Yang Chen examined it and remembered the previous fight before exclaiming, "It's 'deviation!? Because everything in the world and the universe is always changing, and even the world's law fluctuates. Your 'Dao' manipulates the world's deviance to cause others to make mistakes!?"

“Deviation? Heh, that’s a unique expression. However, you have to know that I’m not trying to conceal the truth from you. It’s just that ‘Dao’ can’t be described with words.” The man nodded approvingly. 

Yang Chen also knew it was pointless to dwell on that matter. With his current comprehension, it would be impossible to decode the man’s “Dao” or defeat him unless his realm could be heightened to a higher level or if his abilities became superior to the law of the world. 

At the same time, he did not think he could win against the man by using artifacts since even the heavenly lightning failed to strike him. 

“Stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point. Who are you?” Yang Chen retracted the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning and asked him calmly. 

“Don’t be so anxious. Let’s have a seat while we talk.”

The mysterious man smiled and reappeared in the castle in a flash. 

Yang Chen frowned but still followed him back. Seeing that he was safe and sound, the women let out a collective sigh of relief. 

Once they were all seated, the man suddenly beckoned Lanlan, who was in Lin Ruoxi’s arms, over while smiling benevolently. 

“Little kids, your name is Lanlan, right? Come over. I have a present for you.”

The plump girl blinked. Despite the fact that she had no idea who the older man was, she had learned from her father not to refuse gifts. As a result, Lanlan jumped out of Lin Ruoxi's grip.

Lin Ruoxi did not stop her. It was as though she was not concerned at all. 

“Uncle, what present? Is it something tasty?” Lanlan asked expectantly as she stood before the man. 

Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, he pulled out a red bracelet from his space ring. 

Like a blazing flame, the bracelet was clear, brighter than a heliotrope, but more subtle than a ruby. 

“So pretty…” Hui Lin blurred out a comment that was in all the women’s minds. 

Cultivators instantly looked to see if the bracelet was an artifact. However, they soon recognized that it was the same as the Fengxiang bracelet. Though it appeared to be an artifact, they were unable to determine its degree or spiritual energy.

A hint of disappointment appeared on Lanlan’s face. She liked pretty things, but a bracelet was not as attractive as food. 

The man could see the changes in her expression, so he chuckled and poked her chubby cheek. “You’re an ungrateful one, you little girl.”

Despite his chiding, he still helped Lanlan put on the bracelet. 

Just as everyone was puzzled by his action, the next sentence from him astonished them. “This bracelet is called ‘Huofeng’, it’s a pair with the Fengxiang bracelet.”

Seeing that they were still confused, he added, “Actually, the real name of the Fengxiang bracelet is ‘Qingluan’. But when I gave it to my wife, she changed it to ‘Fengxiang’ so that our descendants would live harmoniously.”

That was a lot of information to take in. The man’s words… Why…

“Hold on! You said that you gave the Fengxiang bracelet to your wife. Who is your wife?” Even a worldly man like Yang Chen found it hard to believe. 

The man chuckled. “Silly boy, you still don’t get it? Then I’ll be clearer. My wife is your ancestor. My surname is Yang, and I’m Yang Yuansu. I’m your ancestor from over 4,000 years ago…”

After he said those words, the hall was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. 

Everyone’s mind was reeling from the unexpected news. 

After a long minute, Yang Chen swallowed hard and smiled awkwardly. “S-Stop joking. Are you obsessed about being someone’s ancestor?”

Despite his words, he was starting to believe it since even Yu Xuening had just returned to the mundane world. 

Yang Yuansu shook his head and sighed. All of a sudden, he took out the Fengxiang bracelet, also known as Qingluan from his space ring. 

A shocking scene appeared. 

The two bracelets, Qingluan and Huofeng, glowed brightly in green and red. Suddenly, two beams of fire, green and red, shot out of them. 

Accompanied by the crisp cries of birds, a green phoenix and a red phoenix conjured from the bracelets and danced in the hall. 

A moment later, they flew back into the bracelets. Not a single trace was left behind as though nothing ever happened. 

Nonetheless, those with a cultivation base could sense the massive spiritual energy and oppression from them. 

“Divine artifact!?” Yang Chen was startled as he was certain that it was a pair of top-notch divine artifacts in the form of bracelets. 

Yang Yuansu seemed to be reminiscing about the past as he lamented, “It’s been over 4,000 years… The Wind Fire Wheels have finally reunited…”

Wind Fire Wheels!?

For a moment, everyone wondered if they had misheard him. So many things happened in a day that they could not help but think if everything was just a hallucination. 

Yang Chen was nonplussed. “Are you saying that this pair of bracelets are the Wind Fire Wheels used by Nezha in the Investiture of the Gods?”

“Investiture of the Gods is just a novel. You can’t think it’s real. But the bracelets are originally the Wind Fire Wheels. They’re right before your eyes too. These are Great Ancient divine artifacts, given to me by my master, which I then gave to my wife as a token of my love. Unfortunately, her talent in cultivation was average, so she passed away 4,000 years ago. However, this Qingluan is passed on in our family as an heirloom. Qingluan and Huofeng inside the Wind Fire Wheels are a couple. Only when they are together can their true power be revealed. This is also why you couldn’t tell it was a divine artifact. While the Wind Fire Wheels are powerful, they can only be used as a protection amulet if the user’s cultivation base isn’t high enough. That makes it suitable for my descendants, so I’ve never thought of retrieving it in the past thousands of years.”

While speaking, he passed Qingluan to Lin Ruoxi. “The Wind Fire Wheels have reunited, so I’ll give them to you.”

At that moment, everyone finally believed him, and they all looked at him in reverence, especially the women. After all, he was their man’s ancestor. 

Yang Chen seemed unfazed by his ancestor. Pursing his lips, he remarked, “So a fossil like you is still alive? How heartless of you to watch your descendants die over the past thousands of years. The Yang bloodline has ended multiple times.”

Yang Yuansu chuckled. “You’re wrong. I did not pay attention to the Yang family’s affairs constantly as I was cultivating most of the time. The Yang family still stands tall without me. Your grandfather should’ve told you why the Yang family can remain till now.”

“What supports the Yang family isn’t the bloodline, but the sense of glory that is rooted in our bones. That old man loves talking nonsense like this, and it turns out you’re the same.” Yang Chen shook his head, finding the statement too corny. A second later, he chuckled and continued, “Since you’re my ancestor, you can’t be here to cause me trouble, right? Could you be here to help me because you know I’m in trouble? Oh, by the way, you said you have a mentor? Since they could give you the Wind Fire Wheels, they must be powerful! Is your mentor still alive? How about giving me some divine artifacts? Also, perhaps they can solve the decreasing temperature? You see, humans on Earth are dying. Shouldn’t they help save the world? I’m caught between a rock and a hard place! It’s hard to deal with humans and Gods when I’m part of both sides. Athena is too ruthless; I can’t go against her…”

The women watching from the side could not help but cover their mouths and laugh. He’s too carefree. As expected of Lanlan’s biological father, he’s already thinking of exploiting his ancestor. 

Unsurprisingly, Yang Yuansu was baffled by Yang Chen’s barrage of questions. Pointing at him, he fumbled for words for a long time before finally signing and smiling. “What should I say about you? You almost confused me there…”

Then, he rose to his feet and said sternly, “This catastrophe is the humans’ fate. You’ll play a key role in determining their survival or death. I didn’t need to come here personally, but I did for the sake of our roots. That’s why I asked for my mentor’s permission. I sparred with you so that you could be clear of your true capabilities. It’d be the best-case scenario if I managed to help you improve. However, I can’t help you fight your enemies. It’s not because I’m unwilling to do so, but because it’s beyond my abilities.”