The early stage of Tai Qing?

Yang Chen could see at a glance that Xu Shaogong had been promoted to the realm of Tai Qing. Although he didn’t know when it happened, it hadn’t been long since he saw him last time. This guy was indeed a genius.

A sword cultivator’s combat power was far superior to other cultivators, so even Xu Shaogong in the early stage of Tai Qing might not be much weaker than Luo Qianqiu.

"Xu Shaogong, where have you been before!? Do you know that the clan is in danger!?" A senior elder of the Xiao family asked angrily.

The Xu family was a vassal family of the Xiao family, but Xu Shaogong disappeared at the most critical moment for the Xiao family, which made the Xiao family extremely dissatisfied.

Xu Shaogong glanced around coldly as if an ice-cold sword was pierced into the eyes of the elder, which made him tremble. 

"Hmph, I haven't had time to ask you guys yet! I just found a secluded place and survived the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Passing Stage. How come more than 100 members of our Xu family died when I returned to the Illusion Realm!?”

That elder said with insufficient confidence, "What are you talking about!? Is it just your Xu family who suffered!? The entire Illusion Realm was slaughtered by the three gods, and the three clans suffered heavy casualties. Do you think that the rest of us aren’t heartbroken!?"

Xu Shaogong sneered, "Indeed the casualties are beyond expectation. You guys only cared about your own lives and there were so many cultivators with low cultivation behind me being left in the Illusion Realm. Fortunately, I brought them together along the way, and someone told me that you might flee here, otherwise, I thought you were all dead."

With that, Xu Shaogong ignored the group of Xiao family and Illusion Realm elders with crooked beards and he stared at Yang Chen.

In the end, Xu Shaogong smiled as he felt absurd, "You bastard, are you trying to piss me off? I thought that when my retreat was over, I should be able to fight with you, but now your strength... it seems to be beyond the level that I can reach.”

Yang Chen was not disgusted by this arrogant sword cultivator, and smiled lightly, "You also want to take refuge with me?"

Xu Shaogong put away the flying sword and said, "I don't have any grudges with you, and it’s not that I want to take refuge here, it just happens that there is no other place for me to go. If you don't want me to stay, I will leave."

Yang Chen thought for a while, about whether he should let these cultivators stay. After all, he had no grudges toward some people, but at this moment, Cai Ning behind him suddenly exclaimed!

"Master!? Why are you here too!?"

Cai Ning's gaze landed on a charming and beautiful woman in a red dress, with almond eyes and peach cheeks, in addition to a slender figure, it was Tang Luyi!

It was only then that Yang Chen realized that Tang Luyi was in the early stage of Soul Forming, and it seemed that she just entered the Illusion Realm before she was met by Xu Shaogong.

Tang Luyi didn't seem to hear Cai Ning's call. The woman's eyes were tightly locked on Luo Qianqiu in front of the crowd as if she saw something that made her panic and excited. She gasped for breath and was about to tear up.

At this time, Luo Qianqiu also glanced around inadvertently, but the moment he saw Tang Luyi, his calm expression showed a trace of surprise.

"Wang... Wang Sheng? Is that… really you!?" Tang Luyi cried in disbelief.

Yang Chen and Cai Ning were both startled. Yang Chen was not too bad as he had guessed earlier, but Cai Ning was extremely shocked.

Luo Qianqiu's clenched his fists tightly, and Luo Xiaoxiao, who was beside him, looked at her father and this strange woman with incomprehension.

The atmosphere at the scene became a little weird, and they all realized that Luo Qianqiu had an unexpected entanglement with this beautiful woman in the early stage of Soul Forming. 

Tang Luyi finally stepped forward, ran quickly to Luo Qianqiu, stared at his face, and muttered to herself, "I won’t get it's you...even if your appearance has changed, but your eyes, your temperament, I will not forget it... Wang Sheng! Answer me! You ruthless liar, talk to me!!"

A scene that surprised everyone appeared and Tang Luyi grabbed Luo Qianqiu's clothes collar, shaking frantically, screaming and tears were bursting out from her heart. 

Some of the old people in the Luo family could still remember. It seemed that Luo Qianqiu went out to undergo the secular experience, he did use Wang Sheng as his name... Could it be that this woman was...

Many people had probably guessed something, and glanced at Tang Luyi and Luo Xiaoxiao in comparison…

"Hey, woman! What are you doing?! You are not allowed to touch my father!" Luo Xiaoxiao, who was on the side, reacted, and suddenly wanted to drag Tang Luyi away in dissatisfaction.

But Tang Luyi was shocked when she heard her words, quickly grabbed Luo Xiaoxiao's shoulders, and looked up and down at the girl with joy.

"You... child, did you just call him... Are you his daughter? What's your name? How old are you this year?" Tang Luyi asked a long list of questions.

Luo Xiaoxiao thought that this lady was crazy, and looked at her father blankly, but found that her father’s eyes were turning red?!

"Father...what is this..." Luo Xiaoxiao finally realized that something was wrong.

Yang Chen, who had been watching without speaking, stepped forward at this time, and said with emotions, "Luo Qianqiu, are you not going to acknowledge her? No matter what, she is the biological mother of Miss Luo.”

Everyone turned to Yang Chen at the same time and seemed very surprised about how Yang Chen knew about this.

Yang Chen wasn't sure why he felt compelled to say that. He probably thought it would be worth it for the girl to know that this was her mother since he remembered what Luo Xiaoxiao told him about her life experience.

"Luo Qianqiu, are you still hiding it? You took the pear flower jade pendant from Miss Luo, but gave her a jade pendant carved with a deer, and gave her the nickname Lu’Er. I guess you called Miss Luo’s mother Lu’Er as well, right? Doesn't this show that you have never forgotten Master Tang? I used to have some doubts about how you knew about her daughter and the name of the girl and you even have the pear flower jade pendant. Eventually, everything made sense after Miss Luo told me about her experiences.” 

Tang Luyi was overjoyed by this statement. She believed Yang Chen would not spew nonsense out of nowhere, because the person in front of her was her own daughter!

Luo Qianqiu was briefly in a daze. The visuals of the days and nights back in the years flashed through his mind, the past joys and sorrows, the ups and downs of family and power, and the fact that he was wandering in the middle of nowhere…

Looking at the sight in front of the mother and daughter that reunited, he thought that many things were so ridiculous, and he felt a burst of relief...

Luo Qianqiu laughed at himself, stretched out a hand, and put it on Tang Luyi's back, "Lu’Er... I am sorry, I’ve wronged you…”

Tang Luyi hugged Luo Xiaoxiao tightly, he didn't know if she heard it or not, but she just kept crying and couldn't stop.

Luo Xiaoxiao was held like this in a daze, murmuring some vague words, as if it was hard to bear so many changes at once, and it was hard to accept the sudden appearance of her biological mother...

The group of people from the Illusion Realm sighed with emotion, no one expected Luo Qianqiu to have such a warm side.

Women were naturally extra sensitive. Like Cai Ning, she knew the hardships of her master, so she couldn’t bear to look longer and silently wiped away her tears.

Perhaps it was the tenderness at the scene that made Yang Chen emotional, and he didn't embarrass these cultivators anymore, they shall just stay as long as they wanted, provided that they didn’t affect his life with his family. 

From the mouths of some Hongmeng elders and Xu Shaogong, he learned that although a lot of cultivators were damaged in the illusion, there were still many of them who escaped the disaster, but they were scattered around for a while, and they didn't know where they went after leaving the Illusion Realm. 

But it was obvious that they couldn’t return to the Illusion Realm, especially the Xuantian Island of Hongmeng.

The God of Fire deliberately became an eminent monk in China in reincarnation, and he had made it all the way to become Master Yanyun, one of the four elders of Xuantian Island. He was most probably trying to figure out a way to counter the Twelve Divine Gods and Demons Array to free Zeus. 

Yang Chen and others could understand why Master Yanyun had always been ‘compassionate’ and rarely took action. It was very likely that he didn't want to show his true strength or traces of the fact that he had divinity. 

In the same way, although Ning Ruozhu had a high level of cultivation, she seldom took action, and most of them were afraid of showing off as it would destroy their plan.