A look of confusion appeared in Yang Chen's eyes as he muttered, "If the current me will surpass the level in which she can make an accurate prophecy, can she still be sure that her prophecy is accurate?"

Meng Xiaoyao burst out laughing. "In truth, her Great Prophecy Technique has been proven to be inaccurate for many years now."

"What does that mean…" Yang Chen frowned in puzzlement.

"You heard me correctly," Meng Xiaoyao stated bluntly. "The Great Prophecy Technique of Athena is not completely correct. There is a more direct approach to disrupt her Great Prophecy than going beyond the level of what she can prophecise..."

Meng Xiaoyao paused. When he saw that Yang Chen could not figure it out, he spoke. "That is, to make Athena herself, a variable of the prophecy."

Yang Chen was stunned. He seemed to vaguely understand something. 

"Athena is the earliest, one might even say the only person who knows everything she prophesies in its entirety. That means that if she wants to influence the future, all she has to do is adjust some of the actions she was planning to take. History will change, and the future will follow."

Yang Chen asked, "Then when you said that her prophecy was inaccurate several years ago, it is also because she did something she shouldn't have done?"

"That's right. It is a period of the past that is immensely important to you." Meng Xiaoyao dropped a bomb with a smile. "Athena didn't expect that she would bear a child for you and reincarnate early…"

"What!?" Yang Chen could no longer sit still and stood up abruptly. His eyes were red as he shouted, "Lanlan?! You mean Seventeen, she…"

Meng Xiaoyao had a matter-of-fact attitude. Crossing his legs, he said, "Shouldn't you have thought of it earlier? Hasn't there been any strange situations when she was around you? Seventeen, the human woman that Athena reincarnated in her last life, was also the most crucial part of what she originally prophesied."

The image of Lanlan insisting on calling Lin Ruoxi her mother every time and Lin Ruoxi blurting out the words that Seventeen once said appeared in Yang Chen's mind. 

He had a feeling, but having it confirmed in his own ears made him feel as if he had been hit by lightning.

"I am not sure what Athena's initial prophecy was, but I have been observing her every move, and it is clear that after reincarnating as Seventeen, she did want to approach you. But she did not expect that before the time she had originally planned for her awakening, Seventeen developed true feelings for you and became pregnant with your child. 

"Any of the spatial laws have no effect on human affection, which transcends space and time. Love is a delicate emotion that even the gods cannot comprehend and comprehend. It is also the power that mankind has, which is no less powerful than that of the Gods."

"Athena can predict practically anything, except the love she is about to encounter, for the more heartfelt the love, the more illogical and unreasonable it is. When she awoke, Seventeen was pregnant with your kid and had drowned in the sea. She probably couldn't comprehend why she chose to disguise herself with the Invisible Helmet, give birth to the child, and hand her up to Song Tianxing. That's when she changed the course of history. The true love and the child that shouldn't have been there drove her to make another option in order to make amends for the original prophecy..."


Yang Chen interrupted Meng Xiaoyao's words and said with a somewhat agitated expression, "If what you said is true, does that mean that Ruoxi… wasn't originally Athena? Seventeen was not Athena when we fell in love either…"

Meng Xiaoyao smiled but nodded without denying it.

Yang Chen showed a small smile of relief and sat down silently. "Thank you for telling me this… Please continue… I want to know everything..."

At that moment, he was overjoyed as if he had been reborn. A ray of sunlight shone into his life, dispelling the despair he felt earlier.

Whether it was Lin Ruoxi or Seventeen, those two women were real, not illusions created by Athena.

In fact, he did not even have the slightest bit of hatred towards Athena because it was her decision that made it possible for Lanlan to be born into this world.

Whatever the reason, Yang Chen did not dare to imagine how he would have broken down if Athena had not decided to have the child in the first place.

"You can think of what Athena did after that as trying to undo the conclusion of the prophecy, rather than the future that was destined," Meng Xiaoyao stated. "Despite the fact that reincarnation necessitates a massive expenditure of spiritual energy, Seventeen's body was unable to hang on. Even if she returned to you, it would be too late to change the prophecy."

"As a last resort, Athena had no choice but to first use the Great Prophecy Technique to find the key person who could salvage the situation, Lin Ruoxi, and reincarnate into her after giving up Seventeen's body. She found out that Lin Ruoxi's presence happened to be a key figure that could lead the future prophecy back on track, a golden key, so to speak, to make up for her blunder.

"The difficulty of reincarnating into an adult is not the same as reincarnating into a child, not to mention that it was a reincarnation with only about twenty years in between while her spiritual energy was weak.

"Even though she had the Invisible Helmet, which could allow her to move about undetected, it was impossible for her to awaken immediately and completely. Hence, she could only recover her spiritual energy silently while exercising some critical control over Lin Ruoxi.

"When Lin Ruoxi came to this bar in the first place, it was Athena who interfered with her mind, allowing you two to meet and for what happened later to happen. However, almost everything that happened later was experienced by Lin Ruoxi herself with you. 

"Athena would not risk you discovering her existence prematurely and also did not wish to expend too much spiritual energy controlling Lin Ruoxi for a long time. So, apart from the occasional need to take away the divinity to contact her pawns such as Yan Buwen, Athena didn't control Lin Ruoxi much. 

"Of course, most of what happened between you and Lin Ruoxi was within the scope of Athena's prophecy, and it was those events that Lin Ruoxi and you experienced that helped her step by step to lead the changed future back to the original track.

"This time, however, she did not choose to slumber as she had done before inside Seventeen. Instead, she remained awake and hidden so as not to make a mistake again. 

"However, because she was in a hurry, the interval between her reincarnations was too short, and she did not choose to slumber, the consciousness of Seventeen still lingers in her soul. That is why your child is sensitive enough to believe that Lin Ruoxi is her real mother because, in a sense, Lin Ruoxi's soul does have part of Seventeen's soul imprint fused into it."

His words caused Yang Chen's heart to thump continuously. That was because he realized something that he did not dare to think about before.

After swallowing hard, he spoke with much struggle. "You mean that… the current Athena, oh no, it's Ruoxi… although her soul is controlled by Athena, both she and Seventeen, haven't disappeared?! "

Meng Xiaoyao nodded. "Yes, in fact, when Lin Ruoxi can still control herself, she might have also realized some problems, but she can not resist Athena's soul, after all. Even if she knows there is another person deep inside her soul, she cannot say it under Athena's watch. 

"With Gaia's Heart's revival, Mother Tree restores the main Gods' spiritual energy within their divinity. Athena can now completely subdue both Lin Ruoxi and Seventeen's souls and have sufficient spiritual energy to hold absolute dominance at all times.

"As far as I know, the main Gods will not lose the memories of each reincarnation but will lose the soul imprint in their previous reincarnation before their awakening, which is the original consciousness of the owner of that previous body.  However, Athena's forced reincarnation at this time was not within her original prediction. The premature awakening gave her no time to erase the original owner's soul imprint. 

"That is why the imprints of the two women, Lin Ruoxi and Seventeen, still remain in her soul, but their consciousnesses have been suppressed. Therefore, you will often find that the shadow of Seventeen will appear on the body of Lin Ruoxi. No matter what she says or does, there will be times when they overlap."

Yang Chen was well aware of that. Otherwise, he would not have felt Lin Ruoxi was so similar to that figure in the first place. A glimmer of hope ignited in his eyes as he said, "In other words, if I can erase Athena's soul imprint, both Ruoxi and Seventeen can recover?"

"You're too naive." Meng Xiaoyao laughed and shook his head. "Do you think it's that easy? Athena had anticipated that you would think of this, so in the subsequent change of plan, she never deliberately erased the souls of Lin Ruoxi and Seventeen and chose to become one with them. She is now the entity of three-person. 

In other words, unless Athena voluntarily disperses her soul and chooses to die, any harm you do to her will harm Lin Ruoxi and Seventeen as well. Athena willingly allowed the souls of two human women to fuse with her just for today. It's so that you cannot lay a finger on her and thus cannot thwart her plans."

That revelation was like a bolt from the blue, causing Yang Chen to freeze on the spot with his face ashen.

All his hopes were dashed once again.