Yang Chen had actually considered sparing Luo Qianqiu because of Cai Ning's master, Tang Luyi. However, that required Luo Qianqiu to be able to mind his own business.

Naturally, he would not believe in Luo Qianqiu’s claims and would have to think of another way to obtain confirmation. 

Although he missed his family deeply, he had to endure it and deal with the Luo clan first. 

Having made up his mind, he flew to the illusionary dimension with the two women. 

Along the way, he noticed that the highlands were extremely cold, as cold as the South Pole. Snowstorms ravaged the forests, burying many houses in the snow.

That causes him to frown. At the same time, Yu Xuening’s expression changed a little, as though she was surprised that the outside world was different than she had imagined. 

“It looks like the scale of your problem is considerable,” she teased. 

Yang Chen pursed his lips. “It’s not a problem to me, but it’s a different case for ordinary people.”

It did not take long for them to enter the illusionary dimension and head toward the Luo clan. 

With Yang Chen and Yu Xuening’s prowess, it would not be hard to hide the tracks in the illusionary dimension. After all, one of them was in Shang Qing, and the other’s cultivation base was so profound and most probably was above Yu Qing. 

Seeing that they were getting near to her house, Luo Xiaoxiao asked anxiously, “Yang Chen, do you think my father will agree to let me be with you? What if he disagrees? Should we—”

All of a sudden, he turned around and injected some True Yian into her acupressure point, cutting her off and knocking her out. 

Wearing a teasing smile, Yu Xuening watched him and commented, “Brat, your new lover wants to elope with you. Why did you knock her out? That’s cruel.”

“Come on. Her train of thought is odd. I don’t even remember giving her any promise, and she imagines it herself. Nothing has ever happened between us. I’m only willing to talk with her father because I felt sorry for her and some complicated relationship. Otherwise, I would’ve killed them all.”

“Tsk tsk, you've got too much blood on your hands. That’s not aligning with the way of heaven and earth, it’s against it.” 

Yang Chen merely chuckled and said nonchalantly. “What’s the difference? It won’t matter once I have control of the way of heaven and earth…”

Suddenly, the smile on his face froze as something in his mind was tugged on. 

It happened for a split second, and the sensation faded very quickly. 

It was like an undiscovered gem that shone a little through the thick mist. 

No matter how hard he tried to recall, they could not remember what was contained in that ray of shine. 

When he turned back and looked at Yu Xuening, he saw that the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox was combing her hair nonchalantly as though she had nothing to do with anything. 

Yang Chen swallowed hard and thought Yu Xuening might have given him a few pointers inadvertently. 

However, it was pointless to say them out. One had to receive the revelation and comprehended it oneself so that it would become one’s asset. 

Thus, she would not admit to anything and might not even have done it sincerely. 

That faint sensation had had his heart racing, but he tried his best to compose himself by taking a deep breath. 

It was still not time to mull over it yet, but he could confirm that Yu Xuening was surpassing the way of heaven and earth. 

At that moment, Yu Xuening stole a glance at Yang Chen. 

This kid does seem to have a chance…

In the blink of an eye, they had arrived above the Luo clan. 

Yang Chen asked Yu Xuening to watch over Luo Xiaoxiao since no one would be able to spot them because of her cultivation base. 

Then, he took off Luo Xiaoxiao’s deer jade piece. 

Using the Blinding Leaf, he adjusted his cultivation base to the pinnacle of the Tai Qing stage, the same as before he entered the Eye of the Sky Demon, then landed in the Luo clan’s fortress. 

As soon as the oppression from his True Yuan appeared, a large number of people appeared from all sides. Among them, more than fifteen were in the Ruo Water stage. 

However, those people could be ignored. After all, only Luo Pingchao and Luo Qianqiu, the father-son duo who were in the Tai Qing stage, could take one move from him. 

Luo Pingchao, who had recovered, and Luo Qianqiu, whose cultivation base had improved further, headed over from two directions and landed before Yang Chen at the same time. 

Seeing that Yang Chen was unscathed and was standing there leisurely, Luo Qianqiu instinctively looked around with a worried gaze. 

“Where’s my daughter?” he asked. 

That took Yang Chen by surprise. It seems like he does care about Luo Xiaoxiao since he asked for her immediately. 

“I thought you would want to know where I went and if I'm here to kill you,” Yang Chen said while smiling. 

“That’s between you and me. Where… is my daughter!?” Luo Qianqiu’s tone became heavier as he questioned Yang Chen. 

With a look of resignation and guilt, the latter took out the deer jade piece and tossed it to him. 

Luo Qianqiu immediately received it and looked at it. “This is the jade I gave to Xiaoxiao! Why is it with you!?”

Yang Chen exhaled a sigh. "Out of nowhere, we were sucked into the Eye of the Sky Demon. You should be aware that the Eye of the Sky Demon contains a large number of devil spirits. They pose no threat to me, but... your daughter's cultivation base is too low, so when I found her, she had lost too much vitality and was on the verge of death..."

Luo Qianqiu turned ghastly pale, his eyes turning bloodshot. Looking at the jade piece, he turned his head blankly as if he could not believe Yang Chen. 

“Nonsense! With your cultivation base, how is it possible for you to fail at saving my granddaughter!?” Luo Pingchao thundered, seemingly grieving for Luo Xiaoxiao. 

“There’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me. I never needed any medicinal pills and have given all of them to other people. The most I can do is extend her life for a while, but she has lost too much vitality for me to bring her back from the dead,” Yang Chen replied. 

“Shut up! You must have killed my daughter, didn’t you!” Luo Qianqiu roared, his eyes glistening with tears and his face contemptuous. He didn't appear to be an elite at the time, but rather a father in mourning for his child.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, inside a powerful barrier that could not be detected by anyone, Yu Xuening awoke Luo Xiaoxiao. 

That was not Yang Chen’s order. She had decided to do it on her own as she felt it would be more interesting to let the young woman witness what was happening. 

Initially, Luo Xiaoxiao did not understand the purpose of Yang Chen’s action, but when she saw how sorrowful her father looked because of her death, she, too, pouted and started shedding tears. 

Although she wanted to jump down and tell her father she was alive, Yu Xuening had a tight grip on her. 

Below them, Yang Chen was showcasing his perfect acting skills, his face carrying a hint of bitterness. 

“It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Ms. Luo gave me this jade before she passed away. She said you nicknamed her Lu’er, that you treated her better than her brother, that you had many difficulties, and you’re not a bad person… She wants me to stop being enemies with you and wishes that you can let go of some things. At the very least, don’t be my foe because she doesn’t want you to die.”

Even before he finished his made-up story, Luo Qianqiu gripped the jade tightly with his teeth clenched, evidently losing control of his emotions. 

He did not let his tears fall because there were too many people around him. 

However, his reactions and the emotions he displayed aroused the sympathy and pity of many people. 

Yang Chen waited for a moment before saying, “You should know that I’m not afraid of you if you intend to fight me to the death. In truth, if Zhiqing and I weren’t indebted to Ms. Luo, I wouldn’t have taken her words seriously. However, as of now, I’m willing to fulfill her dying wish, provided that you and your clan will not go against me anymore. You are well aware that I have no interest in coming to the illusionary dimension to play with you, nor am I interested in the power game. My people and I are having a great time overseas. If you hadn’t sought trouble with me, I wouldn’t have come over.”

A look of delight appeared on everyone’s faces when they heard his words. 

They were not as fearless as Luo Qianqiu and wished to live as long as possible. After all, it was not easy to attain their cultivation, so they were not willing to send themselves to death by fighting an unparalleled person.