In an instant, everyone’s eyes were riveted on Luo Qianqiu. Even Luo Pingchao let him make the decision and awaited his reply. 

If he insisted on fighting Yang Chen, they would not be able to do anything. Even if they wanted to deflect to the latter, he would not accept it. 

Luo Qianqiu looked miserable at the time. With reddened eyes, he muttered his daughter's nickname while holding the jade in his palm. It was clear he was reminiscing about the past. 

A long time later, he raised his head and let out a deep breath. 

The sorrow in his eyes cleared a little as he suddenly said, “Your cultivation has improved. Why are you concealing your abilities when you’re capable of taking down the whole world?”

Yang Chen was not the only one who was shocked by his utterance. Everyone else, including Luo Pingchao, was startled. 

Frowning, Yang Chen wondered how Luo Qianqiu saw through his disguise when he had used the Blinding Leaf. 

Luo Qianqiu forced a laugh. “You were my greatest foe, so I know you well. Even though your cultivation base doesn’t seem to have changed, your aura has elevated, and so is the confidence in your eyes. I’m probably the only one here who can detect such minuscule changes.”

Yang Chen was stunned. “Did you say ‘were’? Does that mean…”

“How can I not accept Xiaoxiao’s dying wish? Besides, I don’t want a massacre to happen in my clan just like what the Ning clan went through.” Luo Qianqiu sighed. It seemed as if he had aged a decade older. 

He had been busy taking over the forces of the Xiao and Ning clans, obtaining the support of the Taishang elders, and removing the remaining rivals, but he didn't feel particularly successful.

His daughter was his only blood relative other than his father and grandfather. 

He wanted to share his achievements with her, but she was nowhere to be found. 

It was a sense of desolation different from before. In the past, he had someone to fixate those feelings on, so it was warm. That time around, he felt lonely because he could not see the future and that everything was not worth it. 

As it turned out, many things were not as important as he thought, and he could let go of them. 

Gradually, Luo Qianqiu no longer wished to attain a new realm and only hoped for the heavens to surprise him and return his daughter to his side. 

If he could have another chance, he would not treat her harshly, criticize her innocence, or give her the cold shoulder. 

However, it was all too late. 

Luo Xiaoxiao’s ‘dying wish’ gave him a chance to back out of a conflict, but it also woke him up completely. 

Yang Chen let out a sigh of relief, glad that he did not have to kill Tang Luyi’s ex-lover. As for his grudge against the Luo clan, it no longer mattered to him. 

With the advancement of his realm, he could let go of many things because everything was under his control. 

Smiling, he lifted his head and said, “All right, let her down.”

Just as everyone was puzzled by his words, the view in front of them became blurry, and a woman with ethereal beauty appeared in the center.  

Holding hands with her was the sobbing Luo Xiaoxiao. 

Luo Pingchao and Luo Qianqiu were astonished that they failed to realize someone was watching over them in the air, not to mention she was with another person. The woman’s cultivation base was far superior to theirs. 


Luo Xiaoxiao pounced at her father, who still looked devastated. 

What’s going on? A dazed expression appeared on his face. 

“Xiaoxiao? You… How did you…”

The young lady was far more excited than him, pecking him in the face multiple times in front of everyone. Even her tears and saliva were left on him. 

By the time Luo Qianqiu returned to his senses, his daughter had embarrassed him before everyone. 

With a scarlet face, he yelled, “What are you doing?! S-Stop kissing!”

He became further embarrassed when he heard others laughing at them. 

Yang Chen smirked, amused by the situation before him. It seemed like Luo Xiaoxiao was indeed the bane of Luo Qianqiu’s existence. 

Plenty of people had caught on and were all looking at him gratefully. 

On the other hand, Luo Qianqiu felt he was tricked by Yang Chen. However, Luo Xiaoxiao kept holding onto his neck, so he could only shoot him a glare, though it did not look threatening. 

Yu Xuening giggled and blinked at Yang Chen. “Bray, you did a good job this time. I thought you only knew to fight and kill.”

He rolled her eyes at her. “You have much to learn about me. All right. I’ve settled things here, so let’s go.”

Yang Chen did not want to stay any longer, lest Luo Xiaoxiao said things that would make him feel awkward. 

Naturally, Yu Xuening had no objections to his suggestion. Soon, they disappeared before everyone. 

With their speed, no one would be able to catch up to them. By the time Luo Xiaoxiao realized Yang Chen was gone, it was too late. Thinking that she was “abandoned” by him again, she stamped her feet and called him names. 

Luo Qianqiu hurriedly asked her what had happened while she was gone since he was worried Yang Chen had done something to her. As to how Luo Xiaoxiao embellished the story to her father, Yang Chen was completely unaware. 

After leaving the illusionary dimension, he did not fly to the Mediterranean Sea straight away. The scene of Luo Xiaoxiao’s revival with her father replayed in his mind, which led him to miss his mother. 

He hesitated for a while and headed to Jiangnan military zone. 

Because he had to explain many things to the curious Yu Xuening, they did not travel fast and would look at the scenery on the way. 

The whole of China had entered into a terrifying winter, and most of the northern region had been deserted except for a few areas.

Even the temperature in the southern regions had dropped to below negative ten degrees in the day and negative twenty to thirty at night. 

Most of the southern regions did not have heating, and the high usage of air conditioners caused frequent short circuits with no one to fix them due to the snowstorm. 

Chaos descended into the northern regions. Not only was it dark everywhere, but the crime rate had also increased. 

Millionaires migrated abroad, while the wealthy could only hide at home. The ordinary folks bore the brunt of the damage.

When Yang Chen and Yu Xuening arrived at the Jiangnan military zone, the sight that greeted them undoubtedly baffled him.

There was no one in the military zone. The supplies were unguarded, and the commander’s residence was deserted. 

Associating that scene with the things she saw earlier, Yu Xuening smiled and joked, “My, the turmoil in the world has nothing to do with my appearance, right?”

Yang Chen was not in the mood to listen to her joke. She probably wouldn’t think it’s a problem even if everyone in the world died. 

A hint of concern and anger appeared in his eyes. 

The Gods had been evasive about the function of the Gaia’s Heart, but from the looks of things, it should be capable of destroying humanity, if not conquering the world. 

“Let’s check out Beijing.”

Without delay, he brought Yu Xuening to the Yang residence in Beijing. 

Eighty to ninety percent of Beijing residents had left, but the Yang residence remained brightly lit. 

The snowstorm had covered the paths, and the guards of the Yang family were clearing the snow diligently.

The generator in the house worked on diesel fuel. Fortunately, they had enough supply to last for a short period. 

Sensing that the Yang family members were in Yang Gongming’s study, they went over there directly. 

The Yangs were huddled before Yang Gongming’s desk, discussing something. The sound of the door opening frightened them. 

“Yang Chen!?”

When Guo Xuehua recognized her son, she was overjoyed and went up to hug him. 

“My son! You’re finally back! Where have you gone? Let me take a look at you! Are you alright? You gave me a scare. Why were you unreachable for so long?”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she kept touching his face and body. It seemed like she was afraid that it was all her hallucination.