Wen Tao roared like crazy as if to vent his pain and all his hatred over the past few years, it seemed like the roar of countless dead souls who had been eaten by him!

It felt like a flaming fire of revenge. Compared with the previous fight against Yu Xuening, his emotions have reached unprecedented madness.

Because he saw the hope of revenge and getting out of the tower!

Yang Chen tightly distributed the force of chaos around himself, absorbing a big amount of antimatter energy while resisting the ongoing massive explosion.

But the blood in his body and his internal organs still felt like being trampled on, like countless claws squeezing every blood vessel in his body, making him feel like he was being sliced bit by bit with a knife!

Even if he was sealed by Yinshouzhi's Jiuqu Trapped Dragon Nail before, and was attacked with all his strength by the group of monks, Yang Chen didn't feel so uncomfortable!

For a moment, the stubborn disease of the brain that had not been stimulated for a long time also showed signs of resurgence.

Yang Chen's eyes were filled with scarlet bloodshot, and he roared lowly like a hell demon.


Yang Chen's muscles appeared to have their own consciousness and were intertwined with one another. His fighting instinct drove him to make even wilder decisions without hesitation!

"Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning!”

Yang Chen suddenly burst forth the chaos power around him, took a trace to drive away from the control of antimatter energy, and re-gathered hundreds of thick and thin Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning from all directions!

The purple-blue electric light was like a torrent pouring down from nothing, smashing the ubiquitous antimatter energy!

The clothes on Yang Chen's body were already tattered and worn out, as if he was naked, with raging electric lights flowing from his muscles, as if he was the God of Lightning. 

"Bang bang bang!!..."

Taking huge steps, Yang Chen made a heavy drum beat every time he touched the ground.

It was like a burst of purple-blue lightning!

In the blink of an eye, Yang Chen had already brought a huge heavenly lightning force field and came to Wen Tao!


A fist mixed with divine thunder slammed into Wen Tao's head, and another thunder fist slammed into Wen Tao's chest!

"Bang! Bang! Bang Bang Bang!!..."

Yang Chen's fists were like dense machine gun bullets, all of them slammed into Wen Tao's body one by one, smashing him into countless pieces of antimatter energy!

The antimatter energy was eroded by the power of the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning and dissipated in the air.

Even the surrounding space that was originally very stable was hit by Yang Chen's high-speed and powerful punches, creating a turbulent flow of space and time.

After a few seconds, Yang Chen had already thrown thousands of punches with full force. The speed and strength of his fists were completely beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

Yu Xuening, who was watching the battle from a distance, opened her beautiful eyes subconsciously in slight disbelief…

She was already an elite in the world 50,000 years ago, and there were not many master methods that could make her feel strange.

In the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, even in the Tongtian Pagoda filled with spiritual energy, she was restricted by the law and could only exert about half of her strength.

However, with more than half of his strength, Wen Tao, who was not suppressed, had been fighting with her for more than a year without killing her.

Therefore, although Yang Chen seemed to be much stronger now, Yu Xuening knew that if she went to the outside world and recovered her true strength, Yang Chen would still not be her opponent. 

However, at this moment, Yu Xuening felt that if Yang Chen's realm continued to improve, it would be obvious that she would be surpassed by him...

"This boy… His physical quality is too outrageous..."

Yu Xuening thought silently in her heart and even felt that Yang Chen possessed the physique that the Dragon Clan had long been proud of.

This is not to say that the current Wen Tao will be easily defeated.

Seeing that, Yang Chen had already beaten Wen Tao down to the point where nothing was left, but, not far ahead, a human figure condensed again!

Wen Tao was indeed like a nightmare that couldn’t be erased. He would pretend to disappear and lead to stop your attacks then reappear once again. 

With a sinister smirk, Wen Tao twisted his neck and gathered the dissipated antimatter energy again.

"What's the matter, Yang Chen, that’s all you got? This heavenly lightning is so powerful, yet it doesn't seem to work on me? What can I do?"

Wen Tao smirked smugly, then a bright silver-gray light flashed in his eyes, and antimatter energy was once again overwhelming!

Yang Chen's heart sank, he thought that by continuously using Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning’s intensive attacks, he could completely evaporate him, but it seemed… naive!

In Wen Tao's hands, he began to condense a large amount of antimatter, gradually forming a blurred sphere of light...

"Yang Chen, do you know... In nature, when matter and antimatter collide, they will turn into nearly 100% of high-quality mass-energy. And the current human beings, using the hydrogen bomb of the fusion reaction, is about less than 1% of the mass-energy conversion... Meaning, that now, if the antimatter bomb in my hand is being used by the outside world, it can instantly destroy at least three to four provinces in China and kill hundreds of millions of human beings! And here, I just want to use it to destroy you! You have nowhere to escape!!!

Wen Tao threw the antimatter energy bomb in his hand directly at Yang Chen!

Yang Chen subconsciously wanted to use the Chaos Cauldron to devour it, but just now, the Chaos Ominous Soul in the Chaos Cauldron had been damaged a little by the shock. If it took in this energy bomb, it probably won't be able to condense within a hundred years. 

Yang Chen had no choice but to grit his teeth, and from the space ring, he took out the Pangu Axe that Old Huang Quan Demon gave him, which he had never used!

Among the seventeen immortal artifacts, the Kunlun Mirror’s magical effect was not well understood by the giver, the Palace Master Qingcheng. It was said that it could travel through the void, but the owners of the past dynasties had not been able to see it, and just passed it down to her. 

The Pangu Axe, on the other hand, was known to have the power of tearing space and breaking laws, but it would show its power according to the user's cultivation, or else the user would fall into the fate of becoming a demonic spirit. 

Yang Chen didn’t expect himself to be able to use the Pangu Axe to open up the world like the legendary Pangu God, but if he used other immortal weapons to pick it up, or if he resisted the antimatter energy himself, he would be seriously injured.

What's more, in Wen Tao's situation, it seemed that there was no problem with throwing a few more.

Therefore, in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm where the laws of space couldn’t be used, using the Pangu Axe to tear space seemed to be the only hope!

Yang Chen became electrified as soon as the Pangu Axe landed in his palm!

Yang Chen's physical characteristics allowed him to feel the burden of this axe, indicating that the full weight of this axe was simply inconceivable to ordinary people.

As soon as the Pangu Axe appeared, the wind was bullish, and it reached a length of more than ten feet in an instant. The aura of its soul, with a trace of Pangu imprinted in it, was as if a giant spirit coming into the world, and it was unusually powerful.

Of course, it wasn't that the Great Pangu God was controlling the axe in it. It was just that a trace of Pangu's divine power was already combined with the axe or else it wouldn’t be able to surpass the range of an immortal weapon. 


Yang Chen roared, raised the Pangu Axe high, and swung it down in an instant!


This Pangu Axe was full of brilliance, and its reckless aura was as if it was splitting up a mountain, freeing all beasts, and rolling frantically toward both sides!

This white antimatter energy bomb just happened to hit the falling area, shook with the axe, and exploded with dazzling light!

Yu Xuening in the distance could naturally feel the power of this energy bomb. She believed that if Wen Tao threw it at her, she could only escape to the higher levels of the Tongtian Pagoda, and she was determined not to resist.

Her eyes were astonished when she saw Yang Chen pull out a strange-looking axe that she appeared to be familiar with!

This kid! Where did the Pangu Axe come from!!?

When the Pangu Axe was slashed, Yu Xuening couldn't help but showed excited brilliance in her eyes. She didn't care whether it would affect her or not, she just felt that Yang Chen gave her too many surprises!


Invisibly, the space seemed to be torn apart by some force!

A vast starry sky, countless star points, flickering with bursts of starlight, flashed between Yang Chen and Wen Tao out of thin air!

Yang Chen himself was startled, this is... space tearing!?

Such a bolt of tremendous heavenly lightning only caused the space to fluctuate and become chaotic, but this Pangu axe divided the space in one fell swoop!!