Luo Xiaoxiao shook her head, and said a little excitedly, "It’s not about storytelling, it's that they are discussing something interesting in the Eye of the Sky Demon, and it may be helpful for us to go out, so they want to tell you about it…"

When Yang Chen heard about that, he immediately regained his energy and came to the central hall of the palace with Luo Xiaoxiao.

In the hall, more than a dozen demonic spirit lords of different forms were floating in the air, gathering to discuss something.

Seeing Yang Chen coming over, the Nether Emperor laughed and said, "Brother Yang is here, we remembered something, and wanted to ask what you mean."

“Xiaoxiao said it was about being able to go out, so cut to the chase please." 

"Hahaha... Little Brother Yang is getting impatient." Do you really want to stay here with this palace master for a few more months?"

The one who spoke was Palace Master Qingcheng, a beautiful, tall, and slender woman in a long blue gown with long hair-like strands of cyan flames.

"If there’s nothing outside, I'm naturally not in a hurry to go out. The palace master is not mean to me, but my wife and children are not safe at home. If anything bad happens to them… I can't bear it," Yang Chen said with a wry smile.

An old demon with sunken eyes, a grayish body, and a thin figure, Old Demon Huangquan said in a hoarse voice, "Actually, it may not be able to help you, but I will go to the fissure of the sky demons to practice, will Little Brother Yang and Little Sister Luo be willing to go with us?”

"The fissure of the sky demons? What is that place?" Yang Chen frowned, he had already searched the whole world of the Eye of the Sky Demon, but he didn't see whatever fissure he mentioned.

Palace Master Qingcheng smiled and said, "Little Brother Yang, don't worry, listen to this palace master and I shall tell you slowly…”

This glamorous woman liked to chat the most, she could keep talking whenever she had time, and other demon lords were sensible enough to not snatch the work from her. 

Yang Chen listened patiently, and only then did he know the specific situation...

It turned out that in the Eye of the Sky Demon, a fissure would appear at a fixed location every three months. 

This fissure was bottomless, and it was not particularly wide. Generally, it was only three or four miles long and seventeen or eighty feet wide.

However, inside this fissure, a lot of evil spirits would erupt.

The turbulent flow formed by the evil spirits was extremely violent, like an evil spirit fountain gushing out from the ground!

The duration of this fissure was only one day, and after the end of the day, it would slowly gather and return to its original state.

Because the evil spirits had a beneficial effect on the demonic spirits, every day when the fissure of the sky demon was opened, countless demons would dance there, absorbing the pure evil spirits that spewed out.

Naturally, these demonic spirits lords would take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen their own cultivation. Even if there was no chance of breaking through, it was better to keep it and increase it slightly.

However, it would be a fantasy for any demonic spirit to enter this rift.

Although evil spirits were beneficial to demons, the shock wave inside was like a roar of the vast ocean, which was enough to blow these incorporeal demonic spirit masters into pieces!

There was a demonic spirit master in the Tai Qing stage who wanted to try to go in and see what was underneath, but as soon as he entered, he was blown away and lost his consciousness, and he was never heard from again. 

Therefore, the demonic spirits would only stay at the edge of the fissure, absorbing the abundant evil spirit. 

"... We didn't mention it before because I had the impression that the energy released from the fissures of the sky demons was all sinister and had nothing to do with the outside world." Everyone assumed it was something within the Eye of the Sky Demon that gathers evil spirits and erupts after a certain level, so Thai wasn't mentioned earlier..." Qingcheng, the Palace Master, stated.

After Yang Chen listened to it, it was inevitable that he was a little disappointed. Indeed, no matter how he heard it, he felt that it was only a feature of the Eye of the Sky Demon. The outside world had a lot of Yang energy, how could it be possible that all the Yin and evil spirits would flood in.

However, since it was a good idea to take a look, Yang Chen nodded and agreed, willing to take Luo Xiaoxiao to explore. 

All the demonic spirit lords were quite happy when they heard it.

They simply didn't want to waste a day and wanted to hear more stories from Yang Chen.

As for whether or not the fissure of the sky demon was able to help Yang Chen, no one could say for sure.

Seven days later, Yang Chen took Luo Xiaoxiao and followed more than a dozen demonic spirit lords to the fissure of the sky demon more than a thousand miles away.

Luo Xiaoxiao was bound to closely follow Yang Chen and would not abandon her. He couldn't just leave her here and leave if he found a chance to go out.

The fissure was located in the middle of a mountain.

In the barren world of sky demons, such mountains could be seen everywhere. The bare, dark ground, like thousands of polluted areas that had been splashed with crude oil.

A large number of demonic spirits, a small number of demonic spirits with low-level wisdom, and a group of wise high-level demonic spirits led by the lords had all gathered in this area.

For a time, the sky was dark and heavy, like thousands of shadows rushing, hundreds of ghosts walking at night, the sound of demonic whistling, and the gloomy wind bursting channeled around the area. 

Even if Luo Xiaoxiao was no longer afraid of the demonic spirits recently, her face still turned pale from the fright of this scene, huddling beside Yang Chen, holding on to his clothes.

After these two months, the relationship between the two had gotten along day and night, and they became a lot closer, and Yang Chen had followed her closely to him.

It's not about the closeness of the relationship between men and women, Yang Chen still treated this girl as his younger sister. He always felt that she was pitiful, and he always wanted to take care of her.

But Luo Xiaoxiao obviously didn't think so and felt that Yang Chen still liked her in his heart, so he slowly did not reject being close to her.

“Little Brother Yang, you can see that the one in front of you is the fissure of the sky demon, which is about to open..." The Nether Emperor pointed forward.

One could see that the surrounding dozens of miles of mountains began to shake and tremble.

In the middle of the dozens of towering peaks, a fine gap gradually formed in the cracks, and then began to slowly expand and was torn apart...

It was as if the gods had used a knife to cut a hole in the ground to see what was inside.


The domineering and turbulent evil spirits, like a gushing spring, sprang out from the gap, and the already dark sky could be dyed into thick ink by it!

It was as if the shady curtain was trying to cover up the sky, and in the blink of an eye, the area around here was extremely smoky, and even in the most central area, you couldn't see your fingers!

"What a powerful evil spirit, it’s at least a hundred times higher than usual!"

Yang Chen was astounded, and he didn't forget to open a True Yuan shield to protect Luo Xiaoxiao inside.

Such a small amount of evil spirits didn’t matter to him, although he wouldn’t enjoy it like a demonic spirit, it wouldn’t affect him much, but Luo Xiaoxiao's cultivation base couldn’t take it. 

"Haha, Little Brother Yang shall stay here and watch, we’ll go and absorb them first. Do remember to continue telling us about the battle of the Three Kingdoms later," Old Huangquan Demon smiled and flew with the other lords to the edge. 

At this moment, Yang Chen noticed that in his mind, the Chaos Cauldron came with a powerful idea, trying to get himself to use it to absorb a lot of evil spirits in it.

But Yang Chen knew that although the evil spirits here were very dense, it was also full of demonic spirits. Once the Chaos began to absorb it, it would probably eat them all. 

In fact, his current cultivation level was not lacking in this. They even gave him so many fairy weapons, and it would be too inhumane to eat their minions and even some wise demonic spirits. 

So, Yang Chen suppressed Chaos' thirst and ignored it.

But who knew, just after suppressing Chaos, Yang Chen noticed that the ‘damn guy’ in his space ring started to move again!

The Meng Family spiritual treasure?!

Yang Chen didn't want to be fooled again this time, he grabbed Luo Xiaoxiao with one hand, and waited for the spiritual treasure to fly out itself.

Sure enough, the black ball flew out of the ring by itself, and drifted towards the direction of the fissure!

Yang Chen's hands were quick, and he grabbed the black ball into his hands.

He only felt that the black ball was still trying to fly forward, yet he didn't know what was pulling it, trying to break free from his hand.

But Yang Chen clearly couldn't notice any special spiritual energy.

Yang Chen was taken aback; this time, it wasn't teleportation; could it be that... this thing flew over, looking for something with him?

Could it be whatever the ancestors of the Meng family said... the hope of magic restoration for the demonic cultivators?

"What's going on with this thing?" Luo Xiaoxiao asked nervously, and she also realized that something was wrong.

Yang Chen frowned, "I don't know, but I think... going out of this place will highly depend on this thing. Don't move around, grab my hand, and don't let go."

That being said, he let go of the black ball, and it continued to fly towards the fissure according to its original trajectory.