A few days later, the thick clouds in China's sky had obscured all light. Even though it was noon, the area was still ghostly.

In reality, it took less than half a day for any area with people on our earth to change into such a bleak image on the day the Great Array was broken.

People who were avoiding the bone-chilling cold at first had no idea what the natural calamity was or why it was so terrible.

However, they gradually realized that this time was not as simple as a temperature drop.

Some 'ghosts' that regular people couldn't even comprehend have appeared one after the other all throughout the planet!

These ghosts and skeletons that people had only seen in movies were now right in front of their eyes!

Some of them simply walked by and shuttled through the city's steel forest, while others chose victims to devour, devouring some of the dazed people and leaving behind a puddle of blood or a mummified corpse!

If it was said that the earth was going to enter the ice age and that humans had already felt the imminence of death, then the overall image of the God of Death had drowned them in misery!

And this time, whether it was the poor or the wealthy and powerful, everyone was inexorably victimized!

The only thing they could do in front of these ancient demons that mankind had no understanding of, other than wait for death, was to pray...

The abrupt transformation occurred so quickly that even the most intelligent beings had little time to consider it - What is going on?! 

The cultivators in the Illusion Realm recognized the situation was bad from the moment they discovered the demons and devils.

The ancestors, especially the cultivators of Hongmeng, preserved the enormous array generation after generation, but they did not expect anything to happen in our era!

Soon after, Liu Shiyuan, Yan Xiuming, and the other Hongmeng cultivators separated from the remaining hundreds of cultivators on the island and traveled all over the world to destroy the ancient demons who had escaped.

Because the strength of most demons was also around the Soul Forming Stage, and their intelligence was low, it was not difficult to deal with, which might be the only thing to be thankful for.

However, there were too many demons, and these cultivators were scattered all over the world, which was almost like a drop in the bucket.

In the end, the masters of the Hidden Clan could no longer sit idly by, and all ran to various places to slay demons and eliminate demons.

Even if they knew that this was only to delay the decline of the earth and human beings, they could only do their best.

The girls waited for Yang Chen but he hadn’t returned. Seeing this scene, they couldn’t wait so dryly any longer. Therefore, Rose, Cai Ning, and other women who had reached the Soul Forming Stage and above also traveled all over the world to join forces with the Illusion Realm cultivators to fight together. 

With a large number of magic weapons sent by Yang Chen in hand, the women's combat power was not weak so they hadn’t encountered much trouble up till now. 

But among the ancient demons, some were quite tricky.

Some of the demons had extremely high intelligence, just like the shadow demons, they had the power of the Soul Forming Stage, or the strength comparable to the stage, and they were good at all kinds of weird tricks so it was hard to guard against them.

Within two days, there was news that more than a dozen cultivators were killed. Some cultivators ran back injured, but they were quickly poisoned to death by some sinister poison.

In the end, there were no other alternatives so Luo Qianqiu and others discussed that if they found a difficult demon to deal with, they would report to the island as soon as possible, and some of their strongest cultivators would deal with them specially.

Although not very safe, this was probably the best option to reduce casualties.

The entire globe had been changed from an ice and snow prison to a Shura hell.

Whether you were an ordinary person, an urban white-collar worker, a shop hawker, a wealthy lady or gentleman, or an entertainment celebrity...

People at all levels of society all died tragically on the streets or in their own homes.

All the dazzling titles couldn't be used as amulets in the sound of the horn of doom, and the only thing that could save them was the blessing of the Goddess of Fate.

At this point, humanity's most fundamental vulnerability was revealed.


A settlement in a lower-tier city in southern China.

The city's eerie outskirts were filled with trash and abandoned vehicles.

Human and animal corpses were scattered everywhere, and the previously bustling stores and markets were desolate.

On a deadly silent street, a man with untidy hair, a soiled shirt, and a bottle of whisky lurched across the street.

This man that looked like a drunk vagabond, was none other than Yang Chen who had been walking aimlessly for so many days.

Since Meng Xiaoyao left, Yang Chen didn't know where to go.

After staying in the bar all night, the next morning, he walked out of the bar with a blank mind and started wandering around.

In the streets and alleys of the city, and the small fields of the countryside, Yang Chen numbly watched as more and more demons ran rampant.

However, no matter how the demons slaughtered humans, or sucked blood and stole the soul, Yang Chen turned a blind eye numbly.

All this seemed to have nothing to do with him.

The demon could also feel the extraordinariness of this ‘tramp’, and instinctively kept him at a distance and didn't provoke Yang Chen.

These were not the first few cities he had traveled through. Along the way, he had hardly stopped except for occasionally looking for some hard liquor. 

He was afraid. If he stopped, he would start thinking about where he should go and what he should do...


Suddenly, an explosion came from a residential area not far ahead.

A burst of smoke billowed into the air, only to see a blue figure crawling up from a pile of broken concrete walls.

Afterward, two young cultivators, a man, and a woman, holding long swords, flew to the man in the blue and asked worriedly if he was injured.

The blue-suit man's face was dark and gloomy, and there was a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, but he gritted his teeth and shook his head, indicating that there was no problem. Yet, his expression of forbearance was obviously not the case.

Yang Chen stood at the crossroads on the corner of the street, seeing this scene, there was a strange look in his blank eyes, he hesitated slightly, and he couldn't help but stand still...

At this time, the female cultivator in pink noticed Yang Chen who was standing at the corner of the street not far away from them and she suddenly shouted at Yang Chen in a hurry, "Don't come here! It's dangerous here!! Get out of here!!!"

Before the woman could finish speaking, the man beside him shouted "Sister, be careful!”

From the interior of the residential area, a black ball the size of a hot air balloon was exploding toward the three people.

The man stood in front of the woman, and the flying sword in his hand rolled out a serpent-like flame that coiled it up and defied the black fog ball.

Although the black fog was constantly being consumed, it began to cover the man's flying sword more quickly, and it seemed that it was about to be swallowed up by the man!

"Brother Zhao, be careful! This fog is poisonous!!"

The man in the blue suit shouted, ignoring the fact that he was still injured.

"Om! Wah! It! Pah! Mi! Hum!!"

One by one, the Golden Buddhism Mantras were spat out from the mouth of the man in blue clothes, and there were Buddha songs and Sanskrit sounds chanting faintly. 

The man clenched his fists tightly, and his fists suddenly exuded the power of the Golden Demon Suppression Spell and smashed on the black ball!


A muffled sound emanated from the black fog sphere, and the black sphere suddenly projected several golden rays of light, and it looked like it was about to be defeated.

But at this moment, a monster with a body formed by black mist appeared directly above the black ball.

This monster had two horns on its head, a sloppy mouth and tiger whiskers, bloody-red eyes, and a body like a sitting lion beast, on top of a black tail with short, turned fins, and it looked extremely ugly.

The monster let out a few weird and sinister smiles and swept its short and stout tail across the sky, and directly sent the three cultivators flying out!

The three were not its opponents at all, and their cultivation bases were very different. They instantly vomited blood on the spot. 

The monster roared proudly up to the sky, spit poisonous mist, flew down, stretched out its sharp black claws, and was about to grab the female cultivator's neck and devour her vitality.

Seeing the black mist demon approaching, the female cultivator was so frightened that her face was pale, and she could only close her eyes and wait for her death…

Just before the cruel scene happened, they heard a shrill scream from this monster suddenly!


A crimson flame had wrapped the black fog demon at some point, and the demon kept struggling and roaring, but it was unable to resist the erosion of the flame.

In the blink of an eye, it was as if it had evaporated, and the demon had disappeared.

What's even more amazing was that the crimson flame even evaporated the poison on the three people, which directly restored their health. It could be seen that this crimson flame was the nemesis of demons.

The three of them stared blankly at this scene. In the end, when the flames dissipated, they could see clearly that the unfamiliar homeless man was standing not far away and looking at them.

"The three of you combined would only have the strength of the Kui Water Stage but you are trying to fight a Ming Water Stage monster... If you want to die, why bother..."

Yang Chen sighed and turned to leave.

The two men and one woman were the brothers and sisters Zhao Muyang, Zhao Ting, and Lan Fei who had been in the Xiao family.

If it weren't for the fact that friendship was taken into consideration at the beginning, Yang Chen might not really care about their lives.

"Hey!? Please stay!!"

Zhao Muyang, however, flashed a hint of hesitation and thought between his brows, then quickly got up and stepped forward to call Yang Chen.

Zhao Ting and Lan Fei also stood up immediately, the life-saving grace was not a small deed or a small favor, so they did not dare to neglect it.