The smile on Yang Chen’s face disappeared. Finding the whole explanation ridiculous, he laughed in exasperation. “You’ve got to be kidding me! It doesn’t seem like you’re any weaker than me. If this goes on, everyone on Earth will die, yet you and your so-called mentor are refusing to help out. Do you plan to watch me negotiate with the Gods?! My wife has vanished! I need to find her, so I don't have time to worry about human survival!"

Yang Chen was first ecstatic to discover another powerful presence on Earth, but in the end, he was absolutely livid. If Yu Xuening maintained her couldn’t-care-less attitude and refused to help, there would still be elites who could. 

Yet, those powerful humans intended on sitting back allowing the catastrophe to unfold. 

What the heck!? They know I’m not powerful enough, yet they plan to let me deal with the Gods on my own? On what grounds!? Yang Chen was enraged.

When the women heard Yang Chen say that his woman had gone missing, they immediately thought of Jane, so they quickly approached and inquired about her. 

Yang Chen took a deep breath before briefly explaining Jane's kidnapping to them. Everyone was concerned because the situation appeared to be deteriorating.

Yang Yuansu seemed to have expected Yang Chen’s reaction, so he was not angry. Instead, he smiled and said, “Firstly, some matters are not as simple as you think. When we’re from different perspectives, we’ll naturally have different opinions. Secondly, you can rest assured that the girl is fine. However, she will not return until the last moment of this catastrophe.”

“You’re the one who abducted Jane? What are you trying to do!?”

Yang Chen was even more infuriated and almost m flew into a rage. If it were not because he knew he was no match for Yang Yuansu, he would have beaten him up, regardless of the latter’s identity as his ancestor. 

Yang Yuansu gave a mysterious smile. "When the time comes, you'll know everything. What you'll face is unavoidable, kid. You've chosen your own path, and you'll have to make the final decision. You only need to remember that your decision will determine humanity's fate, but it is just a decision to you. I know you have the ability to choose to become stronger. It all depends on whether you want it or not. So don't bother asking me why. You already know the answer to many questions."

As though his words had struck a raw nerve, Yang Chen’s expression darkened. He clenched his fists and said nothing. 

Yang Suyuan tilted his head and looked at Xiao Zhiqing, who has been silent the whole time. "I can't help with the other issues, but your woman here has the Nine Yin Meridian, and she's counting on your cultivation to effectively suppress the toxin. I can assist you in curing it."

At the end of his sentence, Yang Yuansu took out a small jade scroll, which was used to record cultivation techniques, and tossed it to her. 

“This is a ‘Nine Revolve Yin Yang’ cultivation technique. It can comb out the meridians of someone with Nin Yin or Nine Yang Meridians. In fact, Nine Yin Meridian is an extremely rare inherent physique that can be extremely powerful when cultivated. The only difference is that those in the illusionary dimension are unaware of this Great Ancient cultivation technique. If you can cultivate it and properly use your physique and this technique, you will undoubtedly have a bright future."

Xiao Zhiqing looked rather excited, and her eyes were red as though she could not believe it was real. 

Yang Yuansu did not seem to have anything left to say. He turned around, bent down, and caressed Lanlan’s short hair fondly. 

Yang Chen did not stop him when the latter left the castle. Meanwhile, the women were staring at him intently. They thought that he seemed especially vulnerable at the moment and wanted to express their concern for him but did not know what to say. 

“Hubby, what are you planning to do? Are you going to look for the Gods in the North Pole?” Lin Ruoxi approached and asked him with a clear gaze. 

He raised his head and cast her a deep look. It was a complicated one, filled with helplessness and sorrow. In the end, he forced a smile and said, “I need to think about it first… Let me take a look at that cultivation technique for Qing’er in case that old fart lied…”

As he spoke, he went to Xiao Zhiqing, took the jade scroll, and checked the cultivation technique recorded on it with his divinity.

A moment later, he frowned in contemplation. Under her hopeful gaze, he gave her an affirmative nod. 

“That old far did something good at least. This cultivation technique is quite fascinating and profound. Our Qing’er can cultivate normally from now on.” A genuine smile appeared on his face. If Xiao Zhiqing could cultivate, the problem that had been bugging him would finally be solved. 

In a way, it might be the only sense of warmth in the harsh winter. 

At thousand-odd feet above the Indian Ocean, Yang Yuansu passed by there on his way to the east after leaving Yang Chen’s place. 

At that moment, he frowned and paused mid-air. 

Slowly, a wry smile appeared on his face, and he reached out to touch the “air” in front of him. 


The sound echoed. It was as though that “air” was a wall, which blocked his way. 

He had been at the spot without him knowing. If he had not found out in time, he would have bumped into the wall and flew backwards. 

Of course, the other party had no intention to harm him. Otherwise, they would have roughed him up instead of confining him in the space. 

With his current realm and cultivation base, there were only a handful of people that could trap him in a space cell, so he quickly figured out who it was. 

“Sir, why do you have to trouble me? You’re an elite of the same generation as my master. Wouldn’t it be beneath your dignity to trap a junior like me?” he said and respectfully bowed with his hands folded in front. Even though he could not figure out where the other party was, he dared not miss out on the courtesy. 

In the blink of an eye, a gorgeous figure dressed in white appeared above him. With clouds surrounding her, she resembled a goddess. That woman was no other than Yu Xuening, who had gone to the Honghuang realm. 

At that moment, she no longer looked nonchalant. Instead, a layer of frost covered her face, causing her to look grim.  

“Kid, where is your mentor? Bring me to him,” she questioned coldly. 

Yang Yuansu was taken aback when he felt a tremendous amount of pressure on him. His mentor was correct. Before him, the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox was an extremely rare talent in the Qingqiu clan. He felt suffocated in her presence as if his master had appeared.

It was as though he was a baby before a giant, so vulnerable that he did not doubt Yu Xuening could kill him easily. 

In truth, not even Yang Chen had seen her in such a state, whereby she unleashed all of her True Yuan. 

“Ma’am, my mentor has predicted that my senior and I will meet you. He has long instructed me to bring you over, so you don’t have to coerce me into submission…” Yang Yuansu was finding it hard to maintain his smile. 

Yu Xuening frowned. After retracting her True Yuan, she asked skeptically, “Are you saying that your mentor has expressed the intention to meet me?”

He let out a sigh in relief and nodded while smiling. “Yes. He said that he’s grateful to you for being understanding and not interfering with the current situation. He also mentioned that you’re the only one who knows him best in the past 50,000 years or so…”

A blush crept into her cheeks, yet she grumbled, “Tch… Does he think he’s so smart? I only like to watch shows, so it has nothing to do with him.”

Even though the blush only lasted for a second, it still caused Yang Yuansu’s heart to skip a beat. 

Such a remarkable beauty… It was extremely rare for someone like him who had lived for over 4,000 years to be enthralled by the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox‘s appearance. 

Only his mentor could resist not meeting a goddess like her for more than 50,000 years. 

Seemingly in a better mood, Yu Xuening said, “If that’s the case, lead the way. I’d like to see where that old man is hiding. I’ve searched all around the world, yet I couldn’t find him.”

Yang Yuansu dared not delay things further. Immediately, he complied and gestured for her to follow along before heading to the east. 

They moved at an insane speed, so in a split second, they arrived at the other end of the Earth—a tropical island in Jamaica, Latin America. 

The island was highly underdeveloped, with only a few residential areas located in the center of the lush forest. The houses mostly consisted of grass and mud huts, and the hundreds of islanders were American Indian. 

Yu Xuening swept her gaze across her surroundings before narrowing her eyes incredulously and asked, “Your mentor… he stays here?”