Yang Chen suddenly realized that he only had two choices before him—either let the Gods take over the Earth, or destroy the Mother Tree and nip the revival of the Gods in the bud. 

All the talk of peaceful coexistence was just a dream!

Other questions came to his mind. 

Why didn't the Gods go all out to find Gaia's Heart in the first place, given that Mother Tree may continue to reproduce the Gods as long as it is revived? Furthermore, Astraeus, the first deity, had used the holy weapon, Selene, to freeze Gaia's Heart in ice and then hide it. Was he only worried about the earth's temperature dropping? Also, who is the one they were attempting to fight, the one who drew Zeus into the array 20,000 years ago? Could that be Yang Yuansu's mentor? If that's the case, they should also be aware of the Mother Tree's current state. Unless they were unable to prevent these from occurring? Or is there another reason?

"We have always considered you one of our own, Hades. Now that we are at a crossroads in our clan's history, I believe you will be on our side, don't you?" With a clear stare, Aphrodite inquired.

Yang Chen snapped out of his contemplation, twisted his head, and glanced at the Gods around him, before chuckling.

"One of our own... Hah… You truly consider me one of your own. Gaia's Heart and Mother Earth are both very powerful, and I'm only seeing them with my own eyes right now."

All the Gods were more or less embarrassed, especially Apollo and others who were still on good terms with Yang Chen.

"Hades, you have to think from our perspective. We didn't intend to keep it from you all this while; we just wanted to be able to make things work out smoothly,” Artemis explained.

"Bullshit!" Yang Chen cursed. “Do you guys think I'm stupid?! The reason why this Mother Tree was forcefully sealed by Astraeus more than 20,000 years ago, and yet you guys didn't find it immediately is because this damn tree will destroy everything, isn’t it?!”

The faces of the Gods suddenly looked ugly, mostly pale from shock.

Seeing their expressions, he became even more convinced of his suspicions.

"If I am correct, this Mother Tree is not only absorbing the energy from the sun's radiation but is also absorbing a large number of elements from the Earth's interior. Judging by the current rate of global cooling, in another year or so, it will be completely impossible for humans to survive on Earth!

“Even if the Gods can continue to live on this planet, as the Earth's energy and life force continue to be consumed at a high rate by the Mother Tree, it won't be long before it becomes another Mars!

“I bet you came from Mars to Earth 20,000 years ago because Mother Tree, which birthed and raised you, had also become the executioner of your planet's fate!"

Yang Chen's words caused the Gods’ expressions to turn gloomy. It was clear that most of his guesses were right. 

The Mother Tree was, indeed, paradoxical.

She created life and the Gods she created were born with powerful divinities.

But at the same time, she devoured the life of the planet.

She was like a mother who used excessive consumption to achieve the goal of making her children strong, and the power of the Gods was built on the rapid destruction of the planet.

Seeing that they did not speak, Yang Chen continued with a sneer, "You must have known about all this, which is why you hesitated. I remember that when you first talked about Gaia's Heart, there were still some who thought Athena was crazy and had fear about it because you knew if it revived, Earth would end up like Mars…"

While speaking, Yang Chen looked at Apollo and his sister. He then recalled their reaction when they first saw Gaia's Heart in Korea. Now that he thought about it, it was easily understandable.

"You are right", Hera said arrogantly. "Hades, your guesses are almost all correct. However, you should think carefully about why we still decided to revive Gaia's Heart even though we knew that Earth's lifespan would be greatly shortened because of the Mother Tree."

Yang Chen frowned. He was also perplexed by that. Logically speaking, the Gods had lost a homeland. Do they want to lose another one?

Hera's face lit up with a psychotic grin. "Let me explain why... It's because every planet in the cosmos that supports life has its unique lifespan. The Earth's lifespan may still be long under human hands, but even a star like the Sun will eventually convert into a white dwarf on its way to extinction. And in the hands of our gods, the earth's lifespan would be cut in half, if not more... But who cares?"

"Humans, such humble and insignificant creatures do not deserve this azure planet in the universe. It is like a blue pearl in the galaxy that should belong to a powerful race! It belongs to us, the Gods! We, the Gods, can make better use of and transform this planet than humans who do not even know how to cherish it. Unlike the stupid humans who are still going through this elementary barbaric social system, developing this lowly and backward civilization, while at the same time, constantly polluting and wasting the resources of this planet… To put it bluntly, a bunch of bugs are not qualified to occupy a beautiful palace, do you understand?"

Yang Chen was stunned as he did not expect her to say something as blunt and somewhat cruel as that.

Although the other Gods were somewhat dissatisfied with Hera for speaking so bluntly, no one voiced any objections.

Compared to the Gods on Mars, the current human civilization was indeed too backward. If the Gods ruled the Earth, its civilization would experience a qualitative leap.

To put it bluntly, even after 20,000 years, the Gods were treating their time on Earth as a game, adopting a supercilious attitude, and not regarding humans as equal beings.

Previously, they did not find Gaia's Heart simply because they were trapped in the pain of losing their homeland and were worried about turning Earth into another barren homeland.

Of course, the mysterious elite from 20,000 years ago also made them wary.

The Chinese cultivators who heard those words from afar were filled with indignation.

At that moment, they did not only represent the cultivators in the illusionary dimension, but also the human beings living on Earth.

The Gods' contempt for humans naturally made them feel angry, but they did not dare to go up to send themselves to their death.

"Hades, Hera went a little overboard with her words, but you are a rational person. You should be clear that everything is predestined by the law of the jungle. If humans do not deserve to die, we would not be able to have them wrapped around our little fingers when 20,000 years have passed. 

Humans are too weak and are simply incapable of doing anything against us. All this has been ordained by fate, so you should stop making things difficult for us, and you, as one of us, will share in the glory of the revival of our clan.”

Aphrodite came to Yang Chen's side and tried to reach out to pat him on the shoulder soothingly.

Yang Chen, who had been silently keeping his head down, dashed to the dense branches in the distance, evading her touch.

"That's enough.”

He slowly lifted his head and swept his gaze past everyone, his tone grim and dull.

"I'm not interested in listening to all of your grand strategies to change the world, nor am I interested in listening to all of your laws of life that rely on eliminating the weak. I don't want to say anything on behalf of humans, nor do I want to do something for them. I just want you to understand one thing…”

At that point, Yang Chen's body had begun to release increasingly dense, surging beams of Shang Qing Heavenly  Lightning around his body.

The Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning was like a giant beast that would go on the rampage at any moment, lying dormant on his body, poised to strike.

"You guys did the right thing by keeping it from me, because… I'm going to destroy it now!”

A powerful silver-blue ball of lightning, centered on him, began to suddenly expand as if it was a nuclear bomb that was about to blow the entire Mother Tree to pieces from the center!

"No!” the Gods cried out.

Even with the Mother Tree's immense protecting force, the concentrated explosion of the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning would cause tremendous harm, not to mention the fact that there were so many Gods in the process of being birthed.

In a flash, the eight Gods rushed forward almost simultaneously, their space laws moving along them in an attempt to block Yang Chen.

However, Yang Chen's Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning was so appalling that none of the eight Gods could stop it, and the space cage directly disintegrated and was shattered. The Gods had just moved close to it, and a sense of crisis deterred them from nearing it further. 

At that moment, a silvery curtain of light descended from the sky. Though it seemed gentle, it wrapped the area where Yang Chen was, in an unshakable force.