"What?" Yang Chen was confused, and said with a serious tone, "Be clear, what's wrong with you guys!?"

Luo Xiaoxiao, who couldn't take it any longer, burst into tears and threw herself into Yang Chen's arms, saying, "Yang Chen... The gods have taken control of the Illusion Realm... My grandfather was murdered by the gods in order to prolong time... We now have nothing... Sob..."

Yang Chen's expression changed suddenly as he couldn’t react in time, the Gods… captured the Illusion Realm!?

Luo Xiaoxiao's grandfather should be Luo Pingchao. His strength was nothing but higher than that of Luo Qianqiu yet he was killed. It seemed that the gods defeated the cultivators in the Illusion Realm in a crushing manner...

Sure enough, the strength of the gods was now irresistible.

This shock made Yang Chen forget that he was still in front of all the women. Luo Xiaoxiao's act of being so intimate caused the women to frown - where did this woman appear?

When Yang Chen regained consciousness, he swiftly drew Luo Xiaoxiao away, but he couldn't say anything cruel to this poor girl, just "Don't cry for now."

That being said, Yang Chen walked towards Yan Sanniang, where the three Yan siblings, Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu, were present.

However, at this time, the three siblings of the Yan family were all lost, and even Yan Sanniang looked very sad when she saw Yang Chen, she simply nodded.

“Young Master Yang..."

Yang Chen said with concern, "Grandmother Yan, what happened, and which gods attacked the Illusion Realm?”

Yan Sanniang sighed and opened her lips to say something, but a lump formed in her throat and her tears fell like shattered beads.

"Yang Chen, don't force Yan Feiling," Liu Shiyuan, one of the four elders, said, "Elder Yan Wuchen has fallen in the battle earlier and the three siblings are having a hard time now."

Yang Chen was stunned, Yan Wuchen is dead too? Then again, it stood to reason that he would be defeated given his stubborn temper. Besides, even Luo Pingchao couldn’t survive, obviously Yan Wuchen was nothing better.

It's a pity that Yan Sanniang seemed to be very sad. Even if there was a barrier between her and her father, his death was still devastating to her. 

Luo Qianqiu took a deep breath and said solemnly, "It's Master Yanyun, and the third member of the Ning family who had disappeared, Ning Ruozhu, and one who dressed up as a Westerner, should also be one of the gods, three of them…”

“Master Yanyun?" Yang Chen said incredulously, "One of the four elders of Hongmeng?"

Based on Yang Chen's understanding of Hongmeng, he only knew that Master Yanyun seldom participated in Hongmeng. He led the cultivators of the Buddhist Sect in Hongmeng, but was compassionate, this was the evaluation of him by people in the Illusion Realm. 

He…was one of the Gods?!

And the third child of the Ning family who had never been masked, Ning Ruozhu, one of the top ten masters of the Illusion Realm, was also a God?!

"I had no idea Yanyun, the monk, was actually one of the Gods. Based on his methods, he was most certainly the legendary God of Fire... I have no notion about that Ning Ruozhu or that really swift bastard." Yan Xiuming clenched his fists.

Yang Chen could have assumed that the incredibly swift man was Hermes wearing flying shoes and that the likelihood of Ning Ruozhu being Athena was too remote; she was most likely Hera, whom he had never met before.

Yang Chen frowned, what are these guys thinking, are they really putting people in a dead corner? They have already controlled the entire world, is it even necessary to beat the cultivators of China to hell?

Then again, Yang Chen wouldn’t speak his thoughts right out. Luo Qianqiu and others in front of him were not his friends, and they should already be grateful that he didn’t kill them. 

"I've already heard what happened to you, but I still don't know, what is the purpose of your coming here?" Yang Chen said with a relaxed smile.

The people from the Illusion Realm didn't look good. It seemed that the protective layer in their hearts was pierced through, and Yang Chen saw their most unwilling, helpless, and sad self-esteem.

"I recall that at first, some people tried to kill us through unethical means. It's natural karma that their own nest has been taken over, but now you've come to seek our shelter? Don't you think you're a little too shameless?" Cai Yan had always been apathetic and remarked sarcastically on the side.

The elder sister Cai Ning felt that at such a time, personal grievances should be let go. After all, it was a major event that concerned all mankind. She pulled Cai Yan back slightly so that she wouldn't interfere and affect Yang Chen’s judgment.

Cai Yan refused, broke away from her elder sister's hand, and said unwillingly, "Sister, why are you pulling me! Am I wrong!? They are acting as if nothing has happened before and it is only natural that they came here to take refuge! I feel disgusted!"

"Yanyan!" Cai Ning reprimanded in a low voice, and looked at the people in the Illusion Realm apologetically, she felt that although most of these people had hatred against Yang Chen, she couldn't judge them all in the same way. 

Hearing these words, Liu Shiyuan, Yan Xiuming, and the others all had darkened expressions on their faces, daring not to speak out.

They had held high positions for hundreds of years, and it could be said that they were overlooking the world.

But now, with the rise of gods and geniuses from all walks of life, it has come to such a point that they have left Xuantian Island in disgrace, and had to find a 20-something-year-old boy for shelter, not to mention… they had a grudge against him. 

Yan Sanniang sighed at this moment, walked in front of Yang Chen, and smiled bitterly, "Young Master Yang, Miss Cai is right, although my father was the only one who participated in the past, we are from the same family. The people here have no right to ask for your help.”

Yang Chen disliked seeing Luo Qianqiu's group of boys, but he didn't intend to target Yan Sanniang, he explained with a smile "Grandmother Yan, don't be courteous; I'll disregard everyone else's presence but yours; you've helped me a lot for me to get here today. I still follow the philosophy of appreciating and repaying kindness. After all, my benefactors are few and far between."

Yan Sanniang's eyes were filled with tears, and she nodded with a gratified smile, "Thank you, Young Master Yang, for your appreciation... With your words, Sanniang will be satisfied. But, Young Master Yang, any senior present here today is way more important than me... The Illusion Realm has already fallen apart, and the last flame of human cultivators is almost gathered here. If the people here fall again, I am afraid that China will never be able to recover its vitality again, so..."

Before Yan Sanniang could finish speaking, Yang Chen raised his hand to stop her, and said, "Grandmother Yan, although I respect you very much, there are some things that I can't violate my own principles. Virtue repays virtue, revenge with revenge, and I’ll never do stupid things like repaying virtue to someone unworthy... Most of these guys here have nothing to do with me, and they are also my enemies. I don't plan to kill in front of my daughter, and I don't want to let their dirty blood pollute my house, but they are not welcome to stay on the island either. Moreover, if other gods come over and think that I am on their side, wouldn’t that bring me unprovoked trouble? Indeed my capabilities are amazing, but I don’t think I can defeat Athena with her current strength, so I can't put my family in danger."

Yan Sanniang wanted to persuade, but Yan Feiyu, who was behind, had already stepped forward, and her eyes widened. Staring at him, he said, "Forget it! Third Sister, this kid has made it clear that he is afraid, and wants to hide his head on the island like a tortoise hiding in its shell! No matter how you explain it to him, he is pretending to be confused! Besides, he might be with the gods. Our skills might not be as good as others, but at least we have to have the courage to die!"

"Yes! Elder Yan should be pleased to have such children if he knows about this!" Liu Shiyuan said in a serious voice, "We are here, indeed there is nothing we can do, but it's not that we are greedy for life and fear death! Now the Chinese cultivators and the people are all on the line, we can go to the North Pole and fight to the death with the gods, at least we have no shame in our hearts!" 

After being stimulated the masters in the Illusion Realm were arrogant in their bones. They all responded loudly, with desperate flames burning in their eyes.

However, Luo Qianqiu and Yan Xiuming, who were relatively calm, were still silent. They knew very well that going to the North Pole was to die, and that was meaningless at all.

Yang Chen ignored Yan Feiyu's aggressive tactics. Among these people, he only cared about the life and death of Yan Sanniang and Luo Xiaoxiao, and the others could just die if they wanted to.

At this moment, over the sea to the east, a cultivator with his feet on a blue light giant sword, leading a large number of cultivators with different levels of cultivation, rushed over again, and it was Xu Shaogong who had disappeared before!