The power of Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning was still not as powerful as the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning. If Yang Chen only relied on his physical body, he might not be able to support the 99th level, but with the Chaos Cauldron, everything was very simple.

This Chaos Cauldron was really tailor-made for the pagoda!

It's a pity that Yang Chen's cultivation base had reached the peak level of Tai Qing. No matter how much spiritual energy, he couldn’t make his True Yuan stronger, because every increase in it was difficult to maintain.

This was also the reason why Luo Qianqiu refined the Internal Demon Divine Soldier, Yang Chen also realized the embarrassment of the realm being unable to keep pace with one’s cultivation base.

After Yang Chen endured the strongest thunders, the further down he went, the easier it became. His body was like falling straight into the Nine Heavens. In the blink of an eye, he had already reached the bottom dozen layers.

At this level, the power of Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning could already be ignored by Yang Chen, and it could be easily resisted by relying solely on his body.

Yang Chen inspected the surroundings intently, and the scene on the first floor surprised him for a time - is it really them!?

On the first floor of the Tongtian Pagoda, a huge mass of silver-gray energy was fighting with another strand of white True Yuan.

That silver-gray energy was clearly Wen Tao's antimatter energy, and his body was in the heart of the energy group, precisely as it had been a year before. What was more unusual was that this guy's strength had increased significantly. The antimatter energy's coercion has been radically changed since that day!

Yu Xuening appeared a little messed up amid another group of milky white True Yuan shields, and she appeared to be struggling to retain her True Yuan. She could only defend because she lacked the necessary capacity to attack.

Her silky hair had grown tangled, and the white garment draped across her body was frayed in several places. The nine snow-white fluffy foxtails on her back protected her surroundings, although they appeared shaky.

If it weren't for her charming face, which was still so moving, it would be impossible to see that this was the noble and arrogant Jade Fox Palace Master.

The two also obviously discovered Yang Chen's arrival. When they saw Yang Chen descending from above, be it Yu Xuening or Wen Tao, they were all stunned and felt incredible.

"Is that you?" You moron! "Did you not go out?!" Even Yu Xuening, who had witnessed numerous occurrences, couldn't relax at the moment, but after scanning him, she frowned softly and said, "Wait... "Has your cultivation increased significantly?"

Yang Chen was also a little surprised, it seemed that these two people had really stayed on the first floor of Tongtian Pagoda for more than a year, and they were still fighting up till now?!

"Haha! Yang Chen! You coward, you came at just the right time, don't run away this time if you feel like it!"

Wen Tao became excited, and his fighting spirit was high. The antimatter energy, which was already huge like a hill, suddenly increased again!

When Yang Chen knew that this was not the time to explain too much, he flew to Yu Xuening's side, and after he sacrificed the Chaos Cauldron, he said, "I will explain later, you adjust your body, and I will solve this guy myself..."

Yu Xuening was not a small girl with a lot of devotion, even though she was suppressed by the laws of this planet in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm and couldn't show her actual strength, but her vision wasn't horrible.

Yang Chen's disposition and cultivation level had clearly advanced to a higher degree. Although she couldn't guarantee Yang Chen's ability to turn the tide, she was willing to choose to believe it.

So, Yu Xuening planned to give him space and let Yang Chen and Wen Tao settle themselves. 

"Boy, this master has been dragging this on for more than a year, but don't let me down..."

Yu Xuening looked at Yang Chen, a trace of complexity flashed in her eyes with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, and she fluttered away.

Yang Chen reflected, I haven't claimed you're a true psychopath, but can you really battle Wen Tao for more than a year? But, for the time being, I should focus on opposing Wen Tao.

From a little beggar under the bridge, step by step going through all the hardships and calculations and becoming whatever he was right now, Yang Chen indeed admired this guy.

It may be said that Wen Tao became the way he is today because Yang Chen pushed Luo Cuishan to him.

Yang Chen could not have predicted that the cause planted that day would bear such a bitter fruit today.

In any case, since God has asked me to meet him here... then let me end this bad relationship with my own hands.

"It seems that you have eaten a lot of treasures here again," Yang Chen said with a smile.

Wen Tao grinned, "Why, are you feeling scared? Do you think that the year I've been here has been in vain? Although I can't kill this fox, it's only a matter of time. The spiritual grass and different fruits here have made me completely different from the past!"

"What a coincidence... I'm also different from before, let's try, who's been in vain this year?"

Yang Chen finished speaking, and the surrounding body began to condense a large number of purple-blue Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning. The Heavenly Lightning was like countless beating and violent electric snakes, reflecting Yang Chen's whole body into a purple-blue picture.

“Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning?”

Yu Xuening, who was watching everything from a distance, flashed a glimpse of surprise in her eyes with deep thoughts. 

And Wen Tao's expression didn't change, with a contemptuous smile on his face and a big hand, countless antimatter energies were like a violent and unrestrained ocean tide, a silver-gray frenzy, trying to engulf Yang Chen!

This antimatter energy had been perfectly integrated with him, which could be said to be handy, and the properties of antimatter had also been magnified several times.

If it weren't for the Tongtian Pagoda, a magical place forged by ancient immortals, this tower would have been swallowed up long ago.

Facing the antimatter energy that rushed towards him, Yang Chen instantly transformed several Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning into a condensed cloud-piercing heavenly lightning, like a sharp-edged spear, and stabbed into the antimatter energy!

The power of heavenly lightning was no trivial matter. Although this antimatter energy continuously consumed the power of this Tai Qing heavenly lightning, it still couldn’t hinder the pace of the heavenly lightning!

"Boom boom boom..." 

The continuous explosion blasted the antimatter energy into pieces!

The silver-gray energy became puddles of scattered residue, flying in the air!

Wen Tao's eyes widened angrily, obviously, he didn't expect that the antimatter energy he had increased several times would be penetrated by Yang Chen's divine thunder!


After the heavenly lightning had consumed some of its power, it still penetrated Wen Tao's chest without being able to hide his ears!

There was no blood that flew out, and the energy that came out of the hole when it was penetrated was really silver-gray antimatter energy!

"Hey...haha...good...what a powerful move", Wen Tao tilted his head, reached out and touched the hole in his chest, took it out again, and grinned, "It's a can't kill me.."

Yang Chen frowned, he didn't expect Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning to be unable to vaporize him, it seemed that this antimatter energy had indeed become too much stronger, and the defense ability had exceeded his expectations.

Wen Tao's body healed quickly, silver-gray flames began to flash in his eyes, and his entire body turned into a semi-antimatter state, rolling the antimatter in all directions as if he had transformed into Taotao Jianghe, Xiang Yang. Chen gallops galloping here!

Yang Chen sacrificed the Chaos Cauldron forward, and the Chaos Soul suddenly came out fiercely, and the pair of blood-red eyes revealed an indomitable fierceness, and he blatantly opened his mouth to swallow Wen Tao into it!

"The same trick, do you think I'm still afraid of you!?"

Wen Tao laughed wildly, without dodging or evading, he rushed straight into the bloody mouth of the Primal Chaos Soul, and the entire antimatter energy exploded like a nuclear bomb in that instant!



The chaotic spirit shouted ferociously with a muffled sound and was poured out by the silver-gray energy, like the Milky Way pouring backward, and it fell out again, condensing into Wen Tao's human figure.

Yang Chen only felt a shock in his heart, this Chaos Cauldron was connected to his own soul, if the Chaos was hit hard, he would also be injured.

Wen Tao was so powerful that he could support the chaos in an instant until it couldn't bear it and could only disperse his power and retract into the cauldron!?

What a powerful force indeed?! This chaos can actually consume the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning!

"What are you in a daze!? You're the next one!!"

Wen Tao somehow condensed antimatter energy into a fortress, shrouded Yang Chen under it, and then quickly closed and lowered him, completing the capture of turtles in the urn.

Only then did Yang Chen realize that Wen Tao not only controlled antimatter energy himself, but he could already extract antimatter energy from heaven and earth at will, just like Yang Chen himself could use the power of heaven and earth arbitrarily.

"Go to hell!”

The antimatter energy group exploded in all directions of Yang Chen, just like silver-gray fireworks in full bloom, but it was mixed with deadly power, tearing and swallowing everything!