Even though Yang Chen was infuriated that the countries collaboratively seized Jane, he could understand the humans’ survival instinct since their lives were on the line. 

Now that he had returned, he could not just sit around, hence he came to bring Jane home. 

At that moment, he was weirded out by the fact he could not locate Jane even with his divinity. Could there be another base?

When the others heard his question, they appeared to be troubled and nervous. 

Yang Chen’s expression darkened as his heart sank. “Did something happen to Jane?”

After a long silence, Lilith was the first to speak. She sighed and said, “Your Majesty, we can’t hide it from you. Princess Jane was abducted.”

His gaze turned chilly. When his eyes ranged over those who were present, they became alerted and broke out in a cold sweat. 

Judging from their reaction, Yang Chen knew Lilith did not lie. After all, they dared not deceive him. 

“What do you mean by that?” he asked in the calmest tone he could manage. 

Sargeras explained, “It happened at night three years ago. An expert breached into the base and took Princess Jane away. We couldn’t tell how they managed to do it, but judging from their movements, they should be Chinese cultivators. Because Princess Jane struggled a little, she was restrained with greater strength.”

Yang Chen felt uneasy. Could it be someone from the illusionary dimension? But they have no reason to abduct Jane, same for the demon and devil cultivators from the Honghuang realm. 

“Your Majesty, we didn’t inform you earlier on this because we did not know about your whereabouts. The construction of Noah's Ark remains our main goal even after Princess Jane’s disappearance. We dare not have any mishaps since we’re racing with time,” a general dressed in a military uniform uttered. 

Yang Chen knew it was pointless to be anxious. It seemed like someone had indeed abducted Jane, but their motive was unknown. Nonetheless, she should be fine since they would have killed her if they wanted to instead of going through the trouble to kidnap her. 

“Can you still continue constructing without Jane?” he asked while frowning. 

The general replied, “Princess Jane has completed the blueprint for the Noah Ark. Although there are some minor details that require further discussion, we are confident that we can complete the construction speedily with our manpower from all over the world,” the general replied. 

That surprised Yang Chen. Jane actually managed to design such a massive battleship in such a short time? Has she thought of creating something like this before? What is in her brain? 

Despite the questions in his mind, he knew they were the least of his concern for now. He had to think of a way to find Jane. As long as she was on Earth, he should be able to find her. 

As for Gaia’s Heart, he had to come up with a solution too. 

Just as he turned to leave, Lilith suddenly walked forward and asked, “Your Majesty, w-will you help us?”

Yang Chen halted in his tracks and turned around, only to be greeted with expectant and hopeful gazes. 

Although the construction of Noah's Ark was going on smoothly, everyone in the base, including the major forces, knew the true trial was not the drop in global temperature, but whether or not Gods would massacre humans. 

People like Sargeras had witnessed Yang Chen’s prowess, so they felt apprehensive about the prospect of a battle with the other eleven Gods. 

All of a sudden, he felt an emotion he had never experienced before. 

In the past, he did not think there was a difference between being a human or a God with inherited divinity. He was still Yang Chen, a human and also a God. 

It was only then did he understand that humans and Gods were two different races. 

In the world of animals, two different species might be able to live peacefully together for years, but there was a chance that the stronger one would eat the weaker one due to starvation. It was just a matter of time before it happened, and it had nothing to do with sentiments or morals. 

Yang Chen parted his lips to speak but could not form the sentence. In the end, a sigh was all that fell from his lips. 

Disappointment was written all over their faces when he offered no reply. Nonetheless, they had expected such an outcome since he could not fight against a mighty group on his own. 

Yang Chen soon left the base and returned to The Forgotten Realms.  

On his way back, he slowed down his pace a lot, which put him in a solemn mood too. 

As soon as he arrived above the island, he sensed something was amiss and quickly appeared in the castle. 

In the living hall, the atmosphere was frighteningly tense. The women and their relatives were all seated, staring at an unfamiliar-looking man. 

He was sitting at Yang Chen’s usual spot, sporting a rather old white shirt matched with grey slacks. As for his hair, it seemed like he had it trimmed by a roadside hairdresser. 

The man had no facial hair, with a sharp chin and quite handsome facial features. If it were not for his woeful gaze which made him seem old, one would have taken him for a university student. 

Yang Chen frowned when he spotted Lin Ruoxi’s Fengxiang bracelet in his hand. 

Moreover, he had been stroking it absorbedly as if it was a treasure. 

“Hubby, you’re back.” Lin Ruoxi came forth and greeted him with Lanlan in her arms. “This senior has been waiting for you,” she added with a smile on her face. 

Lin Ruoxi was probably the only calm one here. It was as though she was not worried by the strange newcomer. 

“Why does he have the Fengxiang bracelet?” Yang Chen asked. 

She smiled resignedly and replied, “He took it from me as soon as he came in. We’re no match for him.”

He nodded and confirmed she and Lanlan were fine before walking forward to ask, “Who are you?”

The mysterious man raised his head and chuckled. “Young man, you shouldn’t talk to an elder so rudely.”

“This Fengxiang bracelet belongs to my wife. Give it back to her.” Yang Chen was displeased, but he could not come to blows with him due to certain reasons. 

However, the man raised a brow and pointed at the bracelet. “That’s a coincidence. This belongs to my wife too.”

Everyone, including Yang Chen, was stunned by his statement. Is he crazy?

“Even though you’re at the pinnacle of Shang Qing, you might not win against me. Thus, you’d better return it to my wife before you infuriate me.”

Yang Chen’s utterance caused an uproar in the room. 

This mysterious man has the cultivation base of the pinnacle of Shang Qing!?

Earlier on, they had heard from Yang Chen that he had gone through the heavenly lightning tribulation of Shang Qing, so they assumed no human could have a cultivation base greater than him. Yet, a monster appeared before them.