It was as if a silver bubble had collided with the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning, but strangely, they did not break apart but stayed with each other for a long time before the color of the "bubble" gradually weakened.

Yang Chen's brows knitted together when he realized the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning was diminished, and a large amount of the silver-blue electric current was ejected back.

Although he would not be injured, it was clear that his Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning could not do anything to the silver shield.

Moreover, he was no stranger to the shield…

"Aegis Shield…" Apollo and the other gods showed a hint of joy on their faces as they knew Mother Tree was safe. 

"That was close! Did this b*tch have to show up so late!?" Hera, however, was less than pleased, sweeping a sharp gaze to the sky.

Athena, in a long black silk dress that exposed her fair arms, had appeared there at some point. She was barefooted, and her hair fluttered along with the wind. 

As usual, her movements were silent as ever, but even when she was just standing there, it gave people an incomparably heavy pressure on their minds. 

Yang Chen narrowed his eyes. Just as he had expected before, Athena's strength, with the recovery of Gaia's Heart to what it was today, had reached an astonishing level.

Judging from the pressure of the space law alone, he could at least conclude that it was stronger than that of a cultivator at the peak of Shang Qing and estimated that it was at least at the level of the early Yu Qing!

Otherwise, it would be impossible for this woman to resist his Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning so easily with an immortal weapon.

What was even more irritating was that she had clearly not yet returned to her "peak" state and would continue to fly to new heights alongside Gaia's Heart. It seems that reaching the pinnacle of Yu Qing would not be such a pipe dream.

If the Gods were at their peaks in the battle 20,000 years ago, the results might be different. 

He did not, however, believe he had no chance of winning. For starters, Athena hadn't yet hit her peak, and he still had at least two cards he hadn't used.

Athena slowly came down and stood in front of Yang Chen from a distance.

At that moment, in the distance, Luo Qianqiu and the group of other cultivators had long been trembling. The shock Athena had given them was unimaginable. 

"Hades, you shouldn't obstruct the revival of our clan. It's foolish to go against the natural law of the jungle." Athena spoke coldly, her voice devoid of joy or anger.

Yang Chen looked at her face which was constantly shrouded by illusions, and he could never see her real appearance. "Were you the one who told Luo Qianqiu and Hera that my master and I had the 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture'?"

The Gods were stunned that Yang Chen had the heart to care about such a little thing and even acted as if he had no fear.

It was unknown whether Athena would let him off easily since he was still wrapped in the silver curtain of light transformed from Aegis Shield. 

Athena turned her head silently and looked at Hera.

Hera's face changed slightly, but she snorted and turned her head away disdainfully.

Athena seemed to let out a sigh before saying to Yang Chen, "It doesn't matter anymore. Whether it was me who I told Hera or not, everything that happened was within my expectation. I can accept the outcome."

Although she said that, everyone present could understand that it was mostly Hera who had framed Athena and used it to stir up the conflict between Athena and Yang Chen.

The rivalry between women was no different among the Gods.

After all, the Gods knew that Hera's prediction skills were nothing useful. 

Indeed, as Athena had said, it was no longer relevant, and she was not interested in fussing over such trivial matters or defending herself. 

Yang Chen's visage, on the other hand, appeared to be in better shape. Looking around at the silver veil of light that surrounded him, he murmured, "Will you continue to obstruct me in this manner? If your prophesy technique is truly correct, shouldn't you also be aware that I haven't yet expended my entire strength?"

The Gods were astonished, not daring to believe that he had not yet unleashed all of his strength. Could it be that his cultivation level is above Shang Qing?

Athena suddenly stretched out her hand, and with an elegant movement, the silver curtain of light was instantly withdrawn from around Yang Chen's body.

The silver light returned to her body and coalesced into a shield half a man's height. As if it were the heavy armor of an ancient crusader, it was silver in color, engraved with an olive leaf pattern and emitting a searing blue-silver glow.

If one were to look closely, one would also see the head of Medusa, the serpent-haired demoness, engraved in the middle of it, which looked quite horrifying.

"I understand that if you go all out to kill the Mother Tree, I may not be able to stop you. It wouldn't be worth my time to pay attention to you if you didn't have the ability to fight me to this day."

Shockingly, Athena went as far as to acknowledge what Yang Chen had said.

The Gods couldn't understand why Athena, whose strength was clearly far superior to his, would utter such things.

"But," Athena replied solemnly, "if you use all of your strength, either you or I will perish in battle. I shall utilize my divinity to preserve the honor of Gaia, the Mother of the Gods!"

Her space law pressure suddenly rose again, and the entire canopy of the Mother Tree seemed to tremble, and a large number of golden leaves began to shake.

A blue flame descended from the sky and coalesced in her right hand to form a five-foot-long spear of a unique metal that radiated a faint blue glow with a demonic dragon-like beast totem wrapped around its side.

The spearhead was a burning, demonic blue flame, with no fixed shape. It was as if it was greedily trying to devour something at any moment.

This was Athena's other immortal weapon, Pallas Spear, and until then, she had never faced an opponent where she needed to use both her weapons to fight.

Legend had it that the spear was renamed Pallas Spear after Athena mistakenly killed Pallas, who had the bloodline of the sea god when she was a child.

However, the true forger of that immortal weapon was still Hephaestus, the God of Fire, but the spear did indeed fuse the powerful blood of a sea monster from Mar. With Athena's incomparable space laws, it could unleash an amazing combat power.

The Gods all looked solemn when they saw Athena wielding a spear in her right hand and a massive shield in her left.

It had been too long since they had seen her face a battle so seriously. What exactly does Yang Chen have that could make Athena so wary of him!?

However, something else unfathomable had been present in their eyes, as if they felt that there was something more to this battle.

Yang Chen could naturally feel the strength of his opponent, but at that moment, his state of mind was surprisingly calm.

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, his eyes showed a hint of determination as though he had made a decision. He sighed long and hard. "It seems like a choice has to be made…"

Just as he was about to use his full strength, Athena suddenly shouted at him, "Wait a minute."

Her voice became a little softer, not as cold and indifferent as before.

As though struck by a lightning bolt, his body stiffened for a moment. His lips trembled slightly as he raised his head to gaze over while forcing a stiff smile.

"What's wrong… Do you not want to fight anymore?"

Athena was silent for a moment. After what seemed like a slight hesitation, she said in a quiet voice, "I said that if you use your full strength, it means that one of us will die. But are you really willing to let me die in front of your eyes?"

"Haha, what do you mean? Are you afraid…"

Yang Chen struggled to dodge her gaze. He tried to mock her but still could not restrain himself from looking at Athena's face which had been clouded with fog the whole time, yet it gave people a stunning feeling. 

Somehow, Athena had revealed her true appearance.

Yang Chen merely glimpsed a little of her face out of the corner of his eyes and could no longer deceive himself. It was the fact that he was incomparably familiar with and etched in his heart. 

Not only him, but even Luo Qianqiu and the group of other cultivators in the distance, were shell-shocked. They could not believe their eyes, utterly stupefied. 

Only the Gods present, all of whom had long known the truth, were slightly saddened by the revelation.

Of course, Hera and Hermes felt rather amused and smirked.

"Heh… Haha… Haha… Aha…"

Yang Chen's body shook, his shoulders heaved, and his head lowered as he kept tittering, laughing dolefully, crying, and laughing. It was as if he was possessed, and he kept shaking his head.

In the end, his eyes turned red uncontrollably, and for once, they were actually glistening with tears.

There were faint suppressed sobs coming out of Yang Chen's throat. He tried to contain them forcibly but was unable to hold them back.

The hysterical despair, sadness, and pain in his eyes caused several of the Gods, such as Aphrodite and Artemis, to cover the tear-stricken faces. 

There was not a hint of sadness or joy on Athena's face. All she did was calmly and lightly step in the air and arrive in front of Yang Chen.

At that moment, Aegis Shield and Pallas Spear had already been kept away by her.

That was because she knew she had "won."

As she had predicted, no matter how powerful this man was, in the end, he would never be able to strike her.

Athena quietly looked at Yang Chen, who was hiding his face with his head lowered, looking desolate to the extreme. Then, she gently opened her arms and wrapped them around his waist, while her body leaned into his arms. 

"I knew it. I know you couldn't bring yourself to hurt me, am I right?"

Smelling the familiar scent between his nose, Yang Chen felt a lump in his throat and suddenly pushed the woman away from his arms with one hand. 

Then, his right hand was like a vise, pinning the woman's chin in a deadly grip and roughly tilting her face towards himself. 

Their eyes locked. While Yang Chen's eyes looked like they were burning with a blazing fire, hers m looked like a deep lake of stillness.

Ice and fire collided fiercely in silence.

It was no longer possible to describe Yang Chen's mood at that moment with simple emotions. He felt that he had gone mad, but he could no longer bring himself to continue his madness.

Athena did not resist in the slightest, allowing him to treat her so roughly.

Her cold, stunningly beautiful face was overwhelmingly irresistible because of the powerful oppression and high, exalted status. 

Yang Chen swallowed hard. The hand that was holding her chin trembled, and he spoke hoarsely. "Lin. Ruo. Xi. How can you do this to me? Didn't I ask you to… stay home and watch our child? How can you… do this…"

A trace of emotion finally appeared on Lin Ruoxi's impassive face. Her long eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes gleamed. 

The woman gently pursed her lips and said softly, "I also persuaded you. I begged you… I begged you… not to come…"