Yang Chen brought the girl and they immediately followed the black ball. As the two arrived in the sky above the fissure in a short time, the black ball began to fall gradually, pathing towards the entry to the sky demon's fissure!

“Little Brother Yang! What are you doing?! It's dangerous!"

"Little Brother Yang, the area beneath is dangerous! You may have strong cultivation, but you still have a physical body, you cannot risk it!"

Seeing Yang Chen who was about to bring Luo Xiaoxiao down, the Nether Emperor and the others couldn't help shouting.

Yang Chen turned his head and said to the lords, "This is beyond urgent, I have to see where the black ball is going. Don't worry, I have something in mind!" 

The demonic spirit lords were anxious, but Yang Chen would not easily listen to persuasion. They dared not go too close to the fissure, otherwise, they would not be able to protect themselves, so they could only sigh. 

In fact, Yang Chen had concerns and was concerned, but in the current situation, if he missed the opportunity, it might be too late.

Despite having to carry the 'baggage' like Luo Xiaoxiao, he would be mostly safe with the chaos cauldron in his hand. He could still use the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning to open the way, no matter how bad it got. This lightning was a natural nemesis for the evil spirits, and it would undoubtedly work wonders.

What's more, they all have physical bodies, unlike the demonic spirit lords relying on their cultivation to protect their souls after losing their physical bodies. Their defenses were low and could vanish into thin air anytime. 

This black ball didn't react before, but now it reacted after the fissure was opened. It was probably just waiting for this moment to bring me in!

Luo Xiaoxiao on the side was holding Yang Chen's hand tightly, so frightened that she didn't dare to speak, she simply closed her eyes, her facial features tightened, and let the man take her wherever.

As soon as he penetrated more than ten meters into the fissure, Yang Chen felt that the evil spirit gushing up from below began to become extraordinarily majestic and terrifying.

It was like countless sharp steel knives, slicing and cutting all around him without any corners, trying to cut both of them into minced human flesh.

Fortunately, Yang Chen's True Yuan was strong, the power of heaven and earth was endless, and although the shield was continually consumed layer by layer, nibbled away, it could be replenished.

But for the sake of safety, Yang Chen still sacrificed the Chaos Cauldron to absorb the evil spirits around him.

Chaos Cauldron devoured all things in the first place, and it naturally wouldn’t refuse.

Yang Chen once again felt a trace of pure spiritual energy entering his core, which was the result of Chaos Cauldron’s transformation of the Yin energy. 

Suddenly, Yang Chen frowned and discovered a strange thing.

The black ball in front of it had a small space around it as if there was some magical power telling those evil spirits to leave, completely unaffected by the airwave fountain!

No wonder I felt something was wrong before, it turned out to be the strange performance of this black ball.

It seemed that it was not naturally affected by this evil spiritual energy, and wherever it went, it would be given way!

The thoughts flashed in Yang Chen's mind quickly, after thinking of something, he immediately dragged Luo Xiaoxiao, slammed down, and grasped the black ball again.

When the black ball was held, everyone, including Yang Chen and Luo Xiaoxiao, received the special protection effect brought by the black ball, and these evil spirits had no effect on them!

At this time, Yang Chen estimated that he had penetrated hundreds of feet into the fissure and the surrounding area was already pitch black, and he couldn't even see his own fingers. 

Yang Chen thought about it, if this black ball had such a miraculous effect, does that mean that those demonic spirit lords can also penetrate this fissure using this black ball?

Should I go back and find them so we can go exploring together?

But after some thought, Yang Chen gave up, not knowing whether they were willing or not, and even if they were, it might not be feasible.

After all, they had no physical bodies, and the special effects of the black ball might not work.

The black ball was most likely something left by the Meng Family ancestors for the demonic cultivators. If there were no more obstacles, the demonic cultivators would undoubtedly arrive, and the descendants of the Meng family with physical bodies would undoubtedly refuse to serve these demonic spirit lords.

It would be embarrassing to get all the lords killed!

After thinking about it this way, Yang Chen didn't delay any longer. While continuing to hold the black ball, according to the traction of the black ball, he went deeper and deeper...

With the help of the black ball, Yang Chen no longer felt any pressure. Even going all the way down, he could utilize the Chaos Cauldron to consume more Yin energy. 

Although it was impossible to swallow them all, it could only consume the tip of an iceberg of the evil spirit fountain here, but it was enough for Yang Chen to feel relieved.

Time passed minute by minute, and for cultivators, time was very inadvertent.

However, in such a dark underground world, he couldn't cultivate into a meditative state; all he could do was move forward slowly and monotonously, not knowing where the end was, whether it was good or bad; this was also a big test for Yang Chen.

Unknowingly, Yang Chen estimated that he had traveled in this dark underground world for more than seven days, but the bottom was still bottomless...

What Yang Chen could be sure of was that this area was no longer in the fissure! 

All around, there was a thick and dense evil spiritual energy, as if it was in an underground dark space, and it was impossible to perceive where the edge was.

If nothing else, this was the core area of ​​the Eye of the Sky Demon, just like the center of the earth...

However, the core of this Eye of the Sky Demon was a bit weird, and it stood to reason that it shouldn't be so bottomless. Besides, Yang Chen tried it before, the world of the Eye of the Sky Demon was a sphere. Shouldn't they reach the other side of the sphere through the underground world?

But flying like this, it seemed to have long exceeded the scope of the world of the Eye of the Sky Demon…

Could it be that the central area of ​​the Eye of the Sky Demon was connected to some other space?

Yang Chen didn’t know the answer to this. At that moment, he couldn’t do anything except continue to pursue the path of the black ball, and even on the way back, Yang Chen was not sure that he could find it all at once.

The ancestors of the Meng family, are you joking me... Yang Chen clenched his teeth, he was really unlucky!

"Yang Chen..."

Suddenly, Luo Xiaoxiao, who had been leaning on Yang Chen, called out.

"Are you awake?" Yang Chen looked back at the girl, his tone was somewhat soft and guilty.

These days, Luo Xiaoxiao had followed himself in this dark world. In the first two days, she was still in the mood to talk, but later, she was a little scared. After all, the girl hadn't experienced too many hardships. It's too scary for her to handle. 

Therefore, at Yang Chen's suggestion, she returned her mind and tried her best to get herself to sleep so that she could get through this dark and boring time.

But there were times when she had slept enough. After sleeping for five days and waking up to nothing, Luo Xiaoxiao's heart would still turn heavy. 

Yang Chen had the impression that he had duped this girl. Despite his claims that this was not his intention, he had previously beaten her and misunderstood her, and now he has forced her to come here. He was extremely embarrassed and tried to speak more gently.

"Are we... can't get out..." Luo Xiaoxiao asked cautiously, as if afraid that Yang Chen would get angry.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, "No way, this thing is still moving forward, it is estimated that this passage is very long, and it is not easy for me to speed up, after all, walking around may cause accidents."

Beneath the darkness, Luo Xiaoxiao bit her lips and suddenly said in a low voice, "Then...then if there is any danger, can you… just leave me behind?”

Yang Chen was stunned, and then smiled, "What nonsense are you talking about, I've been with you for so many days, how can I  just ignore you?"

"Although I'm not particularly bright, I'm not stupid, and in this situation, you have no idea... What if we run into trouble? Your strength is tremendous, and you may have a good chance of defending yourself. But I'm too frail and my strength is low to assist you... It is better for you to look after yourself than to get into trouble with me. There is an opportunity to go out..." Luo Xiaoxiao stated solemnly.

Yang Chen wasn't sure what to feel in his heart; it was uneasy, but he knew that when it came to adventures in this field, his strength might not be enough.

"Don't be like that, isn't it all good now?" Yang Chen forced a smile.

Luo Xiaoxiao stretched out her hand, took off a small thing from her waist, and tried to stuff it into Yang Chen's hand.

"What is this, a jade pendant?"

Yang Chen noticed what was warm and moist, and with his divine sense, he found that it was a piece of Lantian Jade pendant of excellent material.