Yu's suicide by the Wu River? It's been six hours, and the Western Han Dynasty's history will be told tomorrow." Yang Chen was a little insane; he was about to start teaching history!