On a yacht at the south main ocean of The Forgotten Realms.

Although the temperature at noon was only five or six degrees, the small wind kept it from being too cold.

Even though the sun wasn't shining brightly, Yang Chen sat on a beach chair wearing sunglasses, a white short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of loose-fitting beach slacks.

Holding a sea fishing rod in one hand and a cigarette in the other, puffing smoke clouds every now and then.

Aside from Yang Chen, there was a little beach chair. The plump little girl was dressed similarly to her father in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, exposing her fair and meaty arms and calves. She was likewise clutching a fishing rod, but her expression was tense, and she was pouting her lips.

The reason that Lanlan was not very happy was because Yang Chen had caught many fish all morning, yet she didn't catch a single one, and the chubby little girl expressed that she was very unhappy.

Some caught sea fish and assorted components were on a convenient long table that had been placed out behind the father and daughter.

Mo Qianni, Tang Wan, Liu Mingyu, and other skilled cooks were preparing foods such as sashimi, sushi, and fish steak.

When the scent of the lemon fish steak drifted out, Lanlan's somewhat gloomy face disappeared, she immediately turned her head, stared at the frying pan in front of Mo Qianni, and licked her pinkish tongue.

Yang Chen threw the cigarette butt in his hand, reached out, and pinched his daughter's face, making her turn her head.

"What are you looking at, focus on fishing, and you won't be allowed to eat today if you don't catch at least one," Yang Chen said with a smirk.

The chubby little girl wanted to cry because of her ‘cruel’ father. "Daddy, is it okay for Lanlan to jump into the sea to catch fish? Fishing is not fun."

Yang Chen smiled and said, "You are so impatient and you keep on pulling the fishing rod to check every 3 or 5 minutes, of course, you can't catch anything. If you are asked to jump down to catch a fish, what are you doing fishing for so long?"

"Lanlan thought that the little fishes are stupid, but they are actually so mean and they aren’t willing to eat Lanlan’s bait,” The chubby little girl earnestly argued.

"Don't make excuses, sit down obediently and continue to fish!"

Yang Chen insisted and was not willing to give in. He acted like a strict father, but he was secretly happy in his heart. Having a silly daughter is such a great joy in life.

The girls at the back couldn't help but smile, knowing that Yang Chen was teasing Lanlan, while Lanlan was trying her best to be clever.

Mo Qianni put two fried fish steaks on the plate, brought them to the chubby little girl, and said with a smile, "Okay, don't worry about your father, he's scaring you,  just eat.”

The chubby little girl felt spared and couldn't bear it any longer. She didn't even need a knife and fork and just stretched out her hands and grabbed the fish steak and bit it.

Once she started eating, she didn’t care about whatever, she threw down the fishing rod, ran directly to the back table, and asked Tang Wan for sushi.

Yang Chen pouted and was about to get up to grab something from his daughter. He then saw Lin Ruoxi coming out of the cabin, with the phone in her hand, she seemed to be looking for him for something.

Lin Ruoxi answered the phone a few times. After hanging up, she walked in front of Yang Chen and said, "Honey, Mother called and said that they can no longer stay in Beijing and they plan to move to Hainan."

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment and he shook his head helplessly, "This old man is so stubborn, the whole of China is almost frozen, but he refuses to leave."

"Yeah..." Lin Ruoxi replied in a low voice, and then said again, "There's one more thing, Mother asked me to tell you, the No. 1 chief still wants you to meet him."

Yang Chen waved his hand and smiled. "No, I already know what he'll say without even meeting him.  It's nothing more than challenging me to confront the gods. I'm not crazy, neither am I a hero of the world. He pretended to be playing tricks in front of me when someone was protecting him. He's here to send me to my death now that they've abandoned him? I am not a fool."

"Hey, you are so petty..."

Lin Ruoxi smiled and rolled her eyes at him, but she also agreed with his approach, she did not want Yang Chen to get involved in this human catastrophe.

It had been more than a month since Yang Yuansu left.

Death, famine, low temperature, and man-made crimes had begun to appear on a large scale everywhere in the world. Not only poor areas and countries, but even developed countries had become a mess.

Humans were dying by millions almost every week.

Obviously, the number of deaths would rise steadily, and if the cooling continued, the chances of ordinary people surviving, with the exception of those at the top, were essentially nil.

For more than a month, Yang Chen had been staying on the island, spending time with his wife and daughter leisurely, regardless of the turmoil all over the world.

Why should he be the one taking in the catastrophe when there was the top person there? Not only did he kidnap his woman, but he wanted him to accept whatever fate it was? Go to hell!

Yang Chen didn't think he was a great person who 'served the public,' so he hid himself away.

During this period of time, Yang Chen also figured out a lot of things. Back then, the person who used coercion to suppress himself when he met Chief No.1 should be Yang Yuansu or someone with similar strength to him.

No.1 was originally supported by Yang Yuansu and the others, but after Gaia's Heart recovered, they abandoned him, so he immediately lost his confidence in himself.

No. 1 has always hated evil, and in the beginning, he suppressed himself so much that he couldn't hold his head up, but now that he had lost his support, he wanted to talk to himself about the righteousness of the nation and all that nonsense?!

Moreover, during this period, Yu Lanting and Meng Zike from the Great Desolate Realm also came to look for him.

Yu Lanting asked if her ancestor Yu Xuening had visited the island, because after she visited the descendants of the Qingqiu tribe, she vanished fast, and no one knew of her whereabouts.

Now at such a critical juncture, their ancestor was gone, and the demons such as Yu Lanting were naturally anxious.

Meng Zike begged Yang Chen to help Mo Xiu release the seniors in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, but he directly made up some reasons to refuse, because his strength had already suppressed Meng Zike more than he could imagine, and Meng Zike had no way to force it.

However, the disappearance of Yu Xuening made Yang Chen feel that it might be related to the master of Yang Yuansu. Of course, it was only a vague guess.

Anyway, no matter what happened to the gods and human beings, in the end, it was not a problem for him to protect his entire family. They shall just live their lives happily, as for saving mankind, leave it to someone stronger than him.  

After chatting a few words with Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen and the women sat around the dining table and enjoyed a feast of fresh sashimi.

Xiao Zhiqing, Zhenxiu, and the other women also came one after another. Xiao Zhiqing broke through the barriers of the Nine Yin Meridian through the practice of ‘Nine Transformations of Yin and Yang’ and she was about to enter the Soul Forming Stage.

Everyone was cultivating and having fun at the same time. The atmosphere on the island seemed calm and warm, which made Yang Chen feel even less necessary to go all out for the so-called righteousness.

Yang Chen carried Lanlan, who was still hungry and planned to find an empty location to test the little one's cultivation when he was almost done eating. Not only does her cultivation level matter, but so do her combat skills and spells.

Yang Chen himself came out of the wild, and many times he would regret that he didn't practice some basic things early when he was a child, so he often wasted a lot of effort, and now he naturally didn’t want his daughter to have any regrets.

However, as soon as he was about to leave the yacht, Yang Chen noticed that there were dozens of cultivators in the Tribulation Passing Stage, and even a few familiar and powerful True Yuan oppression, coming from the east.

Soon, a group of Chinese cultivators appeared on the island.

Yang Chen and the girls were a little surprised. The people who came were actually the masters of the Luo family and the Xiao family led by Luo Qianqiu, as well as the masters from Hongmeng, Yan Xiuming, and Liu Shiyuan.

Most of the people were in the Weak Waters Stage, but there were also many people with low cultivation, such as Yang Chen's acquaintances, Luo Xiaoxiao, Yan Sanniang, and others.

It's simply that these folks didn't appear to be looking for a fight. First and foremost, they must recognize that they will not be Yang Chen's exclusive adversaries...

Secondly, because their bodies were full of traces of battles, damaged clothes, messy hair, and many bloodstains that were yet to be dried, many masters of the Weak Waters Stage were still injured.

"What's the matter with all of you?" Yang Chen landed on the beach with a heavy heart and he confronted the group of people and asked.

Luo Qianqiu's eyes were red, his expression was cold with a hint of despair, and his voice was slightly hoarse "It's over, it's all... it's over..."