Ordinary people may find the Lantian Jade to have a minor self-cultivation effect, but when a cultivator wore a good Lantian Jade, he or she could use it to regulate spiritual energy, nourish the blood, and maintain beauty.

The craftsmanship on this Lantian Jade was superb. Yang Chen had the impression that this was a jade pendant carved by a master with a high level of True Yuan.

On the jade pendant, a lifelike deer raised its slender neck high, looking lively and full of spiritual aura. 

Yang Chen didn't understand why Luo Xiaoxiao gave him a jade pendant at this moment, this was not a magic weapon.

"This is... the jade pendant that my father gave me," Luo Xiaoxiao said softly, with wisps of thoughts, "When I was a child, my nickname was Lu’Er, so my father gave me a jade pendant of a deer, and I have always carry it with me…”

Yang Chen was a little taken aback. Luo Qianqiu appeared to have carved this jade pendant himself and presented it to his daughter. Surprisingly, he showed concern for Luo Xiaoxiao.

However, Yang Chen had already experienced the feeling of being a parent, not to mention the jade pendant, even if the chubby little girl wanted the moon in the sky, Yang Chen would also get it for her by any means. 

"Since it was given to you by your father, you can keep it. Besides, it’s not a treasure, why will you give it to me?" Yang Chen asked.

"I want you to keep it for me, if I don't have a chance to go out...I want to beg you, give this jade pendant to my father, and tell him...that his daughter begged him for one last time, do not go against Yang Chen..." Luo Xiaoxiao shook her head.

Yang Chen was taken aback; this silly girl was usually so crazy that he assumed she didn't take the hostile relationship between himself and Luo Qianqiu seriously, but who knew... she was just being quiet all along.

"Heh... Do you think your father is the kind of person who is willing to let go if you beg him? Besides, you have to figure out, I want to kill your father, and your father is not a matching opponent against me..." Yang Chen was not so softhearted either way. 

"I know..." Luo Xiaoxiao sighed, "But I really don't want to see either of you die... My father has done a lot of bad things, but he is not a bad guy to begin with..."

"It's not as simple as you think..."

    "Listen to me!" Luo Xiaoxiao interrupted Yang Chen, her eyebrows frowned and she said solemnly, "Perhaps the people of the world think my father is ruthless and only thinks about himself, but he is not like that... My father has been very protective of me since I was a child, though because I was not born to Aunt Leng and my brother is the heir of the family, the people in the family didn't take me too seriously... But they didn't know that, in fact, my father never went out with my brother, and my father would only take me out quietly to play in the mountains and water, give me delicious food, cook for me, get me toys, and tell me secular world stories... My brother was drinking a lot of elixirs and cultivating the family's 'Luo Tianjing' at the time, and I didn't really start practicing until I was a teenager. Others thought it was because my father didn't take me seriously, so he didn't want to properly train me... But they don't realize it's because my father did it to protect me. Moreover, my childhood was much happier than my brother's, despite the fact that I did not have a mother, but I can tell my father loves me more than my elder brother... If I cultivate too early and discover some potential, people from the Leng family and some elders of the family will all see me as a thorn in their side, because my Gengu is much stronger than my brother... So, when I didn't even reach the innate realm, I was sent out of the illusion by my father to go to Zhonghai School, just to avoid those people's eyes and ears and make them feel that my father doesn't care about me... ...Although my father has never asked about my life, he sends people to generate money in my bank card every month because he knows that I like to play tricks and spend money randomly..." As he

As she spoke, tears rolled out of Luo Xiaoxiao’s big and watery eyes.

"My father always pretends to be very strict... But he has no way to tell the bitterness in his heart. He is fully aware in his heart of those uncles and elders in the family who want to harm him secretly… The main reason is that the position of my grandfather was snatched over from the other branches of the Luo Family. In fact, my father’s position as the head of the family was not supported by all the elders. In the family, we must beware of our relatives, and outside the family, we must guard against the Xiao family and the Ning family. He is silently resisting and taking in all this pressure… There are many things that he can't say like an ordinary father, and he can't teach his children like an ordinary father, I understand it all, so I never blame him..."

Yang Chen held the Lantian Jade pendant in one hand and clenched it involuntarily.

I still underestimated this girl Luo Xiaoxiao too much. I have to say that as a father, it is indeed touching to hear a daughter speak such words…

A murderous, cold-blooded, and cruel father... he was probably such a person in the eyes of Lanlan…

Although the child was still young, when she grows up and gets to know that he had tens of thousands of lives on his hands, how would she feel about her father then?

There were enemies all over the world, and there were probably too many people who wanted him to die, he was such a heinous devil...

However, in the eyes of my daughter, no matter how damned it is, I am still the biological father who loves her…

“Alright… stop it…”

Yang Chen sighed heavily, although he couldn't see it, his eyes must have turned a little red.

Luo Xiaoxiao was sobbing, but in fact, she was already deeply affectionate, and her thoughts were as heavy as a mountain, and she couldn't speak at all.

"I promise you..." Yang Chen said sincerely, "If we can really go out, I will give your father a chance. If he can let go of everything and stop being my enemy, I... can let him go."

When Luo Xiaoxiao heard this, she pursed her lips, as if she was about to cry again.

Yang Chen silently stretched out his hand and touched her tender face, coaxing the child and saying, "Why are you crying again? Didn’t I say that I can give your father a chance, you can't just let your father kill me and not let me kill him! I also have a wife, children, and family to support!"

"Booo..." Luo Xiaoxiao suddenly cried and hugged Yang Chen's neck tightly, and kissed his face twice, either the saliva or tears stained his face.

"I know, I know... I'm just so happy, Yang Chen, you really like me, I can feel your love for me..."

Yang Chen was embarrassed, and awkwardly pulled her away, not knowing to laugh or cry, "My God... this is two different things..."

"I know! You are also a shy man... I like you for that, although you are somewhat perverted, but your heart is actually very conservative... A man who speaks about love easily is the one that can’t be trusted!" Luo Xiaoxiao laughed and cried, wiping the tears from her face with her hands.

Looking at the girl's delighted and charming appearance, he wondered if it was the same person who moved his determination with her words just now.

Yang Chen shook his head with emotion, and sighed, "Maybe I really like you, given the fact that I can talk to you foolish little girl, where did you learn this..."

At that moment, Luo Xiaoxiao was immediately excited upon hearing this, "Sure enough! Hurry up and talk! When did you start to like me?"

"I..." Yang Chen's face twitched slightly, why is this girl's understanding and thinking different from that of ordinary people?

Luo Xiaoxiao hurriedly asked again, "Then do you know when I started to like you?"

"I don't want to know." Yang Chen rolled his eyes, he seemed to understand why his dear wife loved rolling her eyes at him when he spoke. 

"Why?!" Luo Xiaoxiao pouted angrily.

Yang Chen smiled, "I just don't want to know."

Luo Xiaoxiao's little mouth was pouting even more, and her face was bulging, like a white and tender bun.

"Okay, okay... Are these so important? I just need you to relax and believe I can take you out." Yang Chen stretched out his hand and poked the girl's face.

Luo Xiaoxiao's pretty face was instantly stained with a touch of rouge, and she lowered her head and pursed her lips then smiled sweetly.

Seeing this rapidly changing expression, Yang Chen couldn't help but say, "Miss Luo, I want to ask you a question."

"Huh?" Luo Xiaoxiao raised her eyes with a hint of curiosity. 

Yang Chen asked with a wicked smile, "You... have you been this cute since you were a child?" 

As soon as he finished asking, Yang Chen secretly thought that something was wrong!

Sure enough, Luo Xiaoxiao's pair of beautiful talking eyes seemed to be filled with a layer of mist, and her cheeks were pink, and she shyly slammed a fist on Yang Chen's chest, "You are so mean! How could you confess to me in such an unromantic place..."