"It was you? Back then, it was you who hunted my mentor, Song Tianxing, and tried to snatch the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, wasn't it!?"

Yang Chen's eyes were gloomy as he was certain the truth was not far off. In that case, Hera had formed an enmity with him a long time ago.

If he was destined to enter the Soul Forming stage owing to his own talent, Yan Sanniang's favor was not too large, but Song Tianxing's favor was unquestionably enormous.

Even though he did not become Song Tianxing's disciple officially, Yang Chen still regarded him as his lifelong benefactor in his heart.

Thus, he was unable to accept that this woman almost killed Song Tianxing.

Hera raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you already know? Could it be that you already met that poor fellow? Hah, so what if it was me? If he hadn't gotten away by luck, I would have had my hands on the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, and you would not be able to run rampant today.

Yang Chen questioned suspiciously, "Who told you about the 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture'?"

Earlier, Luo Qianqiu said that a mysterious person had secretly sent a message to him, but he never knew who it was. Could it be Hera too?

Hera sneered. "There isn't a need for me to tell you originally, but seeing as you're so foolish, I don't mind taking pity on you. It's not someone else; it's Athena."

"What!?" Yang Chen was stunned.

"Don't be surprised." Hera giggled. "The 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture' you are practicing is the technique used by the mysterious expert who lured Zeus into the Twelve Divine Gods and Demons Array 20,000 years ago. It is also the technique we have been searching for 20,000 years. The most fundamental way to defeat him completely with certainty is, naturally, to learn or even decipher his cultivation technique. Although Athena has the power of prophecy, the more powerful the opponent, the more difficult it is to form an accurate prediction. After finally finding out about the technique, she told me the cultivator's information. Even though I find it beneath me to accept such a 'gift' from her, I had no reason to let such an opportunity pass. Song Tianxing is obviously a less difficult target for me than you, so you should be grateful that I didn't come for you sooner."

Yang Chen clenched his fists. Although he had guessed it, he was still vexed with that woman upon learning that Athena was indeed behind it.

"Well, if you want to seek revenge on me, come at me then. Otherwise, we'll leave."

Hera snorted arrogantly and gestured for Hephaestus and Hermes to leave with her.

On the side, Liu Shiyuan and the others immediately shouted at Yang Chen in an anxious voice.

"Yang Chen! We can't let them go! The critical point is damaged, and our powers simply aren't enough to reverse it. If we wait for the array to collapse and let Zeus and the thousands of Great Ancient demons imprisoned inside come out, we'd be completely powerless!"

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across Yang Chen's eyes as he said, "Let them come out. I'll kill them all…"

After saying that, he sneered at the three Gods. "Since you're not willing to listen when I talk to you properly, then don't blame me for digging up your roots."

Without waiting for the three Gods to understand what he meant by those words, Yang Chen had transformed into a silver-blue lightning bolt and flew to the north. 

"Sh*t! Is he going to the Mother Tree!?" Hermes shouted.

"We can't let him destroy the Mother Tree. Let’s go!" Hera's expression also changed.

The three Gods could not care about the cultivators of the illusionary dimension, and in the blink of an eye, they had also gone to the North Pole.

The cultivators looked at each other for a few moments. In the end, they all gritted their teeth as well. At a juncture like this, they could not bring themselves to retreat, no matter what. Thus, they followed them along. 

After everyone left, dead silence returned to the island.

At that very moment, a shadowy figure appeared out of thin air, black-robed, and iron-faced. 

This person was none other than the black-robed mysterious man who had previously listened to Athena's orders and stood guard at the North Pole.

After the Gods had gone over to guard it, the black-robed man disappeared. As it turned out, he had been secretly hiding in the illusionary dimension.

The black-robed man cackled evilly a few times. Looking at the big array that had gradually slowed down with its spiritual pressure weakened, he said proudly, “His Majesty, in no time, you will lead tens of thousands of my people to return to the human world. My mission is finally about to be accomplished…”

The North Pole, where snow and ice flew, was like a white dream.

The golden gigantic Mother Tree seemed like a pillar of the sky.

The crown of the tree obscured the sky, and the distant branches seemed to touch the sky.

The moment Yang Chen arrived, he was also in awe of the sight in front of him for a few seconds. 

There was an unmistakable trace of shock on Yang Chen's face, and there weren't many things in this world that could startle him.

Obviously, his arrival could not be concealed. The frightening black thunderclouds that accompanied him had engulfed the North Pole with palpable homicidal intent.

The silver-blue Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning was like his most intimate companion, dancing around his body and waiting for his summon to destroy everything.

For outsiders, the silver-blue light that surrounded Yang Chen and hovered in the air was deadly. 

Soon, several figures appeared not far in front of him.

There were five familiar faces—God of the Sea, God of love, God of the Moon, God of the Sun, and God of War. At that moment, the emotions within their eyes were not as relaxed as in the past.

Behind Yang Chen, Hera, God of Fire, and Hermes had all caught up with him.

Counting Yang Chen himself, the nine Gods had all gathered under the Mother Tree.

Luo Qianqiu and the group of cultivators had also arrived, but they dared not approach and could only watch from afar, in awe of the sight.

Yang Chen's body was like a super nuclear bomb at the moment. No one dared to get close, all hiding a little far away.

Yang Chen looked around. Finally, he still spoke to Christine and pointed at the Mother Tree. “The thing you were hiding from me before was this tree? The decrease in temperature and the recovery and growth of divinity all happened because of this tree?”

Venus's face appeared to harden slightly. Her typical levity vanished as if she knew what was coming. She then gave a firm nod.

"Hades, this is the Gaia’s Heart’s original appearance. This is the mother of us Gods, our origin—Mother Tree."

Yang Chen frowned and spread out his divine sense. All of a sudden, he sensed something. In a flash, he immediately arrived at a spot at the top of the canopy of Mother Tree. 

The eight Gods followed closely behind and looked at Yang Chen somewhat nervously as they were afraid that he might do something.

They knew that none of them could handle the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning released by him. Even if they were fine, there was no guarantee that the Mother Tree would be unscathed.

Yang Chen's gaze landed on the top of a branch. 

A few golden blossoms swayed beneath a canopy of golden foliage.

In the place of one of the withered flowers, a "fruit" was emitting a soft, energizing golden light!

It was a small golden sphere. Although it was small at the size of a thumb, it contained an incomparably complex and powerful vitality and spiritual energy. 

"This is… divinity!?”

Yang Chen finally realized what that thing was—the divinity of Gods!

Although it was not as powerful as theirs, it was undoubtedly a divinity! Moreover, it was growing gradually!

"That's correct. We refer to Mother Tree as the God's mother and Gaia as our mother because we were born through the growth of divinity by the Mother Tree. We were the first to be born from the Mother Tree, the twelve divinities at the canopy's peak. We became the Gods' rulers since our strength was greater than that of all the Gods born afterward. What you perceive today is merely the beginnings of divinity. In another six months or so, the divinities will mature in turn and metamorphosis into Gods' clansmen."

Aphrodite knew that it was no longer possible to hide it, so she decided to reveal everything and explain it to Yang Chen.

Although Yang Chen had always felt that the Gaia’s Heart was incomparably important, he had never thought that it would be to such an extent!

It turned out that the revival of the Gods that Athena was after was like this!

With the Mother Tree, they would truly begin to "produce" Gods, one by one. Sooner or later, millions of Gods would emerge!

At that time, humans could not possibly imagine being a match for the millions of Gods who possessed the space laws!