Yang Chen’s appearance caused everyone to feel emotional. After getting over their initial shock, they became overjoyed. The ladies were unable to suppress their tears as their worry and anxiety for the past weeks overwhelmed them. 

Seeing their misty eyes and aggrieved expressions, he felt guilty and could only force an awkward smile. 

Despite his exceptional cultivation base, cold sweat formed on his palms due to the pent-up longing for his family. 

"I've returned. "I'm sorry I got into an accident and caused you all to worry about me," he said as calmly as he could.

“We almost lost our minds because of you!” Ma Guifang was the first to speak, berating her son-in-law immediately. 

Yang Chen could only give her a foolish smile. At the same time, he was embarrassed to face his women as he could imagine how helpless they felt when the man of the family was not around during such a helpless circumstance. 

After exchanging glances with Lin Ruoxi, he realized that she looked the calmest. It was as though she knew he would soon return. 

That caused him to feel a little uneasy, dispelling the joy from reuniting with his family. 

Seeing that her father had returned, Lanlan put down her fork and dashed toward him. While hugging his thigh, she nuzzled her cherubic cheeks against him. 

“Daddy, where did you run off to play? Did you bring a present for me?”

A surge of warmth arose in Yang Chen’s heart, and he bent down to pick her up. Tightening his grip on her, he planted a few pecks on her cheeks. 

Since becoming a father, his mental state has changed a lot. During his time in the Eye of the Sky Demon, he would think of his daughter every day. The affinity of blood relationship could not be explained with words. 

“You’re asking for presents again. I’ve to ask your mother if you’ve been a good kid. Otherwise, you won’t get presents.”

Lanlan instantly looked at Lin Ruoxi pitifully, pleading for her not to reveal her recent trips out of the island for fear of upsetting her father. 

Her reaction amused the elders, who chuckled in response. 

The atmosphere seemed to have lightened thanks to Lanlan. 

They all had the mood to recollect themselves and approached to ask Yang Chen what had happened. 

Of course, they, too, discovered Yu Xuening. 

When they saw such a beautiful woman dressed in traditional garb, it was difficult for them to remain calm. In truth, she was as attractive as Lin Ruoxi but more intriguing and seductive.

Yu Xuening did not mind their gazes and was checking out the decorations in the castle. Her eyes even lit up as she stared at the large television and home theatre system. 

Yang Chen told everyone to have a seat so that he could recount the ins and outs of the situation. 

Before that, Yu Lanting, Yu Qiyun, and Yu Wenhong, who had been dawdling outside the castle, finally suppressed their excitement and walked in. 

The members of the Qingqiu clan had a unique way to identify each other. To put it simply, they could sense the familiar scent of foxes. 

Although they had never met their ancestor, they could deduce through her scent and profound cultivation base. 

However, the blissful news came too sudden that they found it hard to believe. 

The three demons stood in the corridor, staring at Yu Xuening, who was looking around the living hall, from afar. They dared not approach, holding the hem of their dress tightly, their bodies trembling, and their eyes reddening. 

At that sight, Yang Chen could not bring himself to talk to his family yet and hollered at Yu Xuening. 

“Hey, Yu Xuening, didn’t you want to meet your clan members? They are the clan leader and elders of the Qingqiu clan.”

The second they heard him call Yu Xuening, the three women lost all strength in their legs and prostrated themselves on the ground. 


The sudden change frightened the others. This woman with ethereal beauty is Yu Lanting’s ancestor!?

Naturally, they cast curious gazes at Yang Chen, who nodded and explained what happened at the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. 

Only then did Yu Xuening return to her senses and look at the kneeling women apologetically. “You may rise. I’ve been too preoccupied with the fascinating things here that I neglected the three of you. What are your names?” 

The three women rose to their feet carefully and introduced themselves. At the same time, they shook their heads and said she did nothing wrong and that they were at fault for intruding. 

Those present knew that the three demons were thousands of years old, so they were amused to see them look so afraid like children meeting their parents. 

Smiling, Yu Xuening walked over and stroked their heads. Though they seemed to be the same age in terms of appearance, the way she stroked them resembled an elder’s attitude towards young children. 

Suddenly, her eyes glowed in green like two green gems. 

The same thing happened to the three women, but the glow in their eyes was dimmer.  

After a while, Yu Xuening nodded. “I’ve let down the clan 50,000 years ago, but I’m glad you have inherited the noblest and purest bloodline in our clan. I’m gratified that a grave mistake didn’t happen because of me…”

Yu Lanting shook her head vehemently. “No, no. Ancestor, you’re our clan’s glory. The rise and fall of the Qingqiu clan don’t depend on you solely. We’ve always believed that you’re still alive. From now on, we still need you to lead us to new heights!”

Yu Xuening smiled a little but did not respond to her statement. “Don’t call me ‘ancestor,’ do I look that old?”

“Ah? No… no… That’s not it…” The three women flushed, wondering if they had offended Yu Xuening. 

Yu Xuening sat on the couch and said to Yang Chen, “Kid, I’m not in a hurry to talk to my descendants. Don’t you have a serious matter to talk about? Go on.”

At that moment, Tang Wan, Cai Ning, and the rest of the women who were cultivating had come out. They were all waiting for Yang Chen’s explanation eagerly. 

Immediately, he began providing a brief narrative of his previous experience, omitting as much as he could about Luo Xiaoxiao and the devil spirits. After explaining why he couldn't return in time, he swiftly inquired about Jane's condition.

Compared to the global drop in temperature and Gaia’s Heart, he was more concerned about searching for his woman. 

“Hubby, when you weren’t around, we’ve investigated that America and the main countries in the European Union have built a massive military base in the highland of Ethiopia. The temperature there is higher, and it’s sparsely populated. The transport of minerals is also more convenient. They’re planning to build the Noah Ark there and bring it underwater. Jane should be there. Because they’ve threatened her with the lives of civilians, so… Jane could only help them build the Noah Ark. Otherwise, she could’ve returned on her own, given her cultivation base,” Rose explained. 

Yang Chen sneered. “Noah Ark? That’s just a lie to deceive themselves. With human’s current technology, it would be pointless for them to do anything if the Gods are planning to obliterate them. Even Jane can’t defeat the Gods through technology…”

He could sense that the mental-spiritual energy housed within Hades' divinity had reached new heights. It was on par with the genuine Yuan in the Full Cycle of Tai Qing in terms of pure mental-spiritual vitality!

If the situation continued to develop in such a way, his mental-spiritual energy would reach Shang Qing. 

As his divinity was inherited, he had yet to unleash its full potential. Moreover, Poseidon, Athena, and the rest were originally more powerful than him. 

That was a probability that Poseidon’s space law was in Shang Qing, at the very least. 

In the face of such Gods, he did not have the confidence to fight them, even if he was in Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning. 

Yang Chen had believed the Gods’ claim that they only had twenty to thirty percent of their abilities left. 

Back when the Gods first arrived on Earth 20,000 years ago, their powers were sealed by Gaia’s Heart. 

If Gaia’s Heart was not sealed, the Gods would have dominated the world 20,000 years ago.