Meng Xiaoyao long knew about the arrival of this race. Even though he never went to Mars, with his understanding of space, he was well aware of their origins. 

Instead of being repulsed and worried by this foreign race, he was delighted. 

In terms of innate strength and physique, the Gods had a huge advantage, for they were born with the divinity, which could control the space law. Such power was incredibly powerful and could be described as a racial gift.

Moreover, the Gods had the ability to reincarnate, with the main Gods being able to do so infinite times. Thus, their life span was far better than that of the short-lived humans.

Even though the God race was far less powerful than the Great Ancient immortals, they could rely on their physique to spend long periods in the universe and make short-distance travels from Mars to Earth.

It was almost impossible for human cultivators to survive in the universe unless they reached the Yu Qing stage or above, but the Gods could.

The most striking thing about the Gods was that they were united around the twelve main Gods and were loyal to the same divine mother, Gaia. There was no real internal conflict, except for some dissatisfaction among the main Gods. 

The civilization of nations and societies of the Gods was far more advanced than that of the races on Earth.

It was as if the human race was still at the stage of primitive tribes, while the Gods were already a great unified parliamentary state.

When the Gods began to fight with the human cultivators, Meng Xiaoyao initially watched from the sidelines and did not help either side.

Even though Meng Xiaoyao could easily kill all the Gods, including Zeus and Athena, he had no reason to do so.

It was because Meng Xiaoyao had long stopped looking at the Earth in the traditional way. Because the Gods or the human race lived in space, he believed they had the right to life. They should not be referred to as aliens or earthlings.

Meng Xiaoyao had a thought that he had not had before—if Earth was ruled by the Gods that would mean that his mission would be over.

The Gods had the ability to protect Earth and would not perish from colliding with the celestial bodies. At the same time, their civilization was more advanced than humans. Therefore, they would not waste Earth's resources on unnecessary battles.

The Great Ancient immortals had even arranged a great array for even the devils, demons, and monsters to use as a habitat since they could not bear to kill them all. With that, he reckoned they would tolerate a civilized race like the Gods who were not pure malicious and were only trying to survive. 

Meng Xiaoyao felt that he could do so, and it would not go against the Great Ancient immortals' wish to guard the Earth.

However, it was not a simple decision, so he needed to observe more.

In the years that followed, Meng Xiaoyao gradually discovered that the Gods could not reproduce successfully on Earth, and it seemed that the success rate of reproduction through the mating of Gods was almost nil.

That discovery puzzled him. If that was the case, how did the ordinary Gods appear in such large numbers? Was it just because some of the constituent elements of Mars and Earth were different?

After investigating through various methods, he finally knew that on Mars, the main way of reproduction for the Gods was to rely on the Mother Tree to birth their divinities, thus creating the gods.

One of the gods, Asterios, had quietly hidden Gaia's Heart, which was the seed for Mother Tree.

Having carried out some research secretly, Meng Xiaoyao found out the reason.

Mother Tree was indeed capable of raising powerful Gods, but it was done at a huge cost by consuming the planet's energy rapidly and thus shortening its lifespan drastically.

That caused him to hesitate. 

If Earth was given to the Gods to rule, sooner or later they would find the Gaia's Heart again and regrow Mother Tree to expand their population. 

At that time, it would be equivalent to watching the Earth go into rapid decline. 

Meng Xiaoyao realized he could not decide whether he should let the gods take charge of Earth or if he should continue to guard the original life and civilization on this planet. 

At the same time, he wanted to go to the vast galaxy as soon as possible, as the Great Ancient immortals did, but he could not bring himself to leave Earth unattended.

Thus, Meng Yao decided to take control of the situation first, and then consider other countermeasures. 

He disguised himself as a mysterious expert in the hidden clan, adjusting his outward cultivation in the Yu Qing stage. With that, he became the strongest human cultivator of his time.

After pretending to fight with Zeus and Athena a few times, he locked Zeus into the Twelve Divine Gods and Demons Array during a pursuit, while deliberately allowing Athena to escape.

With Zeus being sealed, the Gods no longer had the upper hand, which seemed like reasonable progress. 

In the end, they had the Treaty of Gods. 

Their conversation lasted from afternoon to late at night. 

As Yang Chen listened to Meng Xiaoyao's slow recount of the history, he could not help but reveal a self-deprecating smile. 

He shook his head and sighed.

Meng Xiaoyao narrowed his eyes. "Kid, do you think that after all I've thought and done, it all seems like a waste of time and effort?"

"Is it not? No matter if it's humans or the Gods, in your eyes, they are just ants. Both sides have been fighting endlessly, yet in the end, they were just entertainment for you. Isn't this funny? No matter what the decision is, in the end, it's all up to you," Yang Chen said.

Meng Xiaoyao had expected such a reaction from him, so he asked in return while smiling, "Really? If that's what you really think, then why didn't you defeat Atena when you could have done so? If you didn't want to kill her, why are you here alone, drowning your sorrows away? You also have the power to decide everything, and yet you are here sulking by yourself? The things I have done are a waste of effort to you, but isn't it much better than the choice you've made?"

When the word "Athena" was mentioned, Yang Chen's pupils contracted, his fists clenched tightly, and he became emotionally unstable.

Only after taking a deep breath could he calm down. All of a sudden, he was dumbfounded by Meng Xiaoyao's rebuttal.

Right… Even if I have the ability to change everything, can I really make such decisions so easily?

"My bond to this planet, to all living beings here, is like your bond with Athena. Although it is different, there are similarities… You have difficulty making a decision even with just one woman, so how can I make a choice so easily in the face of this great world and all living beings?" Meng Xiaoyao lamented.

That time around, Yang Chen did not laugh at him as he also somewhat understood his feelings. However, at the same time, he was a little upset because he knew the latter's intentions. 

Yang Chen sneered and raised his eyes to look at him. "Did you do so many things and wait for 20,000 years because you can't make a decision yourself? Is that why you want me to decide who should be in charge of Earth?"

Meng Xiaoyao did not deny it. Nodding, he said solemnly, "Yes, you can take it that way. But this is not my doing; it is your destiny. Just as Athena's great prophecy indicated, you are the variable that will influence the final outcome."

"What exactly is Athena's Great Prophecy… Could she have known who you really are and what you are capable of? Besides, you should have known everything Athena did, but you deliberately let her do so, right?" Yang Chen asked, gritting his teeth.

Meng Xiaoyao reached out his hand to motion him to take it easy. "Kid, there's no need to get angry. I understand everything that you want to know. Listen to me as I tell you slowly. I came to you to clear the confusion in your heart…”

He continued. "The so-called 'Great Prophecy,' perhaps the only one who can really understand what that is, is Athena herself. But I can also make some speculations by looking at her divinity. It can be said to be a unique talent that belongs to her divinity. By relying on her spiritual power, she can predict what will happen in the future. It can be the next second, the next instant, the next year, and in the longer term, up to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of years from now…”

"The precise method by which she obtains a prophecy is something only she understands. No one can comprehend it, as if it were her 'Dao.' However, the greater the impact of the people, location, or other elements in her prophecy on space, the more spiritual energy it consumes. After all, the Great Prophecy Technique is based on space laws."

"In other words, if Athena were to prophesy the life of an ordinary person, it would only be a negligible consumption of her spiritual energy, but if she wanted to prophesy my future, it would be almost impossible… That is because I have long risen above the space laws that she knows. I'm not in the same dimension as her. “

"Even if she prophesies you, Yang Chen, it will be very difficult. That is because the current you have changed so much compared to the past. Her prophecy of you will only be accurate before you enter the Shang Qing stage. If you were to fight her, she would not waste any more spiritual energy on using the Great Prophecy on you and would only fight you openly."

"So does it mean that Athena doesn't know your true background?" Yang Chen asked.

Strangely, Meng Xiaoyao shook his head. "No. Although she could not use the Great Prophecy to deduce my true identity and strength, she should have learned about my strength from other clues. In fact, she understood early on that I would acquiesce to whatever she did today, but she did not need to mention me to anyone. It's the same as when she found Gaia's Heart. Even though she was unable to find out its exact location since it was especially hidden, she was able to deduce its location from other information. With her intelligence, it is not a difficult task. At most, it'll take more time."