As for Yang Chen himself, he thought of even more. 

Aphrodite and Apollo had clearly stated that although Hephaestus, the God of Fire, was not the most powerful main god, he was the creator of many immortal weapons. 

His immortal weapon, the Vulcan Hammer, was said to not only cause earthquakes and lava explosions, but more importantly, it could fuse divine power with immortal weapons. 

Yang Chen was wondering before, where did that fake belt come from back then, and now he could finally solve the mystery, most of which was the masterpiece of Hephaestus.

Because of the limitations of materials and strength at the time, the real immortal weapon could not be built, yet it was not a problem for him to create a fake one.

 And it just so happened that Hermes and the God of Fire took another shot against the Illusion Realm this time which indicated that they had a good relationship with each other. It was understandable that Hermes turned into a gray cloaked man and participated in that strange action.

As for Ning Ruozhu, who was most probably Hera, Yang Chen felt that she should have done a lot of tricks, but for the time being, he wasn't sure whether she was in charge of everything.

Up till now, Yang Chen had gradually understood the things that Christen and the others had repeatedly concealed from him.

It was presumably because, following Gaia's heart healing, they all knew about the various Gods' plans, but they didn't want him to know.

It would be a lie to suggest Yang Chen didn't care. After all, this was no small issue, and it would be difficult for him to play the role of a half-human, half-god, but... even if he knew it now, would he want to stop them?

With the arrival of a group of people in the Illusion Realm and these messages coming into his ears, Yang Chen was inevitably perplexed, some things seemed to be mixed together in his heart causing him to panic.

Four days passed quickly, and almost all of the Illusion Realm cultivators who stopped on the island recovered their vitality. These people were not poor, and there were still a lot of healing elixirs.

Yang Chen didn't care about them, anyway, these people wouldn't freeze to death or starve to death, it was impossible for everyone to stay in the house.

Of course, people who were related to him such as Yan Sanniang and Tang Luyi still had to be entertained. Since they were being well served and it wouldn’t look nice if the rest got ignored. Therefore, Yang Chen still arranged some accommodation for the Yan family brothers and sisters. Luo Qianqiu, Luo Xiaoxiao, and others.

Yang Chen did his best to avoid engaging with Luo Xiaoxiao, lest Lin Ruoxi be upset, but it appeared that Luo Xiaoxiao was not in the mood to bother Yang Chen, as the girl had been taken aback by the sight of her biological mother Tang Luyi these days.

Luo Qianqiu and Xu Shaogong were the only two remaining people in the Illusion Realm whose cultivation base overwhelmed the rest. After waiting for everyone to recover, they called a group of masters from the Illusion Realm to discuss the matter of returning to their land.

Yang Chen was not like the masters of the Illusion Realm. They understand that becoming friends with the gods is impossible, and the gods will not let them go either.

They didn't come here to trouble them for the time being, probably because they were busy restoring their strength and releasing Zeus in the great formation.

Although the gods' power was already ahead of them, the cultivators understood that once Zeus was liberated, they would be entirely vanquished.

To be safe, it was finally decided that Xu Shaogong, who was the fastest, would go to the region of Xuantian Island to see if the gods were doing anything.

Although the Twelve Divine Gods and Demons Array was the masterpiece of the ancient immortals, it should be unbreakable, but the strength of the gods had surpassed the level when they first came to Earth 20,000 years ago.

Plus, the God of Fire and the Goddess of Heaven who had been lurking for hundreds of years, understanding the civilization of the Chinese cultivators, would sooner or later find the key to a breakthrough. 

Unconsciously, another three days passed, and Xu Shaogong, who returned to the Illusion Realm had also come back with new information. 

The gods had really taken Xuantian Island, and a closed domain with an unprecedentedly powerful space law had been established.

Xu Shaogong didn't dare to get too close, no matter how arrogant he was, he didn't want to die.

Unable to find out the specific internal situation, he could only observe from the periphery that the Divine Gods and Demons Array was strangely unstable.

It was like the center of a cobweb began to shake, and led the entire web to tremble.

After the cultivators discussed it nervously, they finally made up their minds, thinking that they could not ignore it, and planned that all cultivators above the Ming Water Stage would return to the Illusion Realm tomorrow.

 At midnight, Yang Chen was still chatting with a few women but unexpectedly found that Luo Qianqiu actually came to find him.

Luo Qianqiu did not enter the castle, but stood on the cliff outside, looking at the moon in the air, silently waiting for Yang Chen to come out.

In the past few days, the old lovers Luo Qianqiu and Tang Luyi had reunited. Yang Chen didn’t know how they were doing, but with Luo Xiaoxiao as their daughter, it wouldn’t be too awkward for them. After all, they had all experienced vicissitudes and ups and downs, things like the man and woman shouting and resenting each other wouldn’t happen. 

Yang Chen walked slowly to the cliff and stood side by side with Luo Qianqiu. Looking at it from the side, Luo Qianqiu actually had a lot of white temples. It seemed that in just a few days, he was much older.

"What are you looking for?" Yang Chen's tone was very calm, and he didn't have much hatred for this guy.

Luo Qianqiu was silent for a long time, suddenly turned around, moved toward Yang Chen, and lowered his head humbly...

Yang Chen was startled. What is this? Why is he bowing?

"I know, I, Luo Qianqiu, have no right to say so, but... I can only beg you to promise me one thing..."

Yang Chen couldn't help but smile, “To fight against the gods with you? Didn’t I make it clear that I…”


Luo Qianqiu got up and shook his head, "I don't expect you to come and fight such a powerful opponent for those of us who have been enemies with you. The gods are now far beyond our imagination."

“Then what do you want from me?" Yang Chen wondered.

"Lu'Er... and Xiaoxiao..." Luo Qianqiu's face was shaking slightly, resisting the excitement in his heart, and gritted his teeth, "If something happens to me, please take care of them in the future."

Yang Chen was stunned, why does this sound like a dying entrustment? Is the man in front of him right now really the cunning and rebellious Luo Family Patriarch?

"It seems that you have already made preparations, and you don't plan to come back when you go to the Illusion Realm tomorrow?" Yang Chen said with a smile.

Luo Qianqiu took a deep breath and sighed with self-deprecation, "You should’ve known better right? You have divinity and you should know much strength did the gods recover... We are going to Xuantian Island to prevent the gods from releasing Zeus, but to put it bluntly, we are just fighting for the sake of principles and we don’t even need to obey our destinies, we will sacrifice no matter what.”

“Then why are you all still going? At least for people like you, you can still hide for a little longer. DIdn’t you just reunite with your old lover?" Yang Chen said half-jokingly.

Luo Qianqiu looked solemn and said word by word, "No, Lu'Er, she is my wife, you are right before, I have never forgotten her."

Yang Chen was silent, Luo Qianqiu seemed very unfamiliar to him right now. 

"I know Xiaoxiao has feelings for you, but you don't feel the same way... yet, I believe she retains a special place in your heart, given that you were able to stay with her throughout the adventure in the Eye of the Sky Demon. I don't want my daughter to be with someone like you, as a father. I was concerned she'd get too close to you if I asked her to return to the Illusion Realm early. She is a poor youngster who deserves a loving man who would love her unconditionally... But I don't have a choice but to believe you."

After Luo Qianqiu finished speaking, he bent down and nodded again.

Yang Chen wanted to say something, but when the words were stuck by the edge of his lips. 

As a man with a lot of love debts, he could refuse, but as a father, it seemed difficult for him to refuse such a trust.

Just when Luo Qianqiu turned around and was about to leave, Yang Chen stopped him with a cry - "Why?". Yang Chen looked at Luo Qianqiu with scorching eyes, "Why do you want to leave your wife and daughter behind when you know you will die? You know that you can choose not to go, even if the gods want to slaughter the cultivators, you can try to avoid... Or, for the sake of Master Tang, stay with me and be sheltered.”

Luo Qianqiu faced Yang Chen with his back and smiled. He then said in a low voice, "If I say, it's because of a worldly saying, 'The rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of the individual', do you believe it?"

Yang Chen frowned, "But you are not an individual who is in charge, All the cultivators above the Weak Waters Stage on the island here are not."

Luo Qianqiu turned around, and there seemed to be a blazing flame in his eyes, and he smiled.

"You are exactly wrong. Everyone in the world is a 'common man', is an ‘individual’ and our cultivation and realm cannot change our roots. Maybe, you are still young; maybe, you’ve been abroad for all these years; maybe, it is you who have the divinity. You may not realize that the cultivators in the Chinese Illusion Realm, although fascinating and unscrupulously competing for power and authority...we now have a common adversary. The enemy of our Illusion Realm, the cultivators, the enemy of the descendants of China. It's similar to a large family in which members normally oppose each other, but when people from other families come to invade, no matter how many conflicts and wars there are, they will be put aside to resist the intruders. Because, we still have the same blood flowing in our bones, and our roots are still rooted in the depths of the land of China. If the gods want to raze our homeland to the ground and uproot us, then we must use our blood to nourish the land that raised us…”

Luo Qianqiu didn't sound particularly passionate or solemn as he spoke these statements. Instead, he was speaking in a very honest tone, but these words made Yang Chen's heart shake.

The man in front of him seemed to have lost all his halo, and he was letting go of his cultivation and the ups and downs of the past.

He was nothing more than an ordinary man during the war, a man prepared to travel to the battlefield for the sake of family, love, and loyalty.

It was not that he was not afraid of death, but that he couldn’t fear the inevitable fate.

Perhaps, this was the initial appearance of human beings... Yang Chen couldn't help thinking.

Until Luo Qianqiu left the cliff, Yang Chen stood there quietly alone.

Looking at the stars in the sky, Yang Chen was feeling the cold wind all night, and no one disturbed him.

In the early morning of the next day, all the cultivators above the Ming Water Stage in the Illusion Realm were ready to leave and return to Hongmeng Xuantian Island.

Scenes of farewells were naturally inevitable.

Yan Sanniang and Yan Feiyu bid farewell to their elder brother Yan Feiyun with tears in their eyes, while Tang Luyi and Luo Xiaoxiao facing Luo Qianqiu, wept uncontrollably.

Originally, Luo Xiaoxiao wanted to rush up and drag Yang Chen, begging Yang Chen to take action, but Luo Qianqiu shot a trace of True Yuan into her dizzy acupoint and she passed out.

Yang Chen didn't say a word, quietly watched all this, until he watched nearly a hundred cultivators leave.

At this time, in the eastern sea and sky, gloomy clouds were raging and the cold wind was roaring.