It sort of killed the mood when that question was asked, but it was a good query. Smiling, Yu Xuening said mysteriously, “So what if that happens? This is the best the Immortals could do. Their goal is to allow all beings to be able to live on, not destroy the world. As for whether the setting would be exploited, I’m sure they must have taken that into consideration. However, I can tell you something. That Meng clan’s ancestor chose to give up on taking the Nao Drum. As for the reason, you won’t understand even if I tell you now.”

“What! How can you leave us in suspense! We’re not children!” Luo Xiaoxiao puffed up her cheeks. 

“Little girl, I’m over 50,000 years old. For a young girl, you sure have a big temper.”

Yu Xuening seemed to find her cute, so she reached out to pinch her cheeks. That vexed Luo Xiaoxiao. 

Yang Chen felt that Yu Xuening was hiding many things from him, but he knew it was pointless to ask. 

For example, he would not even know if there were more to the ancient scriptures in the Sky Tower. Since only she understood them, he could only choose to believe her.  

Regardless, both of them could more or less understand why the Sky Tower suddenly opened. 

The truth was that the Sky Tower had always been open, unlike the general impression. That meant it had always allowed demon and devil cultivators in. 

However, because the ancestor of the Meng clan took the key which led to the Eye of the Sky Demon, the channel—the massive purple array Yang Chen and Luo Xiaoxiao saw—was closed.

Once the array was closed, it stopped the Yin energy from entering the Sky Tower. Gradually, the tower could not obtain sufficient Yin energy to produce the Ziqing Heavenly Lightning. 

In order to have enough power to subdue the demon and devil cultivators, the tower chose to open up once every 60 years. 

However, with the return of the key, the Sky Tower obtained enough Yin energy and could be reopened. 

Yang Chen had to admit that the design by the Great Ancient Immortals was intricate. 

“Hey, the Nao Drum is right before your eyes. If you want to take it, do it soon. The decision is up to you. If you don’t want it, let’s leave,”

Yu Xuening said. 

Surprised, he said, “You're asking me to choose? You don’t want the demon and devil cultivators to leave the Ten Thousand Demon Realm?”

His query evoked a giggle from her. With a nonchalant expression, she said, “Why should I let them go out? I left with my own capabilities, so they can’t blame me if they fail, can they?”

Yang Chen pondered for a moment and shook his head while wearing a wry smile. “If I don’t let them out, it’ll be hard to explain myself to the people in the Honghuang realm. Never mind. If even you, the ancestor of the Qingqiu clan, isn’t bothered, why should I, a mere human, care about it then? They can’t do anything to me anyway, so I won’t take it. Let the Nao Drum remain here.”

Yu Xuening narrowed her eyes. “Why aren’t you taking it? You have to know once you take it, the hundreds of Sky Demon and Sky Devils would be indebted to you. Once they are in the outside world, they would have the power of Tai Qing or even the pinnacle of Shang Qing.”

Yang Chen shrugged. “So what? When the world is in chaos, I would’ve to jump in to clear the mess. Even though I’ve killed plenty of people, I can’t let humans worry about extinction. I still have that much integrity.”

“That’s a pity. I thought you would take a bet since you’ve plenty of problems outside,” she commented, her eyes flickering. 

In the end, the trio took a last few looks at the Nao Drum before deciding to look for the exit. 

It was a relatively easy process. Soon, they discovered the gate to the outside world across the channel of the Eye of the Sky Demon.

It did not have any special mechanism, but the unique array only allowed one to exit, not enter. 

Without hesitation, they went through the exit. 

Their view was blurry for a second before they saw snow-covered mountain ranges, forests, and ancient building complexes. 

It was the Demon Lock Tower at Shushan where Yang Chen arrived after leaving the Sky Tower previously. 

At that moment, his heart sank, and his hair stood on end as he whipped around to look at Yu Xuening. 

An oppression so overpowering that he felt like thousands of mountains were pressing down on him. 

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox no longer seemed like a feeble beauty to him. Instead, she had grown to an immense size, resembling a god that could squash him to death with a strike. 

What was even more terrifying was Yang Chen's keen sense that limitless energy within heaven and earth was fluctuating and contorting as a result of her appearance.

Even though Yang Chen could control the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, he could not cause the world to change with his appearance. 

If he had to put it into words, his relationship with Heaven and Earth was one of collaboration and friendship. Yu Xuening, on the other hand, appeared to be superior to Heaven and Earth. They were terrified of her!

Surprisingly, the Demon Lock Tower did not react to the phenomenon caused by her, staying meekly quiet. 

With a blissful and beautiful smile, Yu Xuening stretched gracefully. 

The cold did not affect her good mood in enjoying the ray of sunlight and fresh air. 

When she realized the change in Yang Chen’s expression and how Luo Xiaoxiao has opened up a True Yuan barrier from fire with her face flushed and eyes filled with terror, she let out a chuckle. 

“My apologies. I’ve forgotten that my powers will recover after I leave the tower.”

As soon as she spoke, the oppression was retracted. Peace returned to the area, as though everything that had happened earlier was a hallucination. 

Yang Chen let out a sigh of relief. Gulping, he said, “You… Were your abilities only restricted by half in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm?”

She blinked adorably and said, “Once your cultivation base reaches a certain level, you’ll know I couldn’t have fought with Wen Tao for over a year if I was weak. I was the one who broke his Blood Demon Dragon Bone. The Ten Thousand Demon Realm had different restrictions for demon cultivators of different cultivation bases. I admit that the restriction on me is higher, but don’t worry. I bear no malice toward you…”

Yang Chen was nonplussed. Indeed, he would be powerless against her if she ever tried to attack him. 

In fact, he believed Athena would not be a good match for her. Of course, that assumption was based on his lack of knowledge about her peak abilities.

Nonetheless, he was certain that Yu Xuening was in a different league than him, one he could not overcome as of then.  

Truth be told, he thought Yu Xuening might not just be at the pinnacle of Yu Qing, but he did not know what existed beyond that stage. 

Luo Xiaoxiao looked at the white scenery and asked curiously, “Why is it so cold here? It’s even snowing. Is it winter now?”

Yang Chen could feel that his divinity had strengthened, and his spiritual energy was near the pinnacle of Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning.

The Gaia’s Heart is becoming more of a nuisance. 

Yu Xuening observed his surroundings with interest. "It appears that a great deal of trouble has occurred in the outside world, but it has nothing to do with me." I'd like to meet the members of my clan, kid. Lead the way."

Yang Chen hesitated for a moment before saying, “I want to send Ms. Luo back to the illusionary dimension first and settle some grudges between her father and me. Your descendant, the leader of the Qingqiu clan, should be in my territory.  You can follow me along when I return.”

“That’s fine too. I haven’t been here in 50,000 years. Introduce me to some fun spots on Earth!” she said excitedly. At that moment, she seemed innocent and pure hearted. 

However, he knew she was good at acting, and it was hard to tell what was on her mind. 

Meanwhile, Luo Xiaoxiao said worriedly, “Yang Chen, you promised me you won’t kill my dad and will go along with him well…”

When have I ever promised you that? 

Outwardly, he answered evasively, “Just do as I say. Whether or not your father is willing to bury the hatchet with me for your sake, that’s not up to me.”