The cultivators could not believe that Hermes had been fooling them from the start. 

The indiscernible hallucinations were like a nightmare, surrounding everyone. 

Hera seemed bored watching them, so she snorted. “All right, Mercury. That’s enough playing around. Kill them all.”

“Hehe, Hera, but I’m not done playing. It’s no fun to kill them all so soon.” Hermes chuckled. 

“If you’re not going to do it, I will.”

A ruthless sneer played at Hera’s lips as she summoned the massive gold bow. There was no string on it, but the overbearing aura it displayed as an immortal artifact could not be masked. 

“Oh no! That’s the Ning clan’s divine bow, ‘Sunset’!” a Ruo Water Taishang elder exclaimed. 

“I can’t believe the Ning clan gave this treasure to a traitor!”

“No one knew she was a God! How treacherous and wicked of her!”

The Sunset divine bow was what Hou Yi used to shoot down the suns. Even though that story was a myth, the bow existed and was an immortal artifact. 

When it was passed down to the Ning clan, it had deteriorated into a middle-ranked divine artifact due to some irreparable damages, but the power it carried was still immense. 

The biggest characteristic of the bow was that it could shoot out unlimited divine arrows. It could also increase the time in conjuring arrows and change the strength of its attack according to the user’s cultivation base. 

Cultivators with higher cultivation could conjure the Sunset Divine Arrow for a longer time, and the strength of the attack would be over two times stronger than their cultivation base. The effect was so terrifying that it could destroy everything. 

“Using the artifact of a Chinese cultivator to kill Chinese cultivators seems like a good ending.” Hera smirked as her fair, soft, and slender hands stretched the invisible “bowstring.” Immediately, a large amount of fire and spiritual energy was gathered. The temperature continued to increase, forming a blazing arrow that threatened to burn down the surrounding spaces. 

That motion might seem slow, but it all happened within a split second whilst the cultivators were all feeling nervous. 


The deafening sound of something cutting through air rang out, and the fire arrow was aimed at the Ruo Water elder that recognized the divine bow. 

That elder was level-headed enough, summoning enough True Yuan to prepare for his escape in the first place. 

However, to his terror, he found out that he could not move when he tried to do so. 

How’s this possible!? he yelled in his mind as he watched the arrow pierce through his body. 

The flame burned everything.  The elder could barely struggle before he was turned to flames and had vanished from the world utterly. 

The other cultivators were ashen-faced. They could not understand why that elder did not dodge. 

The divine bow might be powerful, but they did not fear it as long as they dodged the arrow. 

“How foolish. Do you think the Ruo Water stage cultivation base can be a match for our space law?”

Hermes clucked his tongue while shaking his head. Naturally, he was aware that Hera had restrained that elder in place with space law. 

That meant Hera was merely shooting a fixed target. 

With a smirk, she glanced at the grim-looking Luo Qianqiu and Xu Shaogong. “Are you here to lead your men to their death? Do you think you’re so valiant? I show you lowlifes that you're not worthy of putting up a tough front before us Gods.” 

At the end of her sentence, she cackled maniacally, yet her hand motions never stopped. 

Without stopping, she kept conjuring divine arrows and shooting them quickly. 

As the ear-splitting sounds rang out in succession, blazing divine arrows exploded on the vulnerable cultivators one by one like missiles. 

Even though they were above the Ming Water stage, they were all defenseless like pigs to be slaughtered, including the centuries-old Taishang elders. 

They did not even have the chance to put up their barrier before they even burned down completely, nor could they regret coming over. 

The expressions of Luo Qianqiu, Xu Shaogong, and the others were solemn. Though they never expected to win, the disparity in their abilities was beyond their expectations. 

Hera’s capabilities would be considered to be at the peak of Shang Qing, far more capable than their most powerful cultivators. 

The other gods did not even need to strike. Hera alone was enough to raze the illusionary dimension to the ground. 

Are we all truly here to send ourselves to one death? Will our fate as humans end so miserably?

Many thoughts crossed their minds. Even Luo Qianqiu, who had gone through many vicissitudes of life, could not help but lament over their bleak future. 

In the blink of an eye, only a dozen cultivators were left, including Liu Shiyuan, Lan Xiuming, and some with the highest cultivation base. However, none of them dared to strike. 

Humiliation and shame could not be used to describe their emotions at that moment. It was more of sorrow over how weak they were as humans. 

“How unfortunate that the show’s ending soon. Did you guys enjoy it? Heh, I think there are too few people here. It’s not enough for me to kill.” Hera smiled as though she thought it was a pity. 

That time, she aimed the arrow at Luo Qianqiu. 

“You can try resisting, but to me, it’ll be as ludicrous as a three-year-old playing around,” Hera mocked. 

At the end of his sentence, an arrow that had been conjured for a much longer time was released into the air. 


However, Luo Qianqiu closed his eyes as if he was reminiscing about some pleasant memories. 

Another thundering explosion sound was heard as the blinding arrow cut across their air. 

Yet, to their surprise, Luo Qianqiu was fine. 

Once the blinding platinum fire dissipated, everyone could see that someone had stood a few feet before Luo Qianqiu. 

“Yang Chen!?” the cultivators exclaimed in surprise. 


The three Gods frowned, evidently puzzled and displeased.

The newcomer was none other than Yang Chen. 

Then, they saw him purse his lips dejectedly as he put down his right hand. Moments ago, he used that hand to stop the arrow. 

“Seriously? I was only late because I was thinking about life, but there are only a few people left? What the heck? Why do you guys kill so fast? That’s different from television shows. Did you learn from me?” Yang Chen grumbled under his breath, disgruntled that so many people died when he came later. 

After all, the effect of his arrival would not be perfect. 

Fortunately, the big shots were still around. If Hera started killing them from high to low status, he would have nowhere to cry. 

“Hades, what is the meaning of this?” Hera grinned, but through her gaze, it was apparent that she had no intention to talk things out with him. 

Yang Chen sized her up in amusement. “Are you Hera? Tsk, tsk, I can’t believe it’s another God who was reborn into a Chinese whilst harboring an ulterior motive. Well, at least it’s better than Hermes that bat. Uh… Your appearance is pretty good. You chose a good person to be reborn in. If you weren’t Hera, the Ning clan might have found an impressive live-in son-in-law for you.”

“What are you talking about?” Hera was livid. 

Why did this guy come here? What nonsense is he talking about!?

Yang Chen smirked as he waved his hands. “Relax. I’m just joking to lighten up the mood. It’s too tense here.”

“Heh. Hades, don’t joke around with Hera. Her skills are on par with Poseidon, so I reckon you can gauge it based on how much power Poseidon has recovered. What are you here for? Spill it,” Hermes said while narrowing his eyes. 

Yang Chen shrugged. “Nothing much. I just thought you guys have kicked up enough of a fuss. There’s no need to go so far.”

“Oh? What do you want to do?” Hera sneered. 

"I've been waiting for you to say that," he clapped. "I was thinking about gathering everyone together. It'd be ideal if we could invite Athena over. Let's just unwind, play some cards, and have a good time. We can chat at the table. First, we should consider preventing the temperature drop. So many people will perish. Besides, having an icy Earth isn't much fun. Most importantly, where will I get meat for my daughter if all the animals die? Also, don't include ordinary citizens in the fighting. Let's figure out how to resolve this internally. I'll surely remain neutral as long as it's fair to all parties. I'm not going to help anyone. "Don't you think I'm smart?"