Meng Xiaoyao said rather smugly, "Kid, you’re finally interested in hearing what I have to say?"

"If it wasn't for the fact that you saved me, I would have fought you even if I'm no match for you," Yang Chen said hoarsely as he stared intently at him like a ferocious wolf in the darkness.

"Oh? How did you know that I saved you?"

"When Yan Buwen fused with the anti-matter energy and fought me in Beijing, it was you who temporarily borrowed my body and unleashed the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning. Although your voice is different, I’ll never forget the way you speak. If I'm not mistaken, it was you who let that old man abduct Jane. You're the master of the ancestors of the Yang and Li families," Yang Chen said.

Meng Xiaoyao nodded approvingly. "You’re still sober, which means that you are not yet crushed."

"I can think of more than that…"

Yang Chen sat up, kicked away a few empty bottles on the sofa, and grabbed another bottle of red wine from the side. After breaking the mouth of the bottle, he chugged a few mouthfuls.

The red wine flowed from his mouth into his chest, but he did not even care about it.

"Haha. What else has come to your mind? Why don't you tell me?" Meng Xiaoyao looked at Yang Chen with interest.

Yang Chen burped and narrowed his eyes. It seemed like he was a little drunk. 

''If I'm right, you should be the person that Yu Xuening was talking about. She said in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm that I was somewhat similar to her old acquaintance, and she thought of that person as soon as I used the 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.' This means that it is the same person.

"An expert who can have Yu Xuening remember them must be at least much stronger than me, and for you to be able to directly control my body and borrow my body to summon the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, the person she’s talking about can only be you.

"Yu Xuening is a legendary expert who entered the Ten Thousand Demon Realm 50,000 years ago. At your age, you can be at least the same age as her, or even older. If you are an expert who's on par with her, or even a little stronger than her, you would have reached the peak of Yu Qing at the very least.

"Moreover, with your understanding of the 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture', it is highly likely that you are the creator of this technique. If that's the case, then it would have been impossible for you to be inferior to Zeus and Athena, who were not at their peak at the time, during the war 20,000 years ago. There are two possibilities. One is that you did not participate in the war, or you deliberately spared the twelve Gods even though you could have wiped them out…"

Meng Xiaoyao's eyes glittered brighter and brighter as Yang Chen spoke. He would nod now and then, with a strange smile on his lips.

Yang Chen went on, "Inside the illusionary dimension, I found the full copy of the 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture,' but the name is not the same. If I thought correctly, this cultivation method was deliberately scattered by someone to all the major clans, and even the great sects, for those who were fated to cultivate it.

"The creator of this technique knew full well of its power, yet he did not care if people with unscrupulous intentions practiced it. It can only be said that the creator knew very well that the number of people who could successfully practice this technique was negligibly small. That is why he spread the technique everywhere, hoping that, by chance, someone would succeed in comprehending this technique.

"Naturally, this has resulted in this technique being known by different names among the various families and sects. Since the creator has done such a thing, the most likely reason is that they want to find someone who can cultivate it to achieve the desired purpose. If what I have guessed is correct, then the reason you are sitting in front of me now is that I am the one who has been most successful in practicing this technique, the one you want to choose…"

Meng Xiaoyao smiled and clapped his hands a few times before saying, "Not bad, for the most part, you've guessed it right.  This technique is the culmination of a thousand years of hard labor and rumination based on my own comprehension. However, the moniker 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture' was the first name I gave to it."

"The biggest difference between this cultivation technique and others in the world is that all the other techniques draw out a path and allow the practitioner to follow it, eventually reaching the end and comprehending the great Dao. In contrast, the 'Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture' directly shows the cultivator the 'end point,' and then the cultivator himself will find the path on their own. In short, they either attain success in one step or spend their whole lives in vain trying. 

"Over the past tens of thousands of years, there are occasionally some gifted and talented people who have been able to comprehend some of the true meaning, but they are a far cry from you. Your master, Song Tianxing, has made some superficial achievements and can’t compare to you."

Yang Chen did not show a hint of joy from being praised and asked directly, "Cut the crap. What exactly is your purpose for doing and saying all these?"

Meng Xiaoyao smiled. "Do you know how many meteorites, asteroids, which are enough to cause the extinction of the earth's life, have come close to the earth in the past 50,000 years?"

Yang Chen frowned. "Didn't you say every ten million years?"

"That's only theoretical," said Meng Xiaoyao. "It's like mathematical probability. The probability can be very low, but it doesn't exclude the possibility of a large number of meteorites and asteroids appearing in a short period of time. Between 50,000 years ago and now, apart from the meteor that caused the 'Barringer Crater,' there are at least twenty-three celestial bodies that are even more massive than that meteor. Each of them is enough to wipe out all life on the planet!"

"How is that possible? If that were the case, life would have just begun to form on Earth." Yang Chen shook his head.

Meng Xiaoyao suddenly pointed at himself and smiled mysteriously. "The reason those celestial bodies that are strong enough to destroy the Earth didn't hit the planet is … me."


Yang Chen thought of something suddenly but found it hard to imagine. Chuckling, he uttered, "Are you trying to tell me that you can destroy trillion ton units of asteroids? And make them deviate from their orbits and avoid hitting the Earth? Are you kidding me!? If that were the case, would you be able to knock the moon right out of orbit?"

Meng Xiaoyao, on the other hand, nodded and added solemnly, "If I wanted to, I could. In fact, any Great Ancient immortal who left Earth for an unknown portion of the galaxy could easily destroy a planet..."

Yang Chen could see his own expression at that point, but it was obvious that he was completely dumbfounded. 

It did not seem like Meng Xiaoyao was joking with him. 

The unknown part of the galaxy? Destroying planets? Could it be that the Great Ancient immortals had not gone to some immortal realm, but… to outer space!?

Seeing Yang Chen's dazed expression, Meng Xiaoyao realized that he had jumped a little too fast with his explanation, so he reached out to motion Yang Chen not to get excited and to listen to him slowly.

As Meng Xiaoyao sorted his thoughts slowly, an unprecedentedly clear and grand world unfolded in front of Yang Chen's eyes.

Meng Xiaoyao's narrative began with his own origins. 

Around 56,000 years ago, Meng Xiaoyao was an insignificant son of a concubine in the earliest family of demonic cultivators, the Meng clan.

In the Meng clan, Meng Xiaoyao's cultivation base had always been mediocre, much inferior to some of his older brothers.

Unbeknownst to people of the Meng clan, his weak cultivation was not due to his poor enlightenment, but because his enlightenment was far superior to everyone else's at that time, and he was following a different path of cultivation that began from the outcome!

After being ostracised in the family, Meng Xiaoyao later pretended to die in a battle and went into seclusion to cultivate on his own. Thus, he was gradually forgotten.

Meng Xiaoyao had long reached the zenith of Yu Qing when the famous Yu Xuening of the Qingqiu clan, the royal family of the devil clan, arose more than 50,000 years ago. In truth, he had surpassed the Great Ancient immortals, opening a more spectacular and mysterious portal to the unknown galaxy...