Yu Xuening was stunned. “To the top of the tower? Are you asking me to go with you?”

Yang Chen shrugged. “I don’t mind if you’re willing to. Besides, I’d be glad to help you out since I owe you a lot.”

“If I get out, my cultivation would be different from now. Not many people will be my match.” Yu Xuening smirked. 

Her remark evoked a chuckle from him. “If you truly want to go against humans, you wouldn’t have entered the Ten Thousand Demon Realm 50,000 years ago. That makes it less likely for you to do that once you’re out of here. Moreover, I’ve killed many more people than you, so it’s pointless to talk about such things to me.”

“That’s what I like about you; you’re decisive.”

Yu Xuening giggled and leaped into the air, her nine fox tails intertwining into a white barrier as she headed to the top of the tower. 

Yang Chen followed along with her. “What are you trying to do? Are you planning to get through the 99 levels of Ziqing Heavenly Lightning? There’s no need to take such a risk. I can lend my Chaos Cauldron to you.”

All of a sudden, she cast a teasing look at him. “Silly boy, do you truly think the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning can stop me?”

“What?” Yang Chen was dumbfounded. “Didn’t you tell me you don’t have the confidence to go through all of them?”

“You believed everything that I said?”

His lips twitched. “So, you’re saying that you have the ability to leave the tower long ago?”

"I couldn't do it 50,000 years ago, but I didn't waste those years doing nothing in the realm. I just didn't want you to slack off, so I hid it from you. In any case, we'll have to navigate the tower based on our own ability. I'm sure it'll be easy for you because you have the Chaos Cauldron," she said casually.

They had risen twenty floors while they spoke. The golden array on each floor would strike them with Ziqing Heavenly Lightning.

Naturally, it did not harm Yang Chen. At the same time, Yu Xuening was unaffected, her barrier of foxtails surprisingly strong. 

Seeing how she was moving at ease, he believed her earlier claim. 

“Aren’t you pulling my leg then? Why didn’t you leave Wen Tao here and get out of the tower yourself?” Yang Chen grumbled. 

Yu Xuening gave him the side-eye. “Have you lost your mind? It’s not like he’d be an easy target to kill If I didn’t restrain him here and let him go to the outside world. Only by keeping him here would he not have the chance to conceal himself.”

Yang Chen was rendered speechless, surprised that she harbored such a motive. With a wry smile, he said, “Were you planning to keep plaguing Wen Tao if I hadn’t come in?”

"Of course not. I'd let him go if I couldn't keep him here any longer. After all, it would be simple for me to murder him on the outside now that my talents were recovered. It'll just take more effort and result in a lot of casualties." Yu Xuening exhaled a sigh. "However, it's a good thing you came in. I guess it's fate."

Soon, they arrived at the seventieth floor where the power of the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning was on a different level. 

Yang Chen was afraid of being injured if he faced it head-on. Despite the fact that Yu Xuening was laboring, there were no mishaps as her True Yuan was enhanced.

The Ziqing Heavenly Lightning inside the Sky Tower frightened all of the Sky Demons and Sky Devils but put little pressure on the couple.

At the thought of something, Yu Xuening asked, “Since the gate to the Sky Tower has opened, it means you can find your master, Song Tianxing. Are you planning to bring him out?”

“I’ve thought about it, but it’s a mess outside, so it’s not an opportune time. Besides, Sky Tower is no longer a threat to me. I could just return to visit him at an appropriate time later and ask if he wants to leave.”

She nodded and said nothing. 

Yang Chen, in turn, had several ideas. If he brought forth Song Tianxing but not the devil and demon cultivators, he would have had a tough time dealing with the Honghuang Sect.

Moreover, Song Tianxing did not seem willing to leave the realm as he sounded genuine when he rejected Yang Chen. 

On top of that, it might be safer for him to remain in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, considering his cultivation. 

At that moment, Yang Chen could not help but feel surprised that Yu Xuening agreed to his invitation to leave the tower so readily. 

“My lord, why are you so willing to leave the tower this time? Could it be that you miss your clan members?” he asked deliberately. 

Flashing him a faint smile, she replied, “Don’t call me ‘my lord’ anymore. Just call me Sister Xuening or Yu Xuening. Once we leave the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, I’ll no longer be the lord of Jade Fox Palace. I’ve stayed here for 50,000 years, which is more than enough. As for why I wish to leave, there are two reasons. On the one hand, I want to meet my clan members. On the other hand, I’m interested to know everything about the odd phenomenon. In short, I’m just really curious.”

Yang Chen did not believe it could be so straightforward. After all, she had deceived him a few times and could certainly continue to do so. 

Nonetheless, it was unimportant. He opted to address her by her full name because he dared not call an over 50,000-year-old fox "Sister Xuening."

“Yu Xuening, can you tell me the matter that you intended to tell me back before I wanted to leave the tower?” He remembered that she did not manage to tell him something because of the urgency of the situation. 

"Did I have something I wanted to tell you?" Yu Xuening swiveled her eyes around and thought. "We'll talk about it later,"  you'll find out about it sooner or later," she added.

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes, but there was nothing he could do. In the end, he did not press further as he reckoned that she would not harm him. 

On the last few floors, the rumbles and crackles of the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning sounded much louder than before. The immense pressure caused Yu Xuening to pause a few times, but she eventually got through it. 

Yang Chen eventually realized that her True Yuan and cultivation foundation were considerably superior to his. Even if he didn't use the Chaos Cauldron, he was counting on Chaos Energy to absorb some of the heavenly lightning. As a result, he was technically cheating.

In comparison, Yu Xuening did not use any artifact and relied on her cultivation solely to brace through the lightning strikes.  

At the top of the tower, Yu Xuening surveyed the surroundings curiously before looking for Luo Xiaoxiao with Yang Chen. 

The anxious Luo Xiaoxiao assumed Yang Chen would take a long time downstairs, so she was overjoyed to see him return so soon.

At the sight of the glamorous Yu Xuening beside him, her eyes widened before she compared herself to her. 

Feelings of inferiority washed over her. Yu Xuening was so pretty that she found it hard to greet her, despite being of the same gender. All she did was tug at Yang Chen’s sleeve and ask if Yu Xuening was her lover. 

He had mentioned Yu Xuening before, but Luo Xiaoxiao could associate the name with the woman before her. 

Yang Chen quickly rejected it, because he would never dare to look directly at Yu Xuening. After all, after they left the tower, her skills would most certainly be on par with Athena's. He was terrified of dealing with someone more powerful than himself, much alone her strange personality. Despite this, he had not given up on his desire to slap Athena's buttocks.

Yu Xuening, on the other hand, let out a teasing laugh. “Wow, you brought another woman with you this time. Not bad. This child has great talent; she has the potential to become an elite if cultivated properly. If you leave her in my hands, I can also turn her into a good channel for you to obtain Yin energy for your cultivation. Yang Chen, would you like to try it?”

Her words frightened Luo Xiaoxiao, who flushed angrily and yelled, “W-Who are you! Yang Chen is a kind man. Don’t lead him astray!”

Yang Chen said resignedly, “All right now. Yu Xuening, don’t scare her. We should find the exit instead.”

“I think you’d be more interested in something else instead.” Yu Xuening smiled mysteriously, as though she had made a discovery. 

The puzzled Yang Chen watched as she flew to the center of the array. 

Then, he brought Luo Xiaoxiao along with him, and the trio arrived at the center of the topmost floor. There, he finally saw the item mentioned by Yu Xuening. 

Hovering below the ceiling was a huge black and brown drum the size of a human.  The design was strange, with sharp angles and around eight sides.

The material it was made of was unknown, and gathering around it were the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning bolts of unimaginably high concentration. 

It was easy to tell that the heavenly lightning inside the Sky Tower was released from it. 

Yu Xuening quickly comprehended the situation and smiled. “So it’s this… One of the divine artifacts of the Great Ancient era is the Nao Drum. Kiddo, you’re learning something new again.”