When everyone heard Yang Chen’s utterances, they became solemn. Although they knew this matter would lead to the final war between humans and the Gods, they did not expect him to lack the confidence in stopping it from happening. 

“Then what should we do? Are we going to watch the temperature continue to drop?” Mo Qianni asked worriedly. 

Yang Chen contemplated for a moment. “Let’s put that aside first. I have to bring Jane back. Instead of wasting time to build the Noah Ark, it’s more important to have her stay here so that her safety is ensured.”

The ladies had no objection. They dared not make a decision on their own when Yang Chen was not around, but now that he had returned, they would follow everything he said. 

Meanwhile, Yu Xuening did not plan to wander around with Yang Chen. She called upon the three demons and headed to the Honghuang realm to visit the clan. 

Yang Chen was not worried about what would ensure after her return to the clan. No matter how displeased they devil cultivators were toward him and assumed he was unwilling to save their peers, they dared not do anything to him. After all, Yu Xuening came out of the Ten Thousand Demon Realm through her own capability. It has nothing much to do with him. 

After finding out the location of the military base, he headed there alone. 

The highland of Ethiopia was more than four thousand meters above sea level, the source of four rivers which included the Atbarah River. 

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russian army built the military base there for two reasons. Other than the rich water source, they could excavate the highland and build the Noah Ark within the mountain for protection and convenience to enter the sea. 

Once he arrived above the sea near the highland, he saw multiple army fleets waiting below and all sorts of warships equipped with Aegis Combat System. 

All the countries except China had formed an alliance, so the number of troops came up to a terrifying number. At first glance, there seemed to be at least two million soldiers stationed outside. 

Yang Chen scanned the entrance of the base with his divinity before flying down. 

The vicinity of a massive mountain area was enclosed with a high strength alloy gate over one hundred metres tall and three hundred meters wide.  

When Yang Chen appeared on a nuclear powered aircraft carrier outside the gate, it immediately attracted the garrison’s attention. 

“Stand right there! Who are you!?” 

Fifty-odd fully armed Navy SEALs gathered from all directions, and three Apaches also monitored him closely. 

Yang Chen did not bother to talk to them. After striding to the metal gate, he leaped dozens of meters upward and threw his fist at the center. 


With a deafening sound, the mountain shook, and boulders came rolling down, alerting the nearby troops. 

Under countless terrified gazes, Yang Chen created a massive hole inside the alloy gate that was over ten metres thick. 

Yang Chen sauntered into the base through hole, leaving the dumbfounded American soldiers behind. 

The space excavated within the highland was so massive that it astonished Yang Chen. 

It was like a magical world that appeared out of nowhere without an end in sight. 

The height of the whole space must be over three hundred metres tall, the central region containing a pond formed from inflowing water. 

Right above the pond were two conspicuous black and gold giant iron beasts, their size far bigger than aircraft carriers. 

Like those in sci-fi movies, they looked majestic. Although they had the appearance of a submarine, they looked more like cruise ships for most details. 

On each corner of the space were frameworks made from iron, and hundreds of buildings erected in the form of iron fortresses. They all had their own function, mostly used for processing and development of the Noah Ark.

The white lights peppered the sky like stars, shining from above and lighting up the whole area. 

The workers, researchers, and supervisors were all busy as bees, doing their job in this world. 

Yang Chen was puzzled as to when humans possessed such terrifying excavating and constructing abilities. After all, it was not a small project. That base could be considered the human's miraculous world. 

Because of Yang Chen’s forceful intrusion, sirens were blaring inside the space, and red lights were flashing at all corners. 

“Attention, everyone! Attention, everyone! An intruder has breached the perimeter!”

While some of the workers were still in a daze, a large number of soldiers and guardians had emerged from all areas, dashing towards Yang Chen. 

He soon realised that the situation there was more complex than he had thought as humans were not the only ones there. 

A large group of people clad in black with skin as white as snow rushed over. They were all high-ranked members of the blood race. 

Following closely behind them were a group of people with superpowers. 

In fact, the blood race’s mortal enemies, the werewolves, bared their fangs as they ran towards Yang Chen. 

Surprisingly, even the Vatican, the Dark Parliament’s foe, had dispatched their Crusaders and Knights of the Holy Palace to besiege him. 

A smile appeared on Yang Chen’s face. As he stared at the crowd that appeared out of nowhere, he understood many things. 

The humans could build such a large base in a short time because of the help they received from the werewolves, blood race, and superpower users. 

The wizards from the United Kingdom’s Merlin Magic Association alone could make use of powerful spells to disintegrate the earth element inside the mountain and thus excavate it speedily. As for the werewolves and blood race who had invincible strength, they could carry items that human’s machines failed to lift. 

In the group of blood race that first arrived before Yang Chen, someone recognised him and immediately halted the others. 

This beautiful and sexy woman was Lilith, who he once had an encounter with. 

“Everyone, stop! It’s His Majesty Pluto!”

Lilith was stunned for a moment before she immediately issued an order to halt the others. 

At that moment, a few more princes of the blood race and the elders of the werewolves came along with a few human generals and special forces. 

Some of them included Yang Chen’s acquaintances—Lilith’s father, Sargeras, Director of FBI, Balotelli, and Frodesa from DGSE, who had all recognised Yang Chen. 

However, they were all wary of him, wearing solemn expressions. 

Seeing the hundreds of special guards of different levels of capabilities, Yang Chen could not help but lament. 

“Tch, I used to think that the church and the Dark Parliament would always be on opposing sides, there would never be peaceful days between the werewolves and the Camarillas, and the FBI would never allow the KGB to appear in the same place. It seems like reality has proved me wrong today. All of you are collaborating,” he remarked, smirking. 

The prominent figures present knew his appearance since Hades had long been one of the Gods known by humans. 

Due to the situation between humans and Gods, they naturally felt nervous. 

“Your Majesty, it isn’t appropriate for you to show up here,” Sargeras said, frowning. 

Yang Chen chuckled. “Sargeras, have your wounds recovered? The injury caused by seraph won’t be healed so easily.”

Those from the church clearly felt awkward, while Sageras was unfazed. “I haven’t recovered, but I can’t continue sleeping… The humans’ extinction might not necessarily equate to the blood race’s survival.”

“Your Majesty, even though you’re one of the Gods, you’re still human. Please don’t make things hard for us. We know you’re formidable, but we’ll go all out in order to live on…” A hint of sorrow flashed across Lilith’s eyes, but her hands had gripped her weapon.

Yang Chen shrugged. “You guys are overthinking. I’m merely here to bring my woman home. Where is Jane? Why can’t I sense her presence in this region?”